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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Final Answer ....

well, to keep tings simple & short. i noe this will be the last time i will ever cry for ad.

after draggin on for 5yrs, there is a final answer. although it is not sth that is happy, yet i am kinda expectin this will happen. there maybe some sort of mental preparation, but the blow wasnt subtle either.

tears did fell for him, but i know that this is the time to realli move on. at least i noe that he had found someone, at least i noe that that gal will treat him better den how i treated him. in order for him to make it official, i guess he is serious abt the gal.

i dun hate him, but i must thank him. he did what a bf shld have done and even more, i noe i cant give him back what he had given me, the onli ting i can give him is my sincere wish, that he will have a happy life.

he is a nice guy, but fate doesnt allow us to withstand the test. there is no one to blame for the ending today, it is just not within our control.

my hrt still felt a bit of sting, after all, i guess it is natural to feel this way. he did taught me a lot of tings when we were together, i did learn a lot from him. one lesson that i will not forget will be To cherish the person before it is too late.

the next time i see him, i can really treat him as a frenz, and nth more.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Apple Pie & Custard Pie ....

well, just had the above two pies made by my hse mate Carine. so nice of her to actually baked it and share with the hse lor. considerin that she even took the knife to chase us out of our room to eat it, haha. oopz.

woke up this mornin to a great weather, and went to Sommerville with Steph, Anthony & Evelyn for brunch. didnt noe that there is such a not bad place to have some asian food lor. haha. den again, it is all the way in Murdoch Uni area. haha. not realli my turf bah. haha.

after that went down to Freo walk walk lor. good weather, perfect day to just go out with close frenz and chill. dun have to do much tings. enjoy the scenery, and fresh air. haha. a perfect sunday.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Photos .....

okie, below are a few photos that i manage to get. which tells two different stories, a change in my hairstyle and also my 22nd bday celeb. enjoy the photos, though there are more, will try to get it and post it up for you guys la.

First Change in Hairstyle

first change in hairstyle - long layering and random highlights.

why does steph have that funny look,
coz i tink i said that i was cool. haha.

Steph & Me - 2 Leos, i looked like the wild one,
yet being tamed by her. haha.

the backview of the hairstyle, the ponytail was left as a tradition.
haha. with honour, got Maddox to pose this photo with me. haha.

that is me, in the driver's seat, trying to act cool,
ended up look damn LC.

KTV session at Hits Studio

the beginnin of me gettin pissed drunk,
still tryin to sing that duet with
the mastermind. haha.

Anyone interested??? contact me to get Q number.
L to R - Evelyn, Jean & Celest

super sober, super act cute. haha.

My BirthDay Presents

a collection of pressies this yr.

Zippo Lighter Set - Steph & Jill

Sling bag by the gang, & pouch from myself. haha.

"Players Hater" Cap off Ebay from myself.

Flowers, Card and "Swan Lake Tics" from Carene

White Crystal Pendant - by Silver,
supposedly to purify my not-so-pure mind.

Balloon & Card - from Sheryl & Ramzi

"Forever Friends" bear with matchin card & bag
from my Crazy manager Tegan

Second Hairstyle

here is my second hairstyle, consisting of spike cut and sectional hightlights.

what are you guys looking at?

that is so unbelievable ....

lack of sleep ??????

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A New Cousin .....

just recieved an email from my 2nd Uncle in KL, he sent everyone in the house a photo of the new little boy that just been added into the family tree.

Isn't he so cute??? aww, such a cutie. and i forget to ask my uncle for his name. haha. that is so bad of me. haha. well, that is a good news. haha.

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End of Bday Celebration ....

alright, first update, i changed my hairstyle and colour again. it started with the urge to cuttin my hair shorter, so as to enable me to spike my hair easier. haha. and so, since i had time on saturday, went to the saloon with Silver lor. haha. den, sudden tot of changin my haircolour to a better contrast, so yeap. haha. took me 3 hrs to do my hair, and i realli like the effect of it. this time round, the blond streaks of highlight was bleached again, and my base i change it to a darker tone of copper. the highlight techniques is the sectional tracks highlights, which actually means that i have the highlight that links from my fringe to the back of my head. nice. haha.

okie, today marked the end of my 22nd birthday celebration.

went into city to meet Tegan for lunch. she gave me this "forever friends" bear for my bday pressie. haha. well, we went shoppin first, and seriously, she can spend. but at least she is a fast shopper. haha. we went down to my workplace as she wanna say good bye to the rest of the team members. she is leavin on Tuesday to be back in the arms of her family and friends in Adelaide.

we decided to have our lunch at Kings Park. did a lot of catchin up and photo shooting. haha. how great can it be, to be sittin on the grass, enjoying the fresh air and scenery. relive the sight that i fell in love with the very first time i came perth.

after that, went to watch "Swan Lake on Ice" with Carene at Burswood Theater. taken into consideration that i never realli know the story, it is realli beautiful. no dialouge at all, by listenin to the music and the facial expression on the skaters. kinda felt like in fairy land. we were sittin in the second front row, which was a good choice, if not the ice from the stage kept flyin at the first row. haha. realli enjoyed the show though.

after the show, went back to Carene's apartment, as she cooked Grilled Beef Steak with Mushroom Black Pepper Sauce and Veggies for dinner. now i learnt that, in order to keep the tenderness in the beef and have it cooked, grilled it.

after dinner, i had my bday cake. haha. chocolate mousse cake, yummy. u shld have seen how excited i was as i am able to make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cake. that made my bday a complete one. haha.

den after the cake, we went down to Captain Stirling for my chocolate Martini. haha. been a long time i haven drank that. as yummy as it can be. kinda felt like choc overload today though, quite sinful yet, sometimes, it is good to be indulging in the world of choc. haha.

after that met Silver, David,Chris, Nick and a few other peeps at Northbridge Hawker's, as they had their dinner i supposed. though my face is kinda red, but i am nowhere near tipsy, just sleepy. haha. chill for a while and back home again. haha.

this marked the end of my bday celeb, i have to get my mood back to study and work. once i get all the photos, i will post it up for u guys to see la. in the meantime, sleepy, haha. nitez.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Post Birthday Thoughts .....

okie, now for the tots to be said out.

First, there are a few people that i wanna thanked that made my bday such a memorable one. haha.

1) Silver - thanks for organisin the plans for my bday esp the driveway attack. haha. dun worry, ur bday also coming soon la. haha. i make sure i also return the favour la. haha. and also for the white crystal necklace la. haha. your list super long la, me lazy to type out la. haha. but thanks for everything you have done for me. haha.

2) Steph - though u cant come to the ktv session, but den, thanks for the zippo u gave me. haha. and also tolerate me on wed nite. hehe. i noe i was noisy. sorry k. :p

3) David - Thanks for being in the team of the driveway attack la. and also for carryin me out of the ktv and cleaning up the puke.

4) Maddox - thanks for also bein the sole thrower of the eggs in the driveway attack, though i tink u need more practice, kidding. haha. and also lendin me a shoulder when i was drunk. and also carryin me into my hse, and cleaning up the puke. haha.

5) Nickolas - Thanks for givin me a scoldin to wake me up. and being the "good guy" to be involved in the driveway attack. haha. sorry wasnt able to have a proper photo taken with u la, haha.

6) Celest, Evelyn & Jean - thanks gals for offerin me jackets when i was shiverin on the floor. realli appreciate it. and also coming to the session. hope u guys enjoyed urself. haha.

hmm, of coz the list will go on & on. but i seriously too tired to list every single one of my frenz out. esp with so much happening durin the week of my bday. haha. anor ting is that, as i was drunk on wed nite, i guessed a lot of tings happened but i was not able to rem much. so if i missed out anyting, pls forgive me.

i realli wanna say 'Thank you all my frenz, who wished me happy birthday & also all frenz who make my 22nd bday a memorable one" i appreciate what you guys have done for me, even just a simple wish. it matters a lot to me.

hmm, i will try to take a photo of all the pressie i have recieved this yr. and also get those photos taken to be posted la. haha. there are sure a number of interestin one taken from what i heard. haha. i guess my bday celeb will end this sunday. it will be back to work & study. time flies.

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Zoom ....

well, that is how fast my bday went.

yesterday, hmm, let me recall. was kinda funny bah.

was waitin to go out dinner one lor, and was tokin on the phone with my mum. recieved a phone call from Nick sayin that he is outside my place, supposedly he went to collect Maddox's cake lor. and he say to go out help him take stuffs in. hmm, the weird ting is that he sae come out now, and when i told him that i am on the phone with my mum, and offered to open the door for him, he said nvm, he will wait. haha, that was when i realise that sth fishy is goin on. haha, and den as silver is also at my place, i was wonderin how come she never open the door. hmm. super fishy. haha.

so me put down the phone and went out. the moment i stepped out of the hse, silver locked my house door lor, damn no escape route. Nick had the car parked rite at the edge of my driveway, considerin that my driveway is super long. and the funny ting is that Jie came back and was parked next to the car lor. as i approach the car, it looks harmless, but i saw a figure runnin towards me from the back. and the sabo started. hmmm. equipment used were, eggs, whipped cream, Diet coke (with mentos inside to create the super foam), well, i knew that will happen. haha. and the best ting of all, the mastermind is in my room chattin on the phone. hmm. people involved in this driveway attack are:- david, Chris, Nick, Daniel, Maddox.

went in to have a shower after the attack, and called my mum again. haha. it like "well, sabo finish, what were we tokin abt?" haha. considerin the numerous times of sabo that i have executed, this is a minor case. haha. in a way as i was the onli one who is dirty. haha. good sportmanship on my bday man. haha.

anyway, Maddox pushed forward his ktv session to yesterday. so we went down Sunny's for dinner, den proceeded to Hits Studio lor. the funny ting is that, we were assigned the room that i was in the nite before, and the look on our face is like "no way, u gotta be kiddin" haha. manage to change room la. haha.

this time round, i manage to siam the drunk drinkin, haha. but still had to drink a bit la. at least i manage to sing songs la. haha. came back at 3plus i tink, and went straight to bed. alcohol, no matter how much i consume, will sure make me sleepy. haha.

this mornin woke up late and was late for work, fuckin pissed off man. work non-stop as had to revamp the layout again. to get ready for the christmas stock to come in. i was told that, i need to clear out the stock in the storeroom, by monday afternoon. as i will be gettin 10 new lines next week. damn. isnt it just so exciting, at least it kept me occupied and time flies.

after work, came back to shower and changed. went out with Chris, David and two other guys to Challenge Stadium for a church function called "Adrelanin". Chris brought the ticket as my bday gift. haha. it was quite good, get to see the Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian. but one ting i cant stand is the metal music. my brain was like pounding in my head man. the function style is similar to City Harvest Church back home.

after the show, went to had dinner at Hawker's with Silver, Maddox, Nick and David. didnt eat much though i was hungry. stomach just dun feel that well. maybe is my body system tryin to get the alcohol out from the bloodstream bah. anyway, gonna sleep soon. tink i seriously need the rest man.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Smashed ....

well, that was wat happened to me last nite. haha. totally gone man.

the great irony abt it is that i was smashed before i could even cut the birthday cake, that also means that i wasnt able to blow the candles and make a wish. damn.

went to had dinner at Kabuki after class, didnt noe whether was i too excited or wat, cant even finish the rice that was there lor. haha.

went down to Hits Studio at 9pm lor. i knew i will be smashed in the later of the nite, therefore, the first ting i went in was to play all the songs that i wanna sing, and hogged onto the mike. tok abt being wiser when i get older. haha.

did enjoyed myself last nite, after all, i guess everyone did had a good time, from what i can see la, well that was before i totally smashed out. haha.

woke up this mornin with a huge headache, dunno whether izzit that i hitted my head or was it becoz of the hangover lor. haha. skipped class, even though i woke up in time, haha. den again, its the birthday gal privilege, haha. nah, not becoz of that la, but is like my head was still pain lor. hmm. and cant believe that my eyes were still bloodshot.

now chillin at home, maybe goin out for dinner later. haha.

had a scare just now, tot me lost my wallet. haha. lucky found it in Silver's car.

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Happy Birthday to me !!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Excited .....

okie, less den 24hrs its gonna be my birthday. that is how excited i am.

goin uni for my Capstone class, and after that dinner and KTV session with my close frenz. excited and hype up. that is how good my mood is. tell me abt gettin older yet so excited abt it. hmm. irony bah. haha.

gonna enjoy myself today, hopefully no one will break my mood. hehe. yeah. haha.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lesson in Life ....

learnt a lesson today, or shld i say a piece of advice that will be the decidin factor whether i will enjoy myself thru the end of this week.

learnt to forgive.

simple, yet it is hard for me to achieve. not when someone steppin on my head. the basic instinct told me to cut of the bridge, as the troubles that come along are within the few instinct that i am havin.

puttin my tolerance lvl to a test, and to see how long i can last. it wun be a friendly sight, yet is unavoidable. the longer it dragged, the deeper the trouble will go, and by the time i wanna unroot it, a lot of ppl will be involved.

it was a mistake at the beginning, and a mistake to let it go on. a mistake that can be salvage, if i cut it off. ppl will get hurt, like i say before, with a refocus in what i wan in life, emotional consequences cant be avoided.

since ppl will get hurt, why not make it a short one? once and for all, draggin on time, will onli hurt ppl even more. the last favour that i can give, is to lessen the hurt. i dun owe anytin to the one anymore.

i am not one who easily let go of tings, but for me to reach that stage, i realli lose hrt in that person. dun see the point of takin as nth happen before, tryin to be the same, when i noe that i will always rem it. I will forgive, but i will neber forget. but both options doesnt seem to be in near future.

take this as a last favour that i am returnin to you, for from now on, you are out of my life. you dun deserve to be in my life. that is what i can say, you provoked me in a way that i wasnt able to give u any benefits of doubt, what will be of u, if you dunno the basic of all human interaction, trust.

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Anor hectic day .....

manage to wake up in time for todays work, hmm, was quite a good one, at least not shiftin heavy weights arnd. haha. i realise this will happen every month for the catalog sales, and sure man, it will keep us busy like crazy, esp when christmas is comin. haha.

did a bit of shiftin stuffs with silver last nite, and i realise that sure with the help of my work, now is like carryin stuffs seems much lighter. haha. toning of muscles bah.

anyway, goin uni later to meet up with David lor, den maybe slack arnd bah. i noe that this is the peace before the storm, unusually quiet yet forsee the noise along the way.

have to tidy up a few unfinished biz, and after that will be enjoyin my bday. yeap thats a quick update. ciao

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Coma ....

well, that is seriously how i feel now. just got back from work, and is like, man. catalog sales set up is sure crazy, and the fun ting abt it is that every month we have to go thru this. haha. doesnt sound that fun bah. haha. additional few injuries today, including one on my left palm, which is caused by the board that fell, and i dunno what i was tinking, tryin to stop it. hmm, den there is anor one that is caused by the super sharp blade of the penknife. and also a bruise on my lower right rib cage. been liftin at least 20 boxes today that weigh at least 11 kg each. hmm, that is so much exercise for today, esp on an empty stomach. haha. there will be anor round tml i guess.

well, the weekend passed in a whiz, or shld i say i felt it in a whizz. on saturday, went out with Silver, for late lunch, den she went to do her nails, which i seriously swear i cant stand the smell of the nail polish that is hanging in the shop. haha. den went to grab some pet food for the doggies and chilled at her place. or shld i say in preparation of the busy nite.

came back to shower and get my spiky hair up, realli considerin gettin it trim shorter, so that i dun have to spend so much time tryin to spike it lor. haha. considerin that my hair grew so fast. damn, alreadi have the black roots comin out. maybe i was too hungry, even the Zinger meal from KFC tasted nice, haha.

went down to Oriollie's at William Street Square to attend Steph's bday KTV lor. hmm, let me see who was there, Steph (of coz), Anthony, Me, Silver, Maddox, Evelyn, Jill, Alex, Ash. yeap. dun tink i missed anyone out bah. such a cosy celeb bah, somemore is closed invitation, shldnt i be so honoured? haha. and den, Jill bought Jie a hat, i guess is just in time for summer bah, nice one though. and Jill also bought me a Zippo Gift pack as my bday pressie, so nice, didnt expect to recieve it so early though. haha. so, there goes my plan of quittin smoking. haha. kiddin, i will keep it as how i collect my lighters bah. this is the second zippo in my collection, and is like, hmm, i dun dare to use it, coz the previous one was given on my 18th bday, and what happen was that it spoilt, hrt ache sia.

anyway, back to the ktv, the mood picked up later part of the night, what is the use of mic when we were literally screamin our lungs out, or was it just me??? hmmm. oopz. had quite a few drink bah, tried this bottled drink brand called Archers, i tink is flavoured Vodka bah, quite nice lor. den is the Illusion. me tot that i will not drink so much, as there is a second round at Metros, ended up suddenly, 6 shots of Barcadi 151 appear. damn, me tried to faked it, but cant get past the eyes of my boss la. haiz. seriously, the after taste of that drink is horrible. but when it goes down the throat, it kinda felt like the Flat Liner that i had last yr durin my bday. the burnin sensation was short lived. and of coz, those who noe me, noe that i seriously cant drink, so ended up, sleepin on the couch lor, that is the fun ting i guess, tryin to stay awake when i feel super sleepy. haha.

at 12 plus, manage to drag my ass out of the couch and proceeded down to Metros. met up with Celest, Evelyn, Jean and Janette. didnt expect them to went in so early though. anyway, saw Ro, Qing, Adam, Chris and the engineerin gang from UWA, supposed to be celeb Daryl's bday as well, but accordin to them, he was kenna kicked out due to the fact that he was pukin lor. hmm, guess that is the tradition of the bday boy bah, kenna thrashed way too early man. haiz.

seriously the music sucks, and it onli picked up after 2am. but from 1plus till 3plus, i was kinda movin in and out of Metro. accompanyin Qing in and out, didnt manage to realli stand there, but den again, i was also still kinda high. hmm, didnt manage to sweat out the alcohol bah.

finally we headed down to City Garden at Northbrigde for supper lor. it was fun, miss them lot sia, esp haven seen them for such a long time. time flies. anyway, they fetched me back to my place, and it was almost 5 in the morning. hmm.

had a stupic hangover the next day, and was late for my Capstone discussion. man, interestin unit i reckon. den after that, joined Maddox for dinner at Kabuki. den as usual, went down to LAQ for pool. haha. was kinda in the mood to play, so manage to have some official wins. haha.

played till 12plus and i seriously shuttin down, so came back and sleep. nearly late for work this mornin, coz i saw the stupid timing wrongly. haiz. that was a near miss man. everyone look kinda monday blue. haha.

this week gonna be anor busy week, considerin that most of the bday plan is out. hopefully it will be an enjoyable one. update on that later bah. alrite, i seriously cant take it liao, gonna sleep now. nitez.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Tired. ...

yesterday passed in a hectic way.....

uni, work, uni. by the end of the day i was alreadi in coma stage, plus not enuf sleep the nite before. was it just me gettin old?? or it meant other tings? ....

anyway, new pallets of stock came in, and was clearin them out since yesterday. i realised i am super injury prone. nearly got crushed by a box of photo frames this afternoon. bloody dunno which idiot stack such a heavy carton up so high, and on unstable boxes. den there is the usual cuts on the hand.

looking at the scars on my hand, it just remind me how hard i have worked in order to achieve what i have now. it make me wake up in time for work, dun complain abt the work. I still feel that although the scars on my hand look horrible, but it is worth it.

today work is equivalent to the set up times, super hard work man. clearin out the stocks, den re arrangin the messy stack of boxes that dunno which idiot stack. was actually pespiring lor, goodness, in a place where is dry and cold, i can pespire. i was fascinated by it. haha.

guess my whole body will be achin tml, been carryin boxes that are half of my weight man. a lot of movin up and down, here and there. haha. who need gym man. realise my tummy gettin smaller liao. haha. yeah.

tink is i not enuf slp, a bit hype up sia. haha. update again la. will be busy this wkend, tml got ktv with steph, den is metros. sunday is 2 assignment grp meetin. den monday will be workin at 7am. die. haha.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Update ....

okie, erm... haven been updating on my daily routine for some time. lets see, working as usual. did had a few down tings but kinda ok now.

went to watch "lakehouse" yesterday with Silver, Celest, Evelyn, Jimmy, Maddox, Janette at Carousel lor. had a super quick dinner which meant it onli took me and maddox to spend 7min swallowing a Una don and Salmon Sashimi. haha. that was literally fast. haha.

the movie was kinda slow, me nearly fell asleep at the cinema, maybe becoz i was workin the whole day. haha. kinda tired though. what else, the endin is kinda like "huh, like that also can?". but well, its an ending. haha. dun tink they will come out with Lakehouse 2. haha.

after that, went to Fast Ed's for supper, at first onli 6 of us, coz Silver say she goin down Hit Studio. after sittin a while, Nick & David joined us. den Silver came back with Jordan and Henry. haha. seldom get so much ppl out for yum cha bah. haha.

after that, the KTV bug caught us, and went down to Hit Studio to sing abt 1 hr plus. haha. tell me abt not keepin myself updated with the new songs. damn. been too busy to listen bah. haha. reach home at abt 3plus.

so much for sleepin enuf, woke up 8plus this mornin to go for the PR 360 seminar. was actually early 15min when i reach, but becoz i cant find that stupid classroom, ended up walkin arnd uni. damn. late for 30min before i saw one of my classmates. if not i guess i also dunno how liao. the unit controller is a super boring guy, or shld i give an example, 1 slide he took 15min to talk abt it. and there are a total of 20 slides. during break time, i couldnt take it, i left. i had to listen to my mp3 player in one ear just to keep me awake. but i cant skipped this class as it is a bloody 3hr seminar. haiz.

going to Biz Cap later, that tutor is a monotone guy, but at least i noe what the unit is abt. haha. that is anor 3hr seminar. damn. and i got grp meetin after that. someone just kill me man.

tml gonna be a super tiring day for me, gotta go for my PR 240 unit at 10 am, den have to leave early at 1130 coz i have to reach work at 12pm. den will be working till 6pm and i gotta rushed back for my Asian Mgt tut at 630pm. goodness. that will end at 830pm. fucking full day.

den friday working 10 -6pm. hopefully can rest enuf this weekend. although me goin down Metro on sat to start of my bday celeb. manage to grab Tegan along, and also Steph lor. kinda like combine celeb bah. haha. next week gonna be a busy week. and it is my bloody bday. goodness. someone save me from being "smashed". well, i guess most of my frenz will get me smashed. nvm, once a yr is fine. haha.

okie, gotta get ready for class. ciao.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Into my world .....

starting to feel that i am retreatin into my world. wondering whether if it is the time to moved on, affecting all areas in my life.

have i started to learn to love myself? or was it just an illusion? not conforming to other's space, is that the way i am? cant say that i am losing myself, but maybe embark on the journey to discover a new side of me.

have i started to know the beauty of loneliness? or was it just an excuse to run away? havin time and time again when trust is broken, new lessons were learnt. but why did it have to the same lesson that i kept on learning?

never judge a book by its cover, fair enuf. however, when flipping over, it may be just anor layer of cover. and the content of the book maybe the same lesson that i hav been learning and learning.

if this is true, i rather retreat back into my world, den being hurt again. endure hurt and loneliness are both tough, but i will rather choose the latter. for i have been hurt too often, and somehow, it didnt get numb. time didnt heal it, nor repair it. it just left a scar that is there forever.

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Thoughts .....

why do i have to explain every single decision that i made? sometimes, some tings are meant better not to be said.

those who noe me, noe that i wun made a decision that will hurt others. i hate it when ppl misunderstand my point of view totally. saying that i tink too much, but i can say i tink further den anyone else expect me to tink.

since i can foresee trouble brewing, why cant i be the one that is tryin to nip it at its bud? rather den tink that i am selfish or mean, why dun start tinking of the consequences? tink from my point of view, not the view that is being portrayed as me being unreasonable, or childish. but from the view that as me tinking of others before me.

i dun like explaining myself, when i noe that the time is not ripe yet. but i hate it when ppl just misunderstand me, and assumed that i am just being unreasonable. i am well-known to be stubborn, but i sure have my point of view to back me up. i am not some spoilt brat who just wanna act stubborn, i have been thru and seen enuf of shit for me to know if i am heading towards one.

when a frenzship is built on trust, once it is broken, there is no way back. every frenz arnd me, or shld i say the closer ones, are all built on trust. there are different levels to it, and it is up to me to decide who is worth the trust. i am not one who is intolerant of mistakes, coz i do err too. but when it happen continously, and when i decide that the trust is broken, that frenz will never be on my trust list anymore. esp when i say sth that i said not be said out, it mean it is not to be said at all. simple theory. coz most of the time, i just need a listening ear to vent it out. thats it. not for the issue to be brought up, and creating ripples of trouble.

okie, goin onto a lighter subject....

birthday comin up in a week's time. more or less havin programs scheduled. hopefully gonna be an enjoyous one. it doesnt matter if it is a small dinner, or to the extent of huge party, my birthday all i wan is to celebrate with my frenz, everyone enjoyin themselves. i always make a point not to flare any temper on my bday celebrations, coz it is supposed to be a joyous occasion. every kind of celebrations programs, what i am lookin at, is not how much pressie i am getting, but more like how many of my frenz enjoyed and had fun. simple.

what i request of all my frenz who are celebrating my bday with me, be it advance, on the day, or belated, is to respect my point of view. I dun wanna see black faces arnd my bday parties, coz once i see that, i will call off the entire ting. i dun see the point of havin a party with ppl havin black faces. dun even tink of hiddin it or even actin it, for i am one who is trained to pick up sensitive vibes. and if i am the one with the black face, it will mean that the particular incident realli make me break the promise to myself.

i am a fussy person to some extent, but i do have high tolerant level, as long as frenz are wise enuf not to stepped on my tail. i live by my principles, "i will repay twice of everyting that is done to me, be it good or bad".

alrite, gotta sleep now, workin tml. ciao.....

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fishing ....

okie, just got back from fishin with Anthony, Steph and Eve. and the results for today is "zero". we went to woodmans point first to catch that trumpeter aka "Mose Code Fish"... haha. but i tink they dunno go where send code, neber even bite on the bait lor.

den we decided to chance location to North Mole, but due to the fact that it was drizzling, so ended up onli usin the toilet there. haha. final destination was under the bridge in Freo, which i seriously dunno where. haha.

me have height phobia, so crossing the stupid metal bar was sure a challenge to me. wat if i fall into the water, i cant swim or shld i sae i have water phobia too. damn, anyway, we did have catches, but is like 2 starfish, it was released back into the water though. small one. haha.

although we didnt catch any fishes, but it did changes my mood for the day. just wasnt in a very good mood though.

just a quick update, went for my drivin lesson and drove into city lor. total stalled more den 10 times, and the funny ting is it is always at the start of the car at the traffic lights. haha. but gettin better grip on the car.

after that, went out dinner at Spencer Village with Jie, they all la. den went ahead for fishin lor. okie, me seriously shuttin down, update again. nitesz.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006


i guess i am seriously cant slp after 12am anymore. literally stoned esp after work. tested it out the past few days and is like at 11pm i am alreadi yawning and tings like that. my temper been flarin up and is like, soon enuf, i am gonna bust.

work is alrite, more or less passes time fast. be it cutting in new line or merchandising. haven realli got the chance to do supervisor duties yet. coz there is much refunds or void. guess everyone is quite trained enuf to not make those silly mistakes. haha.

now i am considerin, as Steve said that Garden city needs more ppl, and since i am in charge of a department, i wun be placed on weekends. me tinkin of workin wkend at garden city bah. still considerin.

birthday comin up next week, haven planned much stuffs. guess i just cant be bothered. dunno why, but i kinda felt that it is just anor bday.

oh ya, yesterday was Steph's bday. hehe, me gave her a mp4 player for her pressie, glad she like it. and i tink anthony wanna kill me, haha. lack of communication sia, coz apparently he also placed an order for a iPod Nano. haha. too bad la, me faster la. haha.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Uni reopens.....

okie, for me, uni reopen today coz i onli got class today. haha.

was supposed to have drivin lesson this morning, ended up instructor cancelled it, coz apparently the driving school put 3 person at 9 am with the instructor. haha. cool rite. got to sleep in, but kinda hate it, as i was actually supposed to go in work this morning one. haha. nvm la, had a busy nite so i tink i need the rest.

last nite went to pick Silver up from the airport, den went down Fast Ed's yum cha lor. till abt 3 plus den came back. i was alreadi in the "lack of sleep, dun mess with me" look. haha. my body clock alreadi been tuned to slp before 12, so that i can wake up early.

anyway, tml will be a busy day, coz i got team meeting in the morning, den driving at 2pm, den class at 530 till 830pm. fucking long day, and den friday will be working from 8 till 6pm. den after that have a bday dinner gathering at 630. haiz. gonna die soon. wonder how long my body can tahan lor, at this rate that i am going.

anyway, that is a quick update, ciao.

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