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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trip back home ...

i tink i better update twice, regardin this trip back to sg, if not i sure wun rem anyting by the end of it. haha.

lets see, with the help of the simple organiser in my phone, lets recap.

first of all, i hate Changi airport to the max, why? the location of the stupid smokin area is unknown. so after 5 hrs of flight, i had to get the taxi driver to stop somewhere just to hav a smoke, and i meant somewhere, by the bloody roadside. felt so idiotic.

anyway, reach home, supposed to hav a rest, but i just couldnt slp, so ended up went to the market with mum. didnt noe what got into me, wore my white havana, to a WET market. hmmm, i was lucky that it didnt turn black straight away. haha.

went off to meet elise and cindy to go shoppin in the city. it just justified the fact that i brought back quite a number of my oz cloths, as a whole day shoppin in the city, i didnt even buy a single ting. goodness. but in the case of eating, haha, i sure was eatin all the way, met up with cathy half way and continue eatin. goodness. was still recoverin from the flight so kinda went home and slp.

the next day, went to find Carene and her work collegues at Kbox in MS, with a bad throat, i didnt had much sing. after that, join her parents at Kallang stadium for church service, which somehow, i regretted. no offence, but when a pastor who normally uses chinese to deliver a service, uses english, i got fed up listening.

after that, went down Butter Factory in Robertson Quay. it is supposed to be the best R&B club, but well, it is more of Hip Hop. it made me miss MetroCity so much. one ting that i was kinda turn off is the way they drink. i tot oz is crazy, but here is even worse. esp when i look at the bottles of Moet CHandon. hmmm. cant blame me. haha. but, it was fun in a way or anor. went to River Valley rd for supper, at this place called Spize or sth like that, which sell prata. haha.

on Sat, went to Immigration to renew my passport. den headed down to meet Carene and Jielin for a session of Javanese Spa. haha. it is good, and i planned to head back there before i go. haha. had coffee at Paragon, and went Guess for shopping. bought a shirt, a pant and a belt. hmmm. full set. haha.

went to meet my Meis at Lot 1 for dinner. haha. well, each of them hav a story behind them, sometimes i wonder, will it be nice if i was there for them. hmmm. i wonder.

after dinner, met Cathy at Clarke Quay, had a walk arnd, and man, the night spots are full of variety. haha. however, we both went to Boat Quay, this ktv pub owned by her frenz, opened a bottle of Martell, drinkin and chillin out. haha. that is when i kinda felt old. haha.

came home in the early morning, had less den couple hrs of slp, and had to head back to Malaysia for CNY. hmmm, with an open mind, it wasnt as bad as it was. didnt tink much, just slack thru the 3 days back. lotsa gossip back there, but to me, is just listen.

came back last nite, i was tired out, didnt hav enuf slp, plus i wasnt feelin well. the joke abt coughin till i get a 6 pack still stand. haha. had a good nite slp.

was supposed to be loiterin arnd today, but end up met with elise lor. haha. two ppl loiterin is more fun. haha. went to slack arnd in orchard again. went to wisma Ralph Lauren, bought a shirt and a polo tee. haha. love it. haha. cant wait to wear it back in oz. haha.

went to the movie at Lot 1 to watch "The Wedding Game" by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. haha. is a local movie, but well, it was funny, not too lame, thankfully. haha.

this trip back, i did not packed too much, reason bein, Nic mentioned. "go back, observe arnd you, put urself in other's shoe, see what do they hav that u want, and wat u do not wan, den u will noe if stayin in oz is worth what u are givin up on."

i have not drawn a conclusion. i will not until the end of the trip. i come back with an open mind.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hmm ....

when was the last time i updated, hmmm, NY day.

till now, no fixed resolution. i guess it will pretty much be take one day as it comes.

esp in 3 more days, i headin back sg for holi. yesh. finally.

okie, was alreadi in Holi mood 1 week ago. considerin lettin the ASM handle the shop by himself.

had a scare on the visa, nearly couldnt fly back, but everythin fine now.

had a huge argument with mum over stupid money again, nearly wanted to cancel the whole trip, but yeah, dun wanna tink too much abt it.

had a new gang of ppl, wat a interestin way to start 09.

had been appearin in Hits for more than once a week,

had been appearin in Metro every wk, to the extent the bouncer do not need to check my ID, wtf.

had schedule packed for the holi, till someone enlightened me with the organiser in the phone. haha.

having a sore throat now, which hope it will be alrite be4 i go back.

having plans to head to KL in feb, but dunno what the story like yet.

having the success of cuttin down on Booze, which is healthy, lets not tok abt ciggies at the moment.

haven started doing spring cleaning, what the fuss abt CNY in Oz. haha.

haven sorted a couple of tings before i go back at work, shld be done by the next 2 days.

haven coloured my hair yet, still couldnt decide the colour.

haven had enuf slp, which i doubt so for the next 3 weeks.

thats enuf for now.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009


well, it the start of a new year,

ask me abt NY resolution, i haven tot abt it yet. maybe when one day, when i just sit somewhere, it will strike me.

anyway, went to Hits for countdown with Stephen's gang. hmmm, ended up, kinda slpt thru the countdown. haha. too tired. didnt join them for poker, coz i had to work on NY, at first i wasnt that keen, but it prove to be worth it.

was at Ascot the whole day today, helping out with the Perth Cup. saw lotsa hot chics and guys, my boss was literally drooling

hahaha. tired day, but its interesting, dun mind helpin out again.

anyway, too tired to update.

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