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Sunday, August 31, 2008


just got back from Metro. yesh i noe, again.

went for dinner @ Tak Chee with the gang, hmm, apparently is supposedly Stephen last Bachelor nites out in Perth. according to some, he is diving into the tomb of love, for others, it doesnt matter. haha.

headed to Hits after that, usual hangout usual gang. poor Aaron became a sleeping panda, that is what happen when you try to drink 2 weeks worth of alcohol in less den 1 hr. haha, his parents was here before, so he was kinda "locked up". haha.

send Carol home, man, she is as naggy as my mum. haha. but yeah, cant expect her to walk home wat. so me the driver today, onli had a glass in Hits, and thats it. hmmm. just didnt felt like drinking. weird.

did i mention i had anor weird dream last nite, that one is seriously weird. hmmm. maybe it is in the submind bah. hmmm. but yeah, its just a dream, no pt dwellin on it that much. i just wan a good nite slp.

anyway, dun tink i goin in work later, prepare to slp in like a pig. hahaha.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hogs B

yeap, again. haiz, i wanna asked for endorsement fee and also advertising fee liao.

went to work at both places, i seriously was drained out. met up with Evee lor, and she said she wanted to eat meat. i was wondering, where the hell am i gonna "give birth" to meat after 9pm, so got her to check the closing time for Hogs B lor. haha. sure enuf, she got her meat, and i had the fries onli. had subway before that, so kinda pretty full. haha.

friday nite, i am finally home. yesh. i hear my bed calling my name. ooooo. havin a home-made "yegabong" sweet sweet. now i shld be able to slp soundly into the nite.

had the weirdest dream last nite, all i could rem was huge pythons. hmmm. lotsa them, still give me the shivers though, weird.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner ....

was out dinner with Daniel & Emma, guess where???? Hogs B again. hmmm. supposed to be a belated bday dinner for me and Daniel, coz they have been workin in the south. haha. that was fun, so many tings to catch up on, too many gossip too. hahaha.

make me wonder, maybe i shld go into the country to work, bet that is anor interesting tingy. i might just put that into consideration bah. hahaha. den i wun spend so much money, and also totally cut back on alcohol. hmmm.

headed over to Elsie's place, coz Edison wanted to have a look at my car, planning to sell it asap. getting my new Honda next week. hmmm, oh yeah, finally. who will be the lucky first passenger???? hmmm. i was planning to take the carplate of the current one and put it onto the new one. hahaha, just like my car plate.

anyway, whole week been busy with training, even had to go down bloody Rockingham, hmm, which make me discover there is a coastal drive there, might go for a spin when i get my new car. hahaha. oh yeah.

weekend gonna be packed again.

tml working at both BP and Subi at nite, den will most prob guai guai come home and slp. haha. will be totally tired out bah. den Sat meeting Stephen they all for dinner, den Hitz den Metro again. wtf. haiz. Sun meeting Nick for lunch den i bet i will be sleepin the whole day.

next week is gonna be full-on for work, cutting over the new system on Thurs, prep work need to be done before that, den Carene coming over, heading Casino/Ruby room on friday, bet that Sat will be occupied too. ahhhhhhh. i tink i have to lock myself somewhere liao.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Housie .....

i realised i have not posted the photos for the two little housie that i have that is currently living in a cage. haha. no i am not toking abt the Human housie, but the two little mouse. hahaha.

thats Ninja, the latest addition to the house.

thats Sarah, the second mousie to be in the house.

the very first one is James, which unfortunately decided to die, but it was a natural death.

the house is damn fun when you tried to play with them, hahaha.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ascot ....

comp dinner was interesting, there are moments when i was thinking, are we all managers??? haha. esp when the big shot started to let their hair down, woooo. stunning. hahaha. meal wasnt that great, but yeah, didnt expect much though. had a bit of retro recap as i realised the DJ who played the songs cater to the majority older ppl, haha. so u see me starin into blank spaces. haha. even won a prize, picnic bag, which kinda like, ermmmmm. hahaha. plus its red somemore, wtf. haha. dunno what to do with it though. hahaha.

headed down to Hits, as usual. wonder why i am back so early, well, just didnt had the mood. and the "great" ting is that i didnt even touch a single drop of alcohol. hahaha. so headed home when they headed to Metro, just felt tired, been a long day. and i gotta work tml. hmmm, might catch some slp.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swan Valley.

just got back from Swan Valley, hmmm, that drive was good. got my Lanchester Estate wine.

i realised maybe it was a good ting that i am in Perth, why? simply becoz if i am down, i can go to the country side and drive. not much cars, little chances of accidents. and just feel the fresh air blowin into my face. imagine i was in sg, and with my current emo, i tink i will end up in the clubs, dead drunk, or even gettin into fights. hmmm.

the environment here realli calm me down much. considerin the weather was beautiful, though a slight twitch in the hrt is that we werent able to share this together. but other than that, just the blue skies, the vast grapevines, the faraway hills. just so peaceful.

heading out soon for the company dinner, seriously dunno what so fun abt it, but since i will be meetin up with my fellow batches of managers, also good. haha. bet we will be talkin a lot abt work.

after that will be Hits with stephen that gang, den Metro. hmmm, cant bear stayin at home, coz it keep floodin the memories back. i am still gettin used to not havin u here. i shld be okie soon, i hope.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wkend ....

how to kick off the wkend in style???? not by sleeping wor. haha.

gave the bloody freo prison a miss, no way i am goin for the 5th time. haha. but meeting the gang in Hits again. yes, Hits again. it will be Hits tomorrow too. after Hits, apparently they wanted to head down to Mambo nite. hmmmm. dun tink will be able to, unless they get tickets. haha.

headin down to Swan Valley tml, aiming at the Lanchester Late harvest. hmmmm, choc wise, okie lor. hahaha. Hits tml nite with the gang, den Metro again. hahaha. fuckin hell.

Sunday wise, headin to the beach. apparently.

work wise, the whole of next wk, fully in training. crap, they got me to go to Rockingham, wtf, that is 100km in a day lor. cb. i make sure i fuckin claim that in next yr tax. cb.

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Quote ....

received this on MineKeying in Facebook, posted by Jessica Loh.

"In this world, no one will ever not be able to survive without another person, no matter how important he seems to be. The world has once revolved continuously when you have not met this person, and it will continue revolving if this person leave your world. Your world will not stop revolving just because someone left, neither will it stop revolving for others just because you are not around."

i noe this theory, i felt this on a diff level now. it hurts, but that is the truth. always learning new things everyday.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dinner @ Hog's Breath

well, had the dinner last nite at Hog's Breath with Mali, Carol & Chloe. with 3 natural high ppl, no way i can realli get too down. those gals are damn hilarious. hahaha.

dinner was alrite, considerin i told myself not to drink. food wise, well nth much to comment on it. just the usual. except for the bloody dessert, hmmm, supposedly to be similar to the Giant Earthquake in Swensen's but it felt more like a whip cream galore. haha.

i got fed two marshmallow coated with bloody whip cream at the same time. hmmm, dunno whether to puke or swallow. it sure is disgusting. hmmm.

slept super early yesterday, maybe i am tired. woke up this morning, tryin to cheer myself up, but nah. didnt work that way.

now back home early, dun feel like working. i just felt dunno what to do, though there is ten thousand tings to do, just dun feel like doin it. feelin realli tired, maybe i had cried too much. cant asked for anor break, coz at work, it is the crucial moment. have pushed it back, cant pushed it again.

even if i wanted a break, i also dunno what to do. or maybe i cant do wat i wanna do, stupid visa. but i noe i will fall away if i keep goin on like that. gotta be strong, i guess that wat baby wan me to be.

plans for the wkend? yeah, more or less.

havin company dinner @Ascot Racecourse, den headin down to Hits with sharon lim the gang, coz they say must give me my bday pressie. working on sunday arvo, den i dunno liao, but i guess i will be flat out by then.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Numb ...

thats how i felt the whole day. i slept last nite, in the middle of the bed, suddenly just felt that the bed is so big. the room seems so huge and empty. woke up in the morning, in a daze, i was hopin to see u next to me. but reality just hit, didnt wanted to go to work, just wanted to laze in bed, crying.

i believed i am not as weak as i am, dragged myself out of bed, anytime when i am alone, i just tot of u. how bad can this get? just felt numb, which is good for now, so many tings to settle at work, as expected.

but when will it hit home?

going out for dinner with Carol and Mali. and they chose Hogs Breath. just hope that i dun collapse in there.

baby, dun get lost this time round on the journey back home.

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. . .

sent her off at the airport, its the same silence again. but the difference is that, i was holdin back on my tears, i hate it when it keeps rolling in the eyes.

before she walk thru the gate, the hug was one that i don't wanna let go. after she walk thru the gate, i collapse. wanted to go to the viewin gallery, but i noe i cant take it anymore.

my mind just went into a shut down mode. or shld i say a denial mode.

i miss her already.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Packed ....

i need more self-control. i realised i need more self-control.

when u walked out this morning, i nearly went bersek in my room. I just reach my pt, i had to go out and drive arnd, scannin the crowd wasnt realli my forte. i just had to find you, even if i had to comb the whole area. i dunno what got to me. though i was boiling, i felt myself so childish. when i saw u, i didnt felt that anger, i felt relieved.

now u r packin ur luggage, 12 days past that fast. less den few hrs i will see u thru the gate. i dunno how i will react, i dunno whether i will go crazy. but i know, there's nth i can do.

i dunno whether i will see u when u have embarked on ur journey. i dunno whether our path will cross again. i dunno what the future will hold.

all i know, and i am glad is that, you have found ur sense of self when u r back, and u r back onto the path that u deviated.

it wasnt a easy 12 days, i would dare to say. i need to get back onto my path. i need to refocus. i need to be the one i have paved myself to be. i need to be stronger and more controlled.

i need more self-control.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

For You (part 3)

With you in your own world,
I had time in mine,
The point of letting go control,
I felt I am learning.

I wonder what lessons need to be learnt,
I wonder what mistakes need to be learnt,
I wonder when will you share,
what you were thinking.

That night, holding your hand,
listening to you, I felt.

As much as I want to know,
I don't have that control,
sometimes i felt helpless,
I felt at a loss,
I felt childish.

I realised I am waiting,
I realised I am thinking,
I rethink what I will say,
I rethink how i will act,

I even manage to curb my temper,
and swallow my pride.

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For You (part 2)

Gonna be you last night here,
I don't know what to feel,
I can't be selfish to ask you stay,
I can't bear to see you leave.

Even as I am battling inside,
I want to cherish the time left.

I have let you into my heart,
where few been in.
It wasn't easy,
It was about trust.

It's not about getting what i want anymore,
It's more about pushing myself out of comfort zone.
To challenge myself on the boundaries,
to test myself on the limits.

I will miss your randomness,
I will miss your smile,
I will miss your hugs,
I will miss you next to me.

I will miss you

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Floating in heaven ....

hahaha, that was the exact feeling when i finally had my bread and butter pudding at Raffles last nite. ooooo. when it arrived, the smell of the bread is just so ooooooooo. hahaha. and one mouthful of it, i felt like floating in the air. hahaha. finally got to eat it after cravin for it for so long. hahaha.

okie, dinner was good last nite, in accompany of the two lovely gals, i kinda like the decor of Raffles, the service is real good. and accordin to the gals, the guys working there is hot, haha. even the one in the kitchen. hahaha.

food wise is interesting, i had Dhufish with asparagus and sth malaysian curry tingy, which i seriously tot it was assam. haha. but not spicy. haha. Evee had Crispy Skinned Tas Salmon with Cous Cous, and baby had Pan Seared Scallops with sth Risotto. hahaha. we had Mashed Potato, Steamed Brocolli with Macademia and Assorted Veggies as sides.

portion wise is alrite, considering i wanted to have my dessert. hahaha. actually wanted to order the prawn, but i was tinking, nah, it will kinda ended up in flying prawn. hahahaha. all in all, it was a good dinner, good company, good atmosphere. haha.

not to mentioned, i had a glass of Moet Chandon Champange. oooo, looking at the fizzy bubbles, i tink thats why i was floating. hahaha. as for picture wise, hmmm, didnt take, why? dunno. the two gals were pretty yesterday, and as i was starin at them from across the table, hmmm, just felt the feeling of fortunate. hahaha. dunno why, but thats the feeling.

love u gals.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

For You

Every morning when i open my eyes,
i see you sleeping next to me,
as much as i want it to be real,
i know it isn't true.

Loving you isn't a choice,
Loving you is what my heart feel,
Loving you isn't a foolish act,
Loving you is what my mind want.

When you walk through the gate,
I know my world gonna collapse,
I know I will be heart broken,
I know this is a wonderful dream,
I know it's time to be awoken.

Watching you sleep like a baby,
I want to shelter you from the storm,
I want to let you bask in the sun,
I want to let you do your happy dance.

But I know,
I wouldn't be the shoulder you will lean on,
I wouldn't be the arms you will lie in,
I wouldn't be the one to hold your hands,
and walk with you down the path of your life.
I will just be a passerby.

I know the ending before it started,
but i chose to have this dream,
it frustrates me sometimes,
it makes me jealous and green.

Why am I so foolish,
as friends around me ask,
Why do it to yourself,
when you have seen the end?

Let me enjoy myself now,
think about it later,
The power of love is a force,
that breaks a person,
since i am already broken,
it doesn't matter.

Loving you is to let you go,
roam the world, explore life.
But if ever, ever one day,
you want a rest,
remember there is always me,
standing in the far end,
watching over you,
no matter what.

I love you.

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Happy Birthday ....

finally is the day of the yr. hmmm, haha.

and i guess its the shortest celeb i ever had. hmmm. haha. and i was able to walk out of Hits. haha. yesh. haha.

apparently the rest headed down to Metro, hmm.

the party at Hits was cool, hmm, just in case those who doesnt noe the theme "Black&Red - use ur imagination". haha. seriously, everyone was damn supportive sia. haha. will get the photos posted. hmmm. the best dress i reckon will be baby's red riding hood. that caught me totally off guard. sure is tinkin out of the box. haha. love u.

had dinner at Hawker's before that, hmm, Connie even got me muah chee wor. haha. so happy. haha. den went down to Time Zone for Neoprint time. haha. sth new to put into the wallet wor. haha.

so the plan today, hmmm, well, dinner at Raffles tonight. i tink the two gals needed some rest, haha. took out the heli ride. will be headin out for a drive i supposed. maybe just do sth for myself on my bday.

happy birthday to myself.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Surprise ...

came home to a surprise today, apparently both evee and baby made a birthday cake for me, and also with the minestrone soup. hmmm. hahaha, super healthy cake, sponge cake coated with yogurt. haha. and with some maltese and m&ms. haha.

had dinner over at Stephanie's place. she cooked nasi lemak. haha. yummy. saw little annabelle, that little gal is soooooooo cute. it just make me feel like sittin there and starin at her the whole day. haha. i tink i shld learn baby language soon. haha.

went to did my hair today, hmmm, just wanted sth diff. haha. well, just in time for my bday theme tml, black and red (but in this case is orange). hahaha.

reason why i was out the whole day till now is becoz someone took my keys. hahaha. but thanks gals for the effort, i appreciate it.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holi ....

i let myself onto a early start of my holi, had training this morning, cant be fuck to go back to work. hahaha.

now the prob with holi is that, wat shld i do? other den getting pissed drunk this comin sat. hmmm, not fun. maybe i shld asked to be pampered. hahaha. someone haven't fed me fruits yet, and where is my minestrone soup????? hahahaha.

anyway, went to find baby and evee at subi, lazy weather, make me so sleepy. decided to come home to nap. hmm, dunno where the two headin off to. haha. as long as both of them come back in one big piece, haha, dun realli matter. hahaha.

gonna slack thru, or maybe slp thru this holi. though short but better den nth. hmmm. been startin to drink coffee very frequently, or shld i say almost everyday. to appreciate a cup of coffee, hmm, sure is one hell of caffeine. hahaha. not that i need to stay awake, and a good cup of coffee doesnt make u stay awake. hahaha.

i tink i learnt the art of not tinking of work, hmmm, which is good, coz my bloody phone will not ring from now till baby flies. the last ting i need is to answer the phone for some stupid ting when i am cuttin my bday cake.

which bring me to the cake, no one is lettin me hav the luxury of cuttin the cake at midnite on sat, hmmm, they wan me thrashed before that. wtf. hmmm. i dun care, i wanna eat my cake at midnite. haha.

okie, i startin to get random here. not good. i go nap nap liao.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

. . .

just got back from work, didnt expect it to be such stressful day.

first is someone hurt their hand, and the other couldnt get off the training. so ended up was runnin the whole store myself. wtf. considerin cafe exp, i tink i kinda scare away so many cust today. imagine "flat white looks like cappucino, latte looks like flat white, cappucino look like whatever". haha.

dragged dragged dragged, was tinkin of gettin off early, but the tot disappear when i step into work this morning. look like for the next few days before my leave, it will be like that. wtf. thank god i took leave, if not i tink i will be sleepin at the store liao. knn.

now restin at home, baby out with evee shopping in City. hmmm. i might just grab a nap first.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


well, counting down to my bday, mixed feelings. some say i am getting "younger", some say i am getting "older". i personally tink it doesnt matter. have i reach the stage of not caring what ppl say? the stage where maybe some prefer to be? is that stage the best for me now?

still givin some the aloof feeling, the "i-dun-care-if-the-whole-world-turning-its-back-on-me" attitude. hmmm. had a chat with Nic the other day. we are toking about investing in property. hmm, and one ting he said is stuck in my mind, "if u dun find sth to curb ur self now, so what if you are ahead of everyone now; you will fall backwards in no time."

i dun deny that, considering what i have achieve now, is thru hard work and seriously, comparing to a lot of my peers, i am consider yrs ahead. starting to lose momentum, coz my 5yrs plan have been reduced to less den 3 yrs, it shld be a good ting, as it meant that i have increase my efficiency whereby given in less input to achieve maximum output. mgt tingy. hmm.

however, coz i am ahead of my peers, i dun have that continuous motivation of which direction to head to next. hmm, even Nic say that i am ahead of him. considering he was the one that lead me to my current position. and the reason why he fell behind was what we both agree to be "a small melody of life", or simply to fall into temptation. i have seen what it can do, and i have been telling myself not to make the same mistake.

though it is a battle on my own, but wun it be better if i had someone with me? it doesnt have to be a rs, but just a frenz to fight along with me. like what Nic is. the tables turn between us as now i am the one makin sure he doesnt make the same mistake again.

now that everyting hav more or less stable down, it just make me wonder if its time to start to expand my wings. still consider to be in the rat race, as money is still one main ting. until i have the 80k in my bank sittin, i will still be chasing it. but shld i go arnd Aus? calculated risk. hmmm.

the race will take some time, and day by day, i can feel myself pulling away. am i trying to take flight again? hmmm, the pressure isnt that huge as before, but it sure has taken its toll on me. i feel proud of myself, but sometimes it does come back to me, if i had sacrificed too much?

24 yrs of living and time still tickin by.

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How True ????

saw this post on my facebook Funwall, hmm, quite interesting. how true is it???


追求完美 A 型人
(每月 1,10,19,28 號出生的人)


矛盾極端 B 型人
(每月 2,11,20,29 號出生的人)


多愁善感 C 型人
(每月 3,12,21,30 號出生的人)


害怕失敗 D 型人
(每月 4,13,22,31 號出生的人)


不斷變化 E 型人
(每月 5,14,23 號出生的人)


過份出位 F 型人
(每月 6,15,24 號出生的人)


優柔寡斷 G 型人
(每月 7,16,25 號出生的人)


佔有慾強 H 型人
(每月 8,17,26 號出生的人)


主觀執著 I 型人
(每月 9,18,27 號出生的人)


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Drama ....

well, last nite headed out to Hits, and sure it was world's apart, though the rooms are just adjacent to each other. haha, one is jammed packed with Stephen's gang, the other one is just 7 of us. hmmm, by lookin at the table of alcohol, pretty much state the different. Alcopops, how long ago did i had that, hmmm. dun realli miss them, but glad they were there. haha. at least i wasnt gone case last nite. haha.

was runnin between 2 rooms, so funny, it ended up one room being the resting room. haha. i have to, at the rate that i was drinking. need to warm up till my bday liao. with that gang, no hope of surviving till end.

headed down to Metro after that, though both of us werent that keen. was super crowded, and i was wearing the shoe mummy bought for me. damn. hmm. when Carol and Mali was there, a few more "bong-bong". damn, redbull kills man. felt so dehydrated.

stayed till 4 plus, and man, when was the last time i was at the club that switch on the lights when close.... old liao. hahaha. nearly had a scare when i was drivin back. cops were followin me for quite a distance, damn. lucky the siren didnt sound, if not i will lose my license liao. phew, it just have to obey all traffic rules. hmmm, even harder den taking the bloody driving test. haha.

came home still a bit tipsy, esp after the scare, hmm. slept like a pig, onli to be woken up early in the morning. hmm. plus a couple more phone calls, ahhhhhhh.

headed out for lunch/dinner/brekkie with Evee, hmm, actually was planning to cook dinner, but got "seduce" to go eat Japanese food, headed down to city to have it. quite a treat we gave ourselves. hmmm.

i have the craving for the Ginseng Chix soup from that cosy small Korean store, hmm, must go eat it soon. hahahaha.

anyway, 3 days of training following up, and i will be on leave, woo hoo. bday celeb. haha. till den, need to finish up my online training. fuck.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Woo ...

NDP today, and this is the 3rd yr i am not back in sg during this time, which i am still alrite. hahaha. doesnt realli feel that patriotic, so now just watching the live streaming, but headin out for dinner soon. hahahaha. too many plans tonite. hoooo.

last nite headed down to Mbar with baby and Evee, though i believe i was alreadi sleepy. haha, thanks to the super boring Olympic Opening Ceremony, so much anticipation of a grand opening, even the fireworks isnt that great, i noe the volume of it is huge, but the designs and style is all so limited. the pace of the ceremony is too slow, hmm, it just make me feel so sleepy. haha.

it makes me just tot, there are so many countries i have never heard before, hmmm, how am i going to go round the world???? realli respect those countries where there is onli less den 5 athletes, hmm, they look so proud to be there. hmm, and when i looked at the singapore contingent, well, they dun look so happy or even proud. considering they got stuck between 2 huge contingent, hmmm. maybe they feel lose face bah.

on anor topic, went to the airport to pick baby up the other day, hmmm, man, was there too early, hmm, didnt noe what to do except to pace up and down the airport. hahaha. i tink i left imprint onto the tile floor. or maybe the security was staring at me, hmmm, lucky i didnt got booted out. hahaha.

anyway, baby resting now, tink we will head out to NB for dinner, and her frenz jio her to Hits, goodness, that place can soon become my weekend getaway liao.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Meaningful ....

saw this on Ivan's blog, and i realli can feel it. hmmm. maybe is not what it is meant to be, but i have my way of interpretation. hmm, salute. hahaha.

《无题》 - 鹰艾文



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Monday, August 04, 2008

Prawns & Roe ....

that is what i had for dinner, and i felt so much bloated. hmmm, kinda havin the feelin of floatin on the sea. hmmm. haha

went on a grocery spree after work today, haha, need to restock everything, been runnin on rations for quite some time. hahaha.

feelin anti social this few days, wondering whats wrong. hmmm. maybe is time to slow down liao, partyin too hard is takin its toll on me. hahahaha. yeah rite, i tink is more of recharging energy. hahaha

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