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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Ting abt Casino ....

okie, learnt my lesson, not goin casino anymore. not a cheap lesson. but i finally noe how it felt. if u tink is just for play, tink again. it is addictive and stop before u cant.

anyway, on a lighter note, had company CNY dinner at Tansawa Tei with Hawker's team on monday. nice Jap restaurant. didnt realli enjoy it that well, guess after all Canto is kinda the key to join into their conversation. well, at least i got to eat my Shishamo. haha.

feelin realli hrtless this few days. but watever it is, it shall be.

nth much to update. gonna slp. ciao

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Update ....

okie, finally my internet is up. but after so long, i kinda gotten use to not realli havin internet access. haha.

this whole week ended in a quiet way.... anyway, pick up a few ppl from airport on friday, was kinda glad that they are all back. went to casino and won some money, nth huge but good. haha. bought two new tops for CNY, pamper myself lor.

went down to HIllary's with elise just now. since the weather was ok, and just didnt wanted to go to noisy places. was chattin quite a long while, but time just seems to fly. went to had dinner with David and gang. den headed down to give my baby a bath. next stop was burswood, which i didnt gamble coz cant realli feel the luck coming in.

been a long day, so much sun and drivin. gonna rest. tml goin do my hair and i tink havin dinner with COnnie they all. hmmm. busy busy busy. haha.

update soon. ciao.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update ....

okie, had the reunion dinner with Nick and frenz yesterday, which i would say it was realli nice. how to put it, maybe is becoz out of the whole grp, i onli noe 4, yet at the end of the meal, we are laughing and chattin like old frenz. how cool can that be???? after that, had a few rounds of pool at Pot Black. had a few wins and lose, which doesnt realli matter, as i guess we all enjoyed ourself.

went for work this morning, nth fancy nth interesting. apparently the new shop in girrawheen is openin soon. and news hav been spreading that the new shop in Rockingham is also openin. cant wait to be ask to go over and do the set up.

headed over to Hawker's to work, not as busy as the past few days, and i seriously start to hate the sound of lion dance. guess i wasnt in a very good mood today, and some idiot try to spark me off. if not for the fact that it is 3rd day of CNY, i guess i would hav blasted vulgarities.

i miss my PA, haha. how u expect me to work, when i noe my PA is enjoyin herself in Sibu leh???? haha. but guess i been the bad guy last sat liao. haha. let others hav a chance la. haha.

anyway, some reflections.... or shld i say tots ....

being such a Leo, loyalty always hav to clash with stubborness. as much as i will never leave someone in a ditch, yet just felt so freaking tired of all the responsibilties that arent mine in the first place. feeling myself gettin more and more reclined. feeling myself stepping back a step day by day. feeling myself havin the tendency to hurt someone close. feeling myself changed every single day.

the inner struggle is intense, and day by day, i get weary of it. i cant run away from it, yet i am falling under the weight of the pressure mounted on me. am i the one who stayed at the same spot? or hav i moved?

fear kicks in at the time when tings started to change. slowly i hav started to learn to accept again. will the trust being ended up a burden? or will it break the barrier in me? that is for time to tell.

for all i noe, i am not the same Sharon anymore. this summer hav been hot, but tings hav become cold. now its up to whoever, to rekindle the flames, before it totally goes out. i felt like holding on to this thin thread, which is cuttin into me every second, yet i cant bear to let it go. lotsa tings hav to be left unsaid, yet for those who understand, will noe.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Pig Year .....

being the first day of the yr of pig, wishing all my frenz a happy piggy year. haha. apparently those rats out there, this yr gonna be a good year for rs. so, i expect to recieve quite a few of invitations. haha.

okie, quick update of what happen the past few days.

finish my PR Corporate sup paper last thurs, cant be fucked by it. just hopefully i pass it lor. that day went K with CLaire, Eve, and Apple. quite a short session, and i realise i wanna quit K soon. haha.

fridAY went for work, den slack the whole fuckin nite, due to some miscommunication lor. haha. saturday was damn fun, went for work to help out the CNY eve reunion dinner. haiz. freakin busy. den headed down to Metro to celeb Claire's 21st Bday. haha. broke my record of makin ppl drunk within half hr. haha. i am the bad guy for that day. haha. 10 shots in total. haha.

just got back from work. first time up super close with those loud firecrackers. haha. den first time i pick up the lettuce the lions throw out. haha. the ting abt cant use the broom on first day of CNY. haha. i look real stupid lor. haha.

anyway, gonna send Claire to the airport. haha. den gonna slp the whole day tml, havin reunion dinner with Nick and frenz. haha.

first time passin CNy out here. i dun regret not goin back. serious. well, i hope that this yr will be a very good yr for me. haha.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update ....

okie, the internet is still not up in the new place, soon i promise.

anyway, just finish my Strat mgt paper tis evening. well, all the "cold" questions came up, considerin the fact that i didnt even study properly, hmmm, crapped thru the whole ting and out of the exam hall in almost 1 hr. wtf.

been not so busy this few days, kinda takin a break from work, and enjoyin myself. V-Day is here, cant be fucked, after all, been almost 6 yr since i pass it with someone special. goin out for steak at Hogs Breath with a bunch of frenz. just anor day.

havin my PR Corporate paper on thurs, and i hav to realli try to study. supplementary paper, screw up and i will be wishin i am in hell. cant stand the tot of seein that fuckin pussy face again.

went to give my baby a wash just now, shiny and polished, feels good, and also changed new tyres for it, with the alignment done. no more worryin of skiddin when i go into a corner faster den allowed. haha.

elise baked me choc cookies with extra choc. haha. yummy, now i hav something edible in my new home. and of coz i went to grab 24 cans of coke. haha, so much for festive mood. haha.

saw steph in her regalia today for grad, just a sense of envy. well, i will get to wear it, but still. envy. time just fly and she is goin back liao. cant imagine me in that regalia. maybe to me, grad means that the huge turnin point in my life is there. kinda hope that it doesnt comes too fast.

oh ya, went over to Apple's place for home cooked pasta that day. suddenly missed my mum's cooking, although it is just a simple meal that didnt feel my stomach, but it just tasted good. hmmm.

uni startin soon, but seriously it doesnt realli affect me. coz i wun be goin to uni anymore. left with my 393 internship. hopefully i can pass thru it peacefully. hesitated due to that stupid pussy bein the unit controller again.

frenz are all comin back, as the summer end. dunno what my final sem will be like, made new frenz, lost some. getting prepared for my future. hmmm. good luck to me man.

sometimes i do feel that i hav moved out of bein who i am last sem. maybe i hav gotten used to bein by myself after the movin hse episode. maybe i am not used to ppl's presence. or maybe i am becomin more and more withdrawn into my own world, where no one i believe in.

findin solace within, ignorin all the commotion that is goin on. am i able to do that. i see further huge tidal waves approachin. and i dunno whether i am mentally prepared for this one comin round the corner.

cant i just turn away from it. or am i bein forced by situation????

will update soon, ciao

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Home i call my own ....

well, after being homeless for almost 2 weeks, finally got my own home. yeap, and as wat i wanted, my own apartment. nth huge, just cosy.

of coz there will be a thank you list coming up, coz i owed a lot of ppl big favours, which i realli am very grateful of. but now, just wanna say that, it feel good to have a place i called my own.

will update when i set up the internet there, in the mean time, ciao.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lone ...

hav you ever felt that in the midst of a huge obstacle, you are the onli one standing facing it?

that i how i feel now. in front of me is a huge tidal wave approaching me. and all i hav with me is my clothes on. no shelter, no shield. it just felt that why did i hav to fuckin put myself thru all this shit.

feeling kinda couldnt be fucked by what will happen. why do i always hav to fuckin tink abt others when i am the one sufferin rite now? why do i even bother consider stuffs for others, when i am seriously feelin aimless now?

after workin so fuckin hard for the whole dec, i suddenly lost track of my directions. who am i provin to? no one, but myself. but for fuck i am provin to myself?

jsut felt that all this shit shldnt even happen in the first place. fucked up. cant even be bothered to update properly.

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