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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My BABY ....

well, finally took photos of my new baby. nth fancy yet it is serve me well. poor baby is half blind now, but i promise i will get that headlight done asap.

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Gone 2006, Hi 2007

okie, standard ting to do la.

a lot of tings happen in 2006. and well, some ppl grew up while some are still not there yet. some ppl float away while some stayed where they belong. some ppl moved on while some are still in the same spot digging.

must hav said that this is a messy yr for me, good and bad news mixed up so well that they all became grey. haiz. difficult to define whether i had what a kind of yr. all i noe is that, it just went past very fast.

learnt a lot from ppl, hopefully taught ppl a lot. the most impt ting is that, i noe i have grown up again. frenz by me, stood strong in times of needs, for those who dun deserve, i have said my goodbyes.

anyway, that is the summary of my 2006. in yr 2007, is considered a major yr for me. geared up and ready. wish me luck and stand by me.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Get to Know Me ...

been long time haven done those funny test liao. so here is one.... how true it is??????

You are Strength

Courage, strength, fortitude. Power not arrested in the act of judgement, but passing on to further action, sometimes obstinacy.

This is a card of courage and energy. It represents both the Lion's hot, roaring energy, and the Maiden's steadfast will. The innocent Maiden is unafraid, undaunted, and indomitable. In some cards she opens the lion's mouth, in others she shuts it. Either way, she proves that inner strength is more powerful than raw physical strength. That forces can be controlled and used to score a victory is very close to the message of the Chariot, which might be why, in some decks, it is Justice that is card 8 instead of Strength. With strength you can control not only the situation, but yourself. It is a card about anger and impulse management, about creative answers, leadership and maintaining one's personal honor. It can also stand for a steadfast friend.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Xmas ....

okie, Happy Boxing Day !!!! according to Perth's time, i am late. haha. but according to Spore time,
still there. haha. first, Happy Bday to Carene @spore time.

alrite update, on Xmas day... hmm, well, literally slp thru the whole xmas till 8pm. haha. guess i was seriously too tired out. haha. anyway, David jio me go fishing, well, at least sth to do in the dead town of perth. so we grab the fishin gears and headed down to Millpoint. haha.

nah, the results is zero. however, the experience was fun. instead of using the white bait to catch fish, i got so fed up, so i fed the Black Swans. two very beautiful resident of the Swan River. haha. they kinda scared of human, so i can kinda guess how they were treated. haiz. fed the pelican too, and also a few seagulls. haha. xmas pressie.

but david got a nickname called the "puffy slayer". according to him, he is just givin a experience of a lifetime for that poor puffer fish. well, basically wat he did was to give flying lessons to the puffy. with strong castin skills, u will hav wonder wat experience was that. luckily, puffy survived. haha. was abt 2plus before we came back, and to prevent more puffy from recievin lessons.

slept till noon on Boxing day.... dropped by Super Cheap AUto to find my headlights, and realised that it is customised. haiz, hav to go specialist to get it. so for the time being, my baby is a pirate. haha. den had lunch at Sahara Cafe, in Karawara. for those lookin for spicy food, i recommend that place. i had Red Snapper Fish Head curry, and i swear, shiok. haha. for a person like me who dun eat spicy food to taste it and be satisfied, well, and it is relatively cheap. 10buck for the set meal. considerin the size of the fish head and the price, yummy. haha.

den, came back chilled out, den went over David's place to wash car. haha. learnt some good tricks to keep my baby clean and shiny. haha. will take photo of my baby soon. the initial plan was to go down Pot Black to play snooker with Maddox. however, recieved a phone call from Connie, my boss of Hawkers' asking me go over her place for xmas gatherin.

that was a fucking drive of my life, haha. brought maddox along, and guess what, the to trip took us almost 1hr, and the fro trip took us onli 20min. fuck. we kinda explore the whole suburb and the major roads. haha.

COnnie's garage is like a entertainment place. we play Daidee, Mahjong and even Pool. haha. she got a fuckin pool table in her garage. haha. we had quite a good feast, though we arrived quite late la. haha.

such a interestin boxing day i had. well, back to work tml, and summer sch startin. gotta gear up and get thru it. haha. 2007 will be a good yr. will review my 2006 later bah. gotta slp, 7am work tml.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Xmas ....

well, no offence but i seriously hate this phrase liao. xmas in perth is so dead that i dun hav to worry drivin arnd without my headlights working. how interestin can that be? where are those fucking drunkard, those police patrol??????? ahhhhhh......... even those abo also dunno disappear where. damn.

was working at hawker's last nite. hmmm. drove my baby into city for the first time, well, nth much. haha. wanted to stayed till closin, but den, got too fed up to work. so i decided to leave once the 4th round of cust settled down. went to tapau food for Nick den we went on car cruising. tryin to serach for life in the popular spots. apparently, is realli a dead town in perth. damn.

after that, i was so hungry that i went down to Fast ed's to tapau burger. while i was abt to leave, met David they all, kenna pulled back into Fast ed's lor. my eyes were kinda closing liao. haha. sat till abt 4plus before i came back.

well, i kinda noe the true meaning of xmas, it doesnt hav to be squeezin with a hell lot of ppl, just by a few frenz, and it is just anor day of the yr. it sound a bit pitiful, yet, well, even starin at the tv with frenz also feel the warmth of xmas. it is to be with someone that are close to u. simple. doesnt hav to be the other half, just close frenz. that will do.

but i told myself, i will try my best not to pass too many xmas in perth. haha. if not i tink i will get very boring by the time i go back. haha. i still miss the counting down days in spore. haha. young, energetic and vibrant. haha.

anyway, dun ask me abt what plans i have today. the answer is NO PLANs. bloody boring. but maybe i may be drivin arnd in my new baby and enjoy the solitude bah. yeap.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

One more Step ....

okie, i bought my car yesterday. yeap, finally. not fanciful yet is comfy, slightly big but i guess is no prob la. oh ya, its a mazda 626, 1991 made. white colour. haha. will get a photo of it and post it la, onli until i fully clean the car till nice nice.

now, moved on to the next step of my plan. bit by bit i shall achieved wat i wan. so till den, wish me luck.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fucking Hot ....

ok, summer is here and the weather is gettin amusing hot. abt everywhere i go that doesnt hav an air-con seem to be like an oven. but well, apparently the best has yet to come. haha.

that day at the xmas party, cant believe my manager actually got drunk. ended up onli left me and Larissa, caleb and Travis sober. haha. weird..... she did quite a lot of funny ting, which kinda let us break cold sweat lor. haha. went to pot black to let her sober up. which in turn, she made travis and larissa walked her back into the city, while i acc caleb to wait for his parents to fetch him la. haha. he is the onli underage one lor. haha. everyone seem to had fun that day. and yeah, it jus proven one ting, aussie like to get drunk no matter where.

next week schedule is kinda spread out, so dun tink i will be so tired. xmas is just round the corner. bloody there goes a yr. haiz.

hopefully gettin my car this week, or at least before yr end. den i will have new resolution for next yr. haha.

quick update, nth much, ciao.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Results ....

okie, the exam results are out and i am seriously amazed by the fact that i did so well.

Distinction for Asian Mgt, Pr(Int); High Distinction for Biz Capstone; Granted Supplementary paper for PR Corporate.

considerin the fact that this sem was quite messy, and i had to juggle between work and studies, this results realli make me go wAO .......... and suddenly i realise how nice my transcript is. haha. kinda feel a huge burden dropped.

anyway, that is a short update, me goin Fairlane City Bowl for the TRS company xmas party. so much stuffs to do tml, although is my off day. haiz..... den again, i am in a super good mood, haha. yeah.....

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Update ....

okie, was so caught up with work that i seriously too tired to update....

basically nth much la. workin at TRS den at hawkers lor, weekend is spent in Hawkers lor.

kinda losin the feeling of challenge in TRS, well, reachin the bottleneck liao lor. hmmm..... lookin arnd for better jobs and see how la, recieve an email from the Student Marketin Association saying that i passed the first round of interview, now waitin for the info pack, and den the telephone interview lor. but that one start in O week la.

see how it goes la. met a few unhappiness at TRS, and well, see how long it can last la. if the manager wanna look so high on someone who left and came back, den i got nth to say liao lor. may transfer to the new shop at the end of march lor, if tings dun go well. in the mean time, takin a more laid back approach, and let her see if she made the right choice lor.

wun be updatin so often as will be workin from mornin till late nite almost everyday, but rest assure that if there is anytin interestin, i will sure update one la. haha.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drifting .....

okok, dun worry, is not car drifting.... i meant that my mind is driftin and driftin.

woke up early tis morning, hmmm, cant believe i didnt even set my alarm lor. lucky was in time to meet Steph to go uni to see Kyle, the unit controller of Biz Capstone. haha. got the cert for participating in the World CHallenge, and guess what, somewhere in the far future, a blinkin chance of bein a tutor of Biz Capstone lor. interesting lor, at least it is worth it lor. in near future, my CV is added value by that cert lor. haha. yeah.....

after that, hitch a ride to city lor. coz Steph wanted to check out some place in city. haha. work at TRS for 6hrs, and i proven again, no matter how "choked" is the storeroom, i am able to create a path that leads straight to the end. haha. even my manager was shocked, plus i did manage to clear out quite a number of tings. haha.

came back after work, just felt like relaxing and chill. recuperating my energy and gettin ready for the havoc weekend again. i do believe that, as long as i keep my time mgt skills, i will be able to juggle 3 jobs at a time. which i am seriously planning to.

oh ya, rem i used to say that i realli wanna be a Mystery Shopper, well, got a reply from the MS company, and basically i have already passed the first round of selection. haha. hopefully i can get that lor. i dun mind cuttin down on my hrs at TRS. but it is just an experience that i realli hope to add into my CV. haha.

gonna build up my CV along the way, and hopefully with a strong CV, i am able to secure a brighter future for myself. well, even if everyting fails, but at least i noe i hav done sth that i wanna do. so it kinda be a good ting bah.

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Thoughts ....

i saw this post on my frenz blog.

hmmm, the all time fav topic "Love".....

as usual, one side moved on while the other side is still in the same spot. seein this struggle happenin every single day, it kinda make me wonder, Love is such a 2-sided sword. when there is Love, there is Hurt. simple.

i dun deny i been thru it, and i nearly couldnt climb back up. it took me years to finally let it go, or shld i say dun get too attached to the past. tokin to him now is like tokin to a good frenz, there will be care and concern. yet nth more den that. it just felt so good, when u noe that tokin to the person and the response u get is of a genuine reply, not bein tied down or held back. hmmm....

my advice to that frenz, ur case is way more different from others, yet it doesnt mean that u hav to keep on plunging into the water, lookin for the needle in the wide ocean. it is time to stay afloat and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is arnd u, the frenz that care for u. when the time comes, u will find ur needle in the midst of the starry nite. pointin to u the destination that u desire. in the midst of "getting lost", take the chance to explore the surrounding, experience the other tings that the ocean have to give.

anyway, update time.

working at Hawker's on sunday, hmmm, not as busy as expected, the crowd kinda came in when i left, was tempted to stay behind and work, yet i noe i cant, there is no transport home lor. haiz.

working at TRS today, although is a short 4hrs shift, yet i guess the accumulation of exhaustion over the wkend acting up. i cant stand the pain in my lower back liao. damn. anyway, nth much to update la, had a few games of snooker and pool at Pot Black with Maddox after work lor. den saw Jordan on the way back lor. haha. nth interestin, ok lor.

gotta sleep liao, realli cant stand the daylight savings tingy. haiz.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daylight Savings....

hmm, perth came up with this stupid idea of daylight savings tingy. basically from 3rd Dec 2am, the perth time is 1 hr ahead. super crapped. realli.also dun realli understand the reason why. hmmm, maybe is just excuses to be lazy. damn.

anyway, i nearly hit the limit of myself today. hmmm, working from 8 till 4pm den procceeded on to Hawkers from 430pm till 1130pm. i swear that by the end of the shift, i can feel my body alreadi opposin liao. esp my lower back. hmmm....

well, look like i gonna start to pop energy pills soon. in order to substain till close. hmmm. anyway, super tired now, gonna rest.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy ....

well that was wat the whole week went. mainly is work. gotta try to earn as much money as i can now. gettin more and more responsibilities now. consider a good ting, movin closer a step to my own goal. short term sacrifices is still the beauty slp.

had quite a good week, though busy, yet fulfilling. and the week isnt gonna end on a low note. will be workin full tml. and sunday. just a whimz, its alreadi december, the yr gonna end soon. tinkin of what had happen for the past yr, is gonna be a rewardin one. yet till now, i dun hav the time. time to me now is precious, coz it means money.

gonna be anor busy wk ahead, and i am startin to push myself to the limit. testin the tolerance level of myself. keepin myself realli occupied, thus wun be distracted. cant deny that i do miss her, yet at least we both noe that we are workin towards our own goals.

was contemplating on the holi trip that is supposed to be in feb, shld i? well, we shall see. as much as i wanna go back, yet as much as i hav other tings to settle here. takin step by step towards the goal, still leavin options open. bein flexible of the steps, will allow me to react to changes fast, thus wun lose precious time.

xmas arnd the corner, so is new yr. gotta tink abt the resolution that i hav for myself. sth for me to gauge at the end of next yr. to see how much i hav achieved. xmas gonna be boring in perth, nth fanciful just peaceful. but isnt peacefulness anor bliss?

gotta go slp now, i will try to update as often as i can la.

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