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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Shopping ....

sometimes i dread the word of shopping.

anyway, last nite went over to Jill's place to watch 3 movies in a row.
"Johny English", "MIB" and "Siperman 2".... at the end of the three movie i was sayin that i am hungry and sleepy. haha. walked back to Erica's and my toes are frozen litarelly. haha. coz i was wearing sandals lor. haha.... anyway, me watch "sharks tale" den went to sleep. haha

woke up this morning, slack arnd den went to HarbourTown with Jill and Shana. haha. yeah, i was window shopping at first. but when we reach the last shop which is a COnverse shop, i gave in to temptations. bought a t shirt for 12 bucks. den we went into city. Anor temptation from "City Beach" and i bought a Shorts for 19 bucks, considering the original price is $59.95. good buy lor. haha

now over at Jill's place, coz she cooking Teriyaki Chicken. yummy. haha. so me gonna eat soon.

tml sch onli start at 5.30pm. haha. guess tonite can continue watch my movies. haha. yeah.....

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

River Cruise ...

ok, i am back from the river cruise which i can consider as boring. yeap. coz we onli go arnd the swan river where the boat can pass the bridge, so ended up going in circles. haha.

after that we went to Insan's Cafe for Authentic Malay Cusine. haha. i had Nasi Ayam, but today the chicken no taste one. haiz.... disappointment. haha. den the whole grp of us went "City Beach" which is a new store open in city to walk lor. lotsa discounted surf wear. i was nearly tempted, but no money liao. so... haha...

later going over to Jill's place to chill. so see u guys.

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well, it sure was super fun at Quiz Nite and subsequently at The Tarvern. haha.

lets see, was sittin at the table with Jordan, Heikal, Zah, Ga Ram, Steph, Shana and Jill. eight of us. there were 4 rounds of quizzes, haha. was quite interestin question such as "What is a Durian?" crapped. haha. but also got very chim quest too.

try this one "What is the next letter for this sequence - I V X L C ... ?" anyone noe the answer, pls post on the tag board and prefer the explaination too. haha.

had pizza and coke. haha and garlic bread. hmmm.... and one good news. we got three winners in our table. mainly Zah who won voucher to the printin shop in sch. Ga Ram who won a voucher to Wine & Vine tour, and Heikal whu won a shirt. haha. yeap.

after quiz nite, we proceeded to the Tavern for party. yeap, super fun. is like at first dancin within our own grp, den from there, open up into a super big circle with everyone in it. so fun. haha. met a lot of new ppl. haha.

partyed till 12... me neber drink, coz is like all beer. hmmm.... but i also super high la. haha. realli had a great fun tonite. anyway, tml got river cruise. sure will be anor fun session.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Rainy ...

well well, anor rainy day....

let see, yesterday the gatherin at the common room was kinda fun.
met a ang moh guy name Morgan, whu's bdae is the same day as me lor. haha.
den met anor sporean name Logan, played table tennis, which i admit i am not good at it. haha. played pool, but here the pool table and ball all shrink one. after that, logan came up to my flat with Heikal, we make pasta for dinner. super full sia. haha.

den Logan brought over dvds and his 80Gb HDD, so i got "Initial D" the chinese movie and the program "Waste" which is a file sharing program. downloaded "EuroTrip", "Honey" ... etc... haha....

anyway, as for today, woke up early.... went into town. wanted to meet Rowena for shoppin, but dunno where that gal went. so me went Subi, to get fruits and vege & i got myself a watch, den went habour town to get Quilt. haha.

met Heikal and his cousins in city to have Lunch or dinner ... haha... den came back coles to get my quilt cover.... haha...

anyway, me gotta go. got Quiz nite tonight. meetin ppl now... ciao

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sleepy ...

well, woke up at 9am today, yeap. actually was woken up by Ga Ram and his slamming of doors at 6am. haha. becoz my flat got long hallway, therefore, the echo of the noise is quite loud lor.

went to Subi with Heikal, took a bus to Cannington Train Station den take train to Subiaco. haha.

went to have "Hungry Jacks" which is a.k.a "Burger King" in spore. i had Whopper meal, which cost me $6.15, including small fries and small coke.

after that went to walk in the market. the main one onli open tml. nth much to walk lor. so we decided to head back to City area. Heikal went to buy Shoe Rack, i got the impulse to buy sia.

came back to coles to grab the food stuffs. den came back college, super tired sia. later got gathering at the common room at 430pm. tink gotta cook pasta tonight again. haha.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Friends are people who love u as u are"

how true is this ?

often in time, we meet all diff kinda frenz. rite? hav u met ppl whu force their way into urs? or are u the one? hmmm ........

time to time we may be the one, but rem, everyone is unique. we shld love our friends as they are.

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Drunkie ...

well well, that is me now.

ok before i realli cant blog, heres the update.

woke up at 11 plus, den went Coles to do some shopping, decided to do pasta tonight. well, kinda overshot my budget, ended up have to call Heikal to the rescue. haha. den came back and did laundry. i must say the dryer sucks.

so went over to Jill's place to use their dryer. haha. started laundry at 2pm and ended at 6pm. wtf.

Jill came over to my place and we cooked Spagetti (is that how u spell it?). it was delicious. haha.

den, went to nearby Pub for a drink with Jill, Steph, Shana and Ga Ram. was fun, but kinda bored. so came back half high. haha. had "Victoria Bitter" which is not bad. i guess Tiger Beer sucks. haha.

anyway, tml goin Subi with Heikal, den maybe meetin Rowena lor. see how it goes. haha. update u again. will post pic when i get from Jill.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guided Tour

well well, woke up quite early (which is 11 plus). haha. den stone arnd.

cooked lunch which was a super failure, coz i just cant get the taste of the fresh button mushroom rite, damn, not gonna buy that again. after that went to sch to open my bank account, and the stupid ting is that the ATM card will onli be available 14 days later. haiz.... lucky i got cash to substain till den, and lucky is before my birthday, if not i cry liao. haha.

den, went to Tommy to meet Carene, Lester and Clarence. Sat in Les's new car and he drove us to Subi for Gelare. before that stop by a pastry shop, nice nice. haha. went to watch "Monster-In-Law" at the Cinema, coz today is 5 bucks. haha.

Les drove me back to college and since they are here, might as well give them a tour lor. came to my flat, den went on to Stephanie's place, den to Jill's place. haha.

the weather today is good, sunny in the afternoon, but quite chilling at nite. haha.

anyway, dun hav plans for tomorrow. but thursday, we hav Erica's gathering at nite. den Friday we have Quiz Nite for all the freshies. den Sat we have River Cruise. haha. den next monday i got lect. haiz.... time flies, but at least gonna start sch soon. coz i am super bored. haha.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Super Tired ...

well, look like someone is kb i neber blog liao. well, i wasnt in last nite. let me just update u k.

yesterday, went to City with Heikl (i hope i got his name rite), coz is like it is sunday, and the area arnd my college dun have muslim food. so gotta go into city lor. he wanted to get lunch and dinner.

when we reached, realised that the shop that he always go is not open. so i suggested we go NorthBridge. where all the food chains are. been some time i neber go liao. haha. we went to the food court called the "Old Shanghai", he had Nasi Bryani, while i had roast combi with rice. it actually include - roast pork, char siew, roast chicken and roast duck. hmm.... overall, inedible. but hav to finish it. coz is like 8 bucks. damn. saw Zah and frenz lor.

after that went to the shop which sell cheap houseware stuffs, and got a metal grill for steaming. den went to "Crazy Clarke" to get a Chrome rack. to put in my room. so to hang my towel and undergarments bah. haha.

came back to college to put down the stuffs and took the bus to UWA. It was realli tiring, why. let me explain, the bus here in perth are super on time. i drop off at Barrack St, at 7.00pm. i ran all the way to William St and reached at 7.03pm. the bus that i supposed to take reach bus stop at 7.02pm. damn. for the benefit for those whu dun live in perth, is like running from the traffic light of Wheelock place, to the traffic light of Taka. yeap. to make it more frustrating, the next bus come onli at 7.32pm. so me like idiot panting there lor. haiz......

finally reach Tommy More lor. went to Carene's room to do a Batler trade, coz i brought my 40Gb HDD along. transfered games to her, and took all her MP3. haha. den i went over to Lester's room. transfer some movies to him, in exchange for movies lor. and u noe wat. there goes my 40GB. how i wished i hav got a bigger capacity HDD. haiz.....

anyway, watch "Coach Carter" in Les room with tiff, gab, clarence, carene and les. after that went back to carene's room to sleep. anyway, Carene made "Lime Margarita" for me. but becoz of too much Tequila, thus it taste like medicine. oopz. but quite nice la. haha. and after alcohol, i tend to get sleepy lor. haha.

early this morning, woke up by carene for brekkie, which the attempt was futile. haha. since when i can wake up for brekkie. but finally woke up and washed up. den went to Broadway walk walk. got this shop there called "Kong", shld be a longer name la, but i onli rem that word. anyway, it is a oriental supermarket, found a lot of local stuffs. looks like me gonna cooked my fav dishes soon. haha.... but have to give a call home to ask mum. haha.

after lunch, went back to college, took a bath, den went to sch for this driving workshop. me plannin to get my license asap. haha. and yes, i plannin to get a car sia. cant believe taking public transport everytime. a bit pampered sia. haha.

after workshop got free pizza from "Pizza Hut", so that settled dinner. came back college to rest a while, den Jill and Steph jio go drink bubble tea. so went out again, met new ppl, which i forget their names. haha. just got back.

wanted to fix up my rack but no screw driver, so gotta wait till tml and get from office. haha.

plans for tml, going bank to open my account in the early afternoon. den meeting carene, les and clarence to subi for Gelare's half price waffle, and also to sit Les new car. haha.

anyway, me wanna clear my HDD, haha. blog again.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Quote of the Day

"Cooking is a good way to bond people together"

yeap, after 2 days of cooking. i realise that this is very true.
let me explain why. first, u wun feel bored, den ur mood is good, thus willing to tok to ppl. next, u gotta wait for the food to get cook, so in the mean time, u will tok to ppl. thus, since everyone is waitin for their food to be cooked, they will tok to u, from there, dun u tink u will be bonded???

look like everyone gotta start cooking. haha....

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well, woke up at 9 plus today. yeap....
went to Freo with Ga Ram, had fish and chips at Kai Li's with Carene,
had an encounter with commando seagulls, haha.

Kai Li's Fish & Chips

A pool of waiting seagulls, look like army rite. commando trained

a close-up of the commando seagull

den went the weekend market to get stuffs for dinner tonight. bought rockmelon and oranges, fruits that are in season. went town to get stuffs too...

came back, rest a while den cooked dinner. not bad.... haha....

ingredients for dinner tonight. looks presentable rite???

pls let me intro to u, this is Ga Ram. haha. and yes, the plate of corn is plucked fresh from the cob. thanks to him. haha.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Super Cold

well well, it is realli a super cold day. weather report 16 degrees. yeap.

went to Coles in the afternoon, got ingredients to cook my first dinner at home.
bought - Rice, Garlic, Beef Strips, Button Mushrooms, Eggs, Vege Oil, French Bean, three containers, Softener.... that is wat i rem lor. haha.

anyway, cooked Stir fried Beef with Mushrooms, Egg Omelette with French Bean and Rice (which ended up like half porridge, due to the fact of too much water). not bad to curb my taste of home cooked food. will be cooking often, haha. when it looks more presentable den i take photo la. haha.

went to City to find carene, walked arnd a bit, bought a sweater from Valley Girl for 15 bucks. den sat down at Gelare for waffle and hot choc drink. haha.

the sweater i bought at Valley Girl, thick enuf for me

finally manage to tok to my housemate, coz is like cooking together lor. quite friendly after all. haha.

tml going Freo, bringin one of my housemate along. his name is Ka Ram from Korea, exchange student for one yr. haha. will be taking a lot of photos though. haha.

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Another Rainy Day.....

yeap, yet anor rainy day. but i shall say it to be showering. haha.
very good timing, as in, pause and rain, like a timer. haha.

let see, woke up at 8am today. dilly-dally, went over to sch lor. it was freezin cold lor, before the sun come out high in the sky. haha. that briefing was so boring, but are the so called essentials. came back college lor. wanted to leave hse for Freo, but recieved a msg that plans changed. so now i am stuck at home, and dunno wat to do. damn. i tink i gonna try to make dinner tonight. haha.

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Photos of the days

here is some photos with captions.......

Toilet rolls bought from Coles

microwavable container from KMart

metal wastepaper basket from KMart

Utility Knife from KMart

Laundry Basket from Coles

Gossip Magazine

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Quote of the Day

"Love doesnt mean have to be together"

haha, well, today's quote copyrighted sia. Heard "Music Diary" this morning, repeated. that story is so sad. i dunno.

i myself have been thru that, whereby i love someone but we are not together. i guess for me, being not together, i can paint a better picture of the other half. when together, after some time, all the faults that arises may diminish the wondeful picture of the other half.

so for me, i choose not to be together. maybe not for now. haiz..... it has been a regret for the split that tore us apart. i realli regret, now, have to wait for 2 yrs. i dunno whether i could wait.

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COld Day

well, that is the best word to describe this,
woke up quite early today. funny rite? kinda must tuned my timing liao.

anyway, got a new housemate moved in today,
from Korea, forget his name, coz i was still in the state of "sleep". haha
cute guy though, haha.

had bread and nutella and cheese spread and choc milk for Brekkie cum Lunch.

went to Village Green for a walk, Coles is situated in there too,
bought a Crossword Scratch. someting like Scratch It in Spore. except it is in Crossword style. haha. onli manage to get two words, u need three words in order to win some money. i must thank Carene for introducin me this wonderful stuffs. haha.

went in coles, i got myself a Laundry Basket, a Magazine and Toilet roll. yeap toilet roll, why, it was super cheap lor. just in future i stomachache, no need to use too expensive toilet paper. haha.

met Jill and Steph and Shana and Minish (i hope i got his name rite), went to Westfield Carousel for shopping. super big shopping center, is like Expo in spore including the 1st to 6th hall. haha, didnt manage to walk finish though. gonna go back there on a less crowded day. had dinner there, lets see, herbal chicken & roasted pork and Char Siew with rice. that alone cost me 8 plus, damn. if not that i miss home food, i wun F****** buy that sia. haiz....

wanted to go off at 7.30pm, but carene told me she is there lor, so change of plan, met her a while den went off at 8.30pm bus. came back to put down my stuffs, yeap, i bought a dustbin, a knife, hangers and microwave containers.

went over Don Watts house to meet Jill and gang to watch " I Robot". haha. good show, but front part super draggy. haiz...... just came back.

tml got briefin in the mornin 9am, den accompanyin Minish to Coles to get stuffs and den going Freo to meet Carene and ppl. maybe stayin over at Tommy tml. see how it goes la. haha. busy day, hmmmm...........

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Photos of the day

well below are some photos. captions available.

this is the 10bucks top i got from Valley girl, gotta hang it on the ironing board. haha. it is tunic material. can match with my P.O.A black top also.

this poster is given to me by Carene. yeap, it even took an aeroplane with me from aust to spore den back to aust. haha. It is a mosaic poster.

this is the pair of sunglasses i bought from Table Eight. it is to replace the brown one that i lost in spore. haha. so happy.

this is the pack of sticker i bought for 2 bucks. cute rite?

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Quote of the Day

"Rainy Days are always best to hide somewhere and be alone"

yeap, since it is a rainy day today, this is my quote lor.

who doesnt know that rainy days can make ppl super sad, it can also make ppl sit down and reflect on oneself. funny rite? sometimes be alone is good, coz u can find urself and be urself, even for that few minutes or seconds.

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Rainy Day

well, today i got a morning call from ro, whu called for fun, like wtf. haha. that is like 9am lor.

finally woke up at 12pm. yeap. me have reach a certain stage of "piggy" level. onli for now, coz for my classes, i cant afford to be pig. haha.

had my bread with cheese spread and choc milk, yummy. haha. went to harbour town to find carene. yeap, did a bit of shopping. bought a top for 10 bucks. haha. and also a pack of sticker for 2 bucks. got laugh for buyin that sticker pack, cute wat.

anyway, was back in my room at 6plus. yeap. iron all my clothings liao. yeah. fully unpack.... maybe getting one more pack of hangers. den i also got YES 933 on my laptop, yeah, finally some chinese stations for me. and also i vacuum my room liao. yeap.

tml, maybe goin Subi in the morning, this is provided i wake up la. and den there is the Westfield Carousel Late Night Shopping Trip organised by curtin ppl. haha.

Friday, got a briefing at 9am till 1030am. den maybe go Freo lor. haha. dun ask me abt sat and sun. haha. i dunno. see how it goes lor.

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New Blog Skin

well, here is my new blog skin, tryin it out first. haha. please note that the comment is not working. so leave ur msg in the tag board bah. haha.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"A country prosper when it is people-oriented"

ok, today quote may look serious. but that was i am tinking,
now that i am in perth, i realise that, Spore lack of wat is called "people-oriented".

look at the simple ting of the bus stop,
here, it is designed and build to shelter the people from the sun and rain,
while in spore, they conc on the design of the bus stop, it is make into super fanciful, yet it defits the purpose of shelterin ppl.

why do i say a country prosper,
simple, look at how tings worked in perth,
everyone is mannered. yeap.
sorry to say that, sporeans includin u and me,
we always bend the rule as far as possible.

with trust and responsibility,
the govt can use the money to do stuffs that will benefits its ppl,
in the way that will make the country prosper.

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well, woke up at 11 plus this mornin by Carene,
seem like meetin her lor.... haha....

me went to Coles to get supply of food, yeap.
kinda sick of outside food, time to DIY. haha.

as i was walkin down the diff lanes, i feel myself like a typical sporean,
dun go for brand name, but cheapest item. haha. yeap.

went to town to meet carene and lester's parents. walked walked a bit lor.
today weather not bad, i was just wearing a tshirt and a long sleeve shirt.
the sun is strong lor. but den the wind is kinda strong today,
it was expected to shower tml afternoon.

came back just now, finally master the route of bus 34, haha. yeap....

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"Never fall sick when you are alone"

this is the quote which i tink all those ppl out there, esp overseas. will agree, yeap.

i tryin to keep myself as healthy as possible, why? if i fall sick, it will sure be a mental and physical impact which will take longer time to heal, and that is such a waste of money and time.

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yeap, it is a chilly nite.....

woke up at 8am this morning, went for an enrolment briefin in sch,
which is crap .... got my student card done, now left with the bank account.

anyway, met Hiekl to go to town lor.
first we had own phone settled, therefore my new number is 0431085284. for international calling, please dial +61431085284.

den went to get student concession card, which will cost me now 68cents per trip instead of the $2 dollars. very worth it.

den went to had lunch at the food court. went over to Harbourtown for some shoppin lor.

me bought a pair of sunglasses, and a coat. while he got a quilt cover and a pair of football boots. yeap. quite good pricing sia....

after that went back to city and i went off to find Ro they all in Tommy More, guess that is my second home. haha.

wanted to get the stuffs from carene, but she out with les and parents for dinner. haiz... tml bah... or see how.

played mahjong with ken, clarence and one more guy which i forget his name. haha. tony and ro send me back just now. i must say that it is a super chilly nite, haiz.....

i am free for tml... let see wat are the O weeks plan,

Tues - free
wed - free
thurs - Carousel shopping trip at nite
fri - seminar at 9am
the whole of next next week i am free....
lesson officially start on the 1st August...

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Never force someone to do sth they dun like"

well well, this seems like an old quote. i guess everyone know abt this quote, and the meaning behind it.

but den again, we make the same mistake almost everyday. rite???
u may say that u didnt do it on purpose, yet there shldnt be such excuse.
it means that we neber think abt others' feeling. that is simple.

Frenz, day by day, tink before u act. coz the consequences may not be of favour to u. and regrettin will be too late.

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okok..... i suddenly rem that i forget to thank a lot of ppl......
so pls let me proceed with my blabbering .......
not in any order ......

Mummy ----- thanks for givin me this chance to do wat i wan. although u keep on tellin me to save money which can be annoying sometimes, but i noe, i realli spend a lot this time round.

daddy ------ thanks for asking uncle to be my guarantor. although u were not at the airport, but i noe u love me. we haven been on talkin terms, as u and i nv realli communicate. but i noe u will always support me.

brother ------ hm, i dunno how u felt to know that i am goin overseas, i neber ask abt it. coz u noe that in our family, communication is always lacking. thanks for helpin me with the packing. realli. and to inform me abt whatever is happenin at home.....

pee perng( my best frenz) ------ u and i known each other since we were K1, although both of us took different route, but u are always there for me. it is just good to be with u even we may not tok much. u noe the real me, and u always believe in watever i do. thanks for being my frenz.

Pri Sch Frenz:
Gary ---- it was a great help from you. i realli appreciate that. and that sms u send me, abt wat frenz are for. it realli touches my hrt. thanks pal.

Michelle ----- we are frenz since pri sch, it was good to see u again after so long. thanks for wishin me luck in my studies.

neng li ----- although i called u last min, although we didnt manage to meet up before i fly, u always support me.

Sec sch Frenz:
My meis (Qinyi, Xinrong, Jie Qi, Danlin and Sharon) ------ i had a fun time at marina south that day, although sharon cant come, but its ok, seeing u all changed yet still my meis, i felt happy. to qy and xr, it was ok that u guys neber came to send me off, me prefer to leave happily. haha.

JC frenz:
Cindy, Lixuan and Joanna ---- we split ways after JJC first three months, we took on different paths, yet i am sure that we are still that four darling, sweetie, honey and dearie. haha. rem whu's wat?

Poly frenz:
Serene, Jin, Rufina, Xin lin, Wee ee, ------ for meetin up before i fly. and for sendin me take care msgs. haha..

Carene - for inspirin me to study, haha.

anita, xiu and jie lin ------ for the help given to me.

Cindy ---- for bein there for me when i am down, haha. for being there to let me bully la although i dun mean to be that mean.

somehow i got this feeling that i still got a lot of ppl i neber thank.... hmmmmmm .... in order not to let me be beaten up by ppl......

Thank you all whu hav been standin beside me all this while. i realli appreciate it.

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let see what did i do today....

woke up at 2 plus, den i realised that i left my phone card at carene's room,
and the nearby shops are closed. therefore i cant contact Ro. so ended up i stayed in my room lor.

went to get Hainanese chicken rice from nearby, not bad, just that the chicken is so fat. haha. watch "Magadascar" on my lappy. den watch "Star Wars 3".

now i am tinkin whether shld i start to iron my clothings.....
haha...... left that big bag haben unpack

tml orientation start at 9 am,
so dun tink i will slp late tonite.... haha......
tml after 1030am i free liao, so will be goin city to get some stuffs lor...
and buy my supplies of food....
maybe go over Tommy, to collect my milk and ciggies which i forget to get yesterday.

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first this is my whity teeth, went to the dentist and have it clean up. time to shoot toothpaste advertisment

this is the butt of Adrian, yeap, playin pool, doesnt that look pro??

this is Philip, consider quite pro lor. onli defeated him twice

here is Irene, the pool playin gang

me and wendy

me and Sheela, whu impressed me with the ability to talk in Chinese and Khek fluently

me, bobo and tracy.

bobo and tracy, the ppl left that i frenz with in Tung Lok

this are taken on the last few day on me in spore. haha.....

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"All out is the way to keep friends"

well, funny quote i have there. if brought up, i noe sure hav a few different opinion on this.

Mine is that, friends is ppl whu u can rely on when u away from home,
yeap, and frenz can be made within a few min and lost in the other few mins, all becoz of just takin all and givin none.

think abt ur frenz arnd u, how many are there where u will give all out??? what makes u do that? it always bore down to the question "is it worth it?"

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here is some pic of my room... yeap ...

my bed covered with blanket and towel

the electric heater to keep me warm during this winter

the cabinet on my table

my cupboard that i keep all my barangs barangs

first half of my table

second half of the table

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well, it was quite a good day for me,
ya. why???? coz i went to figure out the buses arnd my area.

woke up at 1 plus, that is of coz before i was waken up by two factors beforehand.
first is the alarm clock that my bro gave me, coz i didnt know how it works, and it rang quite early lor.

second factor is my frenz wakin me up to eat lunch at 11am, haha, guess i am just too lazy to eat

anyway, me went to the nearby Coles and shopped lor, or more like looking for lunchie.
ended up eating a choc bun for 1 buck, haha. gave a call to Carene and met them in City area.
it was a good ride i must say, why?

i was onli familar the area near Wellington Bus Port, ended up took bus 33 to Esplanade Bus Port which is much further, and have to figure the way there. was quite a distance of walkin i must say. lucky i quite good with directions. when i reach City, gave Carene a call but no ans, onli to find out later that no reception. funny ting is that, my mind told me to go into Woolsworth to walk, and bingo i found them, Carene, Lester and Clarence. haha.

went to hav Jap Cusine at the store called TAKA, i had Salmon Don, cant ask for much la, but not bad lor the food. met up with Del and Eugene. so after dinner went back to Tommy More to find the rest. haha. been some time i haben seen them.

first i went to Chris room to watch movie with Ro and Chris. we started with "Confession of a dangerous mind" but gave up half way coz i realli cant figure out wat the F*** the show abt. so we change to "SCary Movie 3" haha.

den went over to Carene's room to see her unpack her stuffs, that was hell lotsa stuffs she has sia. Gave my mum a call, put her at ease i guess. haha, den went over to Lester's room to watch "XXX 2"

Ro and Chris send me back to my hostel just now, the weather is realli freakin cold i must say. i am still adaptin to it, hopefully i dun fall sick.

Maybe joinin Ro and peeps to Freo later in the afternoon, provided i can wake up in time, haha. see how it goes, and i left with my clothings haben unpack yet.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

well, just woke up after a good nite rest.......
mostly unpack liao, meanin, all take out from baggage, except for clothings.

lets recall,
yesterday, early 530am, i was woke up by my mummy.
that is like so early, coz i onli manage to slp at 3 plus. this is a frequent prob for me,
esp when i goin overseas, i sure cant slept well.
bath, saw my bro and dad, say good bye....
den me and my mummy carry the three luggage down. honestly,
by the time we are done, we are soaked in sweat liao.took a cabby to airport,
and stupid driver dunno that the flyway is for T2 departure, so he went into the carpark. haiz.
lucky for him, if i not goin overseas, i sure screwed him up one. idiot waste of time.
went to check in my baggage, total is 39.8kg. shiok....
den after that went to have Mac's brekkie.
i ordered hotcakes meal, me and mum shared.
went to bring my mum arnd T2 lor. she neber been there before.
at abt 840am, i went in....

the scene was happi scene, no crying nth. oh ya, forget to mention that onli me and my mum at the airport. frenz either workin or cant wake up. haha. but seriously i am ok with it. den i can spend some quality time with my mum. frenz did send me msgs lor. haha.....

me and my mum before i go in the gates

i was stucked at the custom of australia, becoz of the poi chai pills where stomachache u eat it, took me more den 1 hrs to clear. haiz......... stressed....

proceeded on to the hostel, my room quite big la.... haha.... just a bit smaller den my room in spore. but the table is realli big... haha.... last nite went to perth city to get my pillows, haha.

Anyway, my address is

Flat 23 Room 5

Erica Underwood House

209 Kent Street

Karawara 6152

Western Australia

will be getting my phone today. so will update my number soon. haha

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ok peeps. from this very moment, this is ME reporting from Perth....
YES, i am in perth. haha.....

but but, before that, let me recall the last day in spore....
super duper busy day. got a few shocks,
first is from my beloved brother, who told me that my laptop doesnt have microsoft office,
wah, this lead to me calling a lot of frenz to ask for help,
manage to get it settled.......

second is my luggage, i did last min packing, and the weight keep on exceeding,
borrowed a weighin scale from Carene in order to keep reducin the weight of my baggage,
thanks to Carene's mum, whu manage to increase my baggage allowance.

i wanted to upload some pic, but it seems the laptop is also tired, so i shall update again. me nodding off liao

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"When you decided on a path, hold on to it"

well, actually i tot of a lot of quote one, but is like, suddenly all disappear from mind.

let me share my opinion on this quote,
i myself, when decidin to pursue my degree, did hav my tot swaying. yes, even up till now, my mind is still swaying. why? a lot of considerations, that make me ponder, whether is it a rite choice? .... but after some tots, i kinda stable down now.

ppl, wat will be the consequences of not sticking to the path you decided on??? .......
it may be minor, or it can affect ur life.

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just realised i miss out yesterday, haha........
was too tired last nite updatin....

well, woke up at 1plus, accompany my mummy to the market, some last min learning. haha.
den went to Funan IT to change my laptop, coz got one dead pixel. haha. carry a lot of stuffs sia. heavy. haha.

after that, came home for dinner, mummy cooked my fav Beancurd Skin. haha. and yes my nose is peeling liao. ahhhhh....... went over carene's hse to pass her mum the letter of acceptance for my student air tic. chatted with her, den came home at 11 plus. before i go, had a bowl of beancurd skin, gingko nut and lotus seed. haha. nice.

i was supposed to meet Carene and Anita for lunch at Sakae Sushi at 1130am at Heeren, but i woke up at 1130am. so miss the chance lor. Later meeting Tracy and Bobo, which i need to get out of the hse fast. haha. after that meeting Wendy and Sheela after work, den meeting Adrian at Tanjong Pagar and lastly, meeting Irene and Philip for a round of Pool. haha........

okie, that is super busy, and i have not pack my luggage yet, ahhhhhhhhh ...... and u noe wat, today is my mummy's Bday. jia lat. i will try to come home eat dinner lor. haiz..... as for tml, me going dentist, and grab all the stuffs that i miss out. thats all, no way i runnin out liao.

so excited, goin fly in 2 day's time. can anyone interview me of my feeling??? haha..........

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ok, please welcome the new baby of mine. oops, dun worri, i dun mean real baby, but my new laptop i bought. Asus M5

and i also got a 40Gb external hard drive to complement my laptop. haha. super portable lor. like a PDA-sized.

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was supposed to meet my best frenz, Pee Perng at 12pm, ended up i overslept and onli reach orchard at 3pm. haiz.... wanted to go eat at "Rice Table" but too bad they closed. so we went to Wheelock Place and had lunch at "Big 5". den we went to NYDC outside Heeren to have dessert. here is a picture i took.

Yeap, that is her. let me see, i knew her since i was in K1, that means we noe each other for like, hmmmmmmm....... 16 years??? .... haha. cool rite?....

anyway, after that went to meet Wendy and Sheela, but they both had their dinner liao. so me loiter arnd for a while. den went to Causeway Point to meet Serene, Xin Lin, Wee Ee.We had Pizza Hut lor. yummy.

Ah Mah, Me, Mummy

me, Wee Ee

Creative Shot

After that, went to meet Elaishea at Jurong East for late coffee. haha, oh ya, she told me a lot of good news. haha. walk her home lor, and finally i noe where is teban Garden liao. haha. took a cab back home, went to get my tic from Carene's hse. and after that is to be a PIGGY

Me, Elaishea

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slept quite late, or shld i say, i cant slp. why? becoz i am surrounded with relatives whu snore. yeap. and is not those rhythmic kind, but those orchestra kind. haiz.. slept at 5am, yeap. and i was woke up by my younger cousin at 7 plus. haiz. wat the hell.

oh ya, i ate a lot of Durians, Mangosteens and Rambutans, yeap, all those are from the plantations that my grandfather planted before he gone. he neber had a chance to eat wat he sow. i came home at 1plus, reach spore at 3plus. took a cab back home. and fell asleep. woke up at 5 plus. gave a call to my cousin in england, chatted with him. den rushed out to meet my God-sis at Marina South.

yeap. too bad still got one more, she not free la. haiz... but already consider not bad liao. let me introduce to u all my god-sis

from the left to right : Jie qi (Water Pail), Dan Lin (Egg), Me (Stone), Qinyi (Colgate), Xin Rong (Sotong)

u must be wondering why got such funny nick, well that is a long long story. i will tell one day. haha. anyway, we went 镇发活海鲜 to eat lor. i got free butter facial, lesson on how to clean a crab and how to pick up live prawns from the floor. haha. i realli had a good time lor. we walked back to the mrt station. along the way, we sing, joke and someone even scream over the snails. haha. here are some pictures taken.

end of the meal, that is a disaster

my sistas, trying to act cute :p

i tried to upload more photos, but blogger kinda stuck, nvm.

after that i went to meet Irene and Philip for the game of Pool. haha. here is the photo of me playin pool, look kinda expert liao sia. haha. Shots taken by Irene, a bit blurry lor.

as usual, we played till close. haha. that was the last time we meeting to play pool liao. coz irene working late lor. and i tink i need time to pack my luggage liao.

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okok, i was super busy for the past few days. lotsa tings happened. so its time to update.....

Friday .......
daddy came home and ask me, "so wat time we going malaysia tml?" Blur. coz i tot he not going so i wanted to go ahead with my plans lor. den again, been a long long time i neber go back at this time of the yr, and since i flyin off, might as well go lor. so cancelled the appointment with Tracy and Bobo, a bit guilty lor. haiz.

after that, went to meet Gary at the nearby playground. haha. wanted to get Shufen out, but seems like she dunno go where siao liao. called Nicky lor, haiz. poor guy, he alreadi on probation liao, den his grp of frenz ask him go cycling and trespass govt propety, now waitin to be charged, haiz. wanted to go find him one, but i got a surprise call from Adrian. so i went to meet him instead.

he was at the Coffee Shop (with the nice wanton mee). the first ting i saw him, i noticed the bandage on his left arm, den i saw the packet of cig on the table, den the cig in his hand. haiz..... shocked. haha. he met with an accident not long ago, heard he skidded. lucky for him la. i still rem last time when we were together, he dun used to smoke, but kinda funny to see him smoking lor. haha. chat till abt 5am, den went home.

woke up by my mummy at 830am, yes i onli had 3hrs of slp. and went out with my dad to Changi Pier. i can onli say i stoning all the way lor. met my aunties, and took a bumboat to Pelangerang. My uncles came to fetch us, and went to Kota Tinggi for Laksa, honestly i tink they crazy liao, such a hot weather ask me eat laksa, i rather not eat. after, drove to my grans hse. onli one word to describe the weather, "HOT". haha.

of coz, for every single person i saw whu noes me, "U going where study?" "Study Wat?" "How Long?" - the three questions. "Must study hard ah, dun watse money ah, ur mum and dad poor ting." - the three comments. i got so irritated that, i went to the pier and slack, i goin bonkers liao.

before i had my dinner, i went to pay respect to my grandfather, yes, been a long long time. well, it was one of his last wish that i must get my degree lor. so yes i am fufillin it now. huge resp since i was young. honestly, i still miss him. he is gone like for 14yrs liao. but i just get forget how he treat me when i was young, he loved me so much. sometimes when i tink of him, i still can cry lor. haiz. he gave me a good childhood.

in order to illustrate wat is called "family unity", this is wat happen - i bought 2 pirated cd, when i walked into the living room, super suey that the whole family is there, and there is a huge commotion of why i shld not bring it back to spore. i was like "huh?". so in the end, to prevent further uproar, i pass the cd to my cousin and told him that i will be back in New yr and will bring my laptop along in order to transfer the songs into the laptop and the cd will not be brought back to spore. kaoz. this also illustrate wat is call - "when two bull meet, one have to back down". why? coz my dad and me both temper realli bull lor, if i neber back down, my dad threaten to not let me go aust to study. "Crap"

at nite got wat we call "大伯公做戏", it is a annual event where it is similar to the seventh month getai. realli noisy event lor. they got the 9 course dinner which cost $400 ringgit for 10pax. they also got the bidding session, and a getai lor. I guess one ting good abt kampong is that, u can bid the items now and pay next yr. haha. closely knitted society lor. all becoz of the dinner, the whole house rotate shift 3 times in order to finish the food. everyone come back bloated with food and beer (free flow). Me and my cousin was watchin the getai till quite late. the speakers are huge lor, and we were standing in front of it. and they realli blast it lor. Modern getai, so got techno base after 10pm. shiok. after 2 hrs, i cant take it liao, so went back to play mahjong with my auntie, and i have to agree that i deserve the title of "Honours in MJ". haha.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday, tentatively meeting Gary, maybe joining Irene for anor round of KTV i tink, or was it at the old Centro, hmmm, gotta check with her.

Saturday, GET MY LAPTOP, but meeting Tracy and Bobo for dinner and drink at Fisherman Village.

Sunday, meeting my god sisters for a bowling session & Steamboat at Marina South , which i tink will last the whole day bah.

Monday, Afternoon meeting Pee Perng, den meeting the old poly frenz for dinner

Tues, tentative meeting Li Xuan for dinner

Wed, But is my Mum's birthday ...... so see wat my bro wanna do la...

Thurs, afternoon free, but at nite is used for some last min packing

Friday, i will be flying off.....

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Extroverted (E) 62.5% Introverted (I) 37.5%
Sensing (S) 53.57% Intuitive (N) 46.43%
Feeling (F) 57.58% Thinking (T) 42.42%
Perceiving (P) 56.25% Judging (J) 43.75%

ESFP - "Entertainer".
Radiates attractive warmth and optimism.
Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with.
Very generous. 8.5% of the total population

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Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Work ethic36%
Self absorbed30%
Conflict seeking43%
Need to dominate63%
Change averse56%
Peter pan complex63%
Physical security70%
Physical Fitness57%
Female cliche43%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
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Stability results were medium which suggests you are moderately relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

Orderliness results were medium which suggests you are moderately organized, hard working, and reliable while still remaining flexible, efficient, and fun.

Extraversion results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Traits Snapshots:
expressive, open, self revealing, loves large parties, loud, social, outgoing, does not like social isolation, assertive, social chameleon, positive, always busy, likes to fit in, likes to stand out, enjoys leadership, brutally honest, trusting, optimistic, desires attention, dominant, aggressive, attachment prone, wants to be understood, realistic

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Surprises are not surprises when the timing is wrong"

who disagree???

In my own opinion, when i mean that timing is wrong, the whole ting become chaotic, it may not create the sense of surprise but worry.

There is a saying: 天时,地利,人和.
I agree totally, of coz all of us are human, so, always think carefully before springing a surprise on ppl.

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well, went to meet Cindy at Jurong Point just now. wanted to go Baleno and change the size of the Jacket that Irene bought for me, but the sales assistant told me they not selling jacket at the moment. so this result in me having a jacket that is just nice for wearing as it is.

Cindy commented that my that photo i post looks like Passport photo, haha. well, can consider sia.... i also got the back view and side view.

so this is the complete profile of this new hairstyle. haha

anyway, we went to eat at Bentobox, which i declare, no way i eating there again. let me tell u why. i ordered a Salmon Sashimi & Chicken Teriyaki Bento. Cindy ordered a Pasta Chicken Teriyaki. when mine arrive, it does not look appealing, like those u see in the Poly sch canteen. haha. The miso soup is not hot, although got steam coming out. The rice is cold, the chicken is so hard and salty. the Salmon was still ok lor. Cindy's pasta came, hers look much more appealing. but the sauce of the pasta is sour while the sauce for the chicken is sweet, that is a huge contric lor. next the pasta look overcooked and the sauce is watery. Funny ting is that both our order is chicken teriyaki, yet mine is diced chicken, while hers is a whole piece, and different way of cooking. therefore, Overall verdict : FAILED

after that went Popular, got a few pens and correction tape, highlighter. also dunno what to get sia. is like been out of school for so long, kinda forget wat is sch life like. hmmmm...... den went NTUC, Cindy got her Macademia Nuts, and i intro her the Loreal leave in conditioner, coz her hair end looks dry lor..... after that i send her home, wanted to go play pool after that, but kinda sianz liao. so here i am, at home. haha.

Oh ya, i brought my "baby"(camera) out today, showed cindy, haha. on her way home, we saw this car so cute, so i took a pic of it. have a look.

not very clear as my hand shaky la, haha, but it is a Pest Buster car. haha. cool rite? hmmmm. i dun dare to use flash, if not ppl tink wat i doing sia. haha, lucky got my 10X Optical zoom, haha. forget to adjust my ISO, if not will be clearer sia. haha. i not very pro lor, so bear with it la. haha.

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"Grow up is a good thing, but grow in the right way"

ok, this sound a bit of "chim".
In my life, i have to admit that i can be realli childish, ppl always ask me to grow up grow up. True?
To me, to grow up, i ended picking up smoking, drinking, clubbing. I mistook the idea of growing up. therefore it took me 21yrs, in order for me to start to grow up mentally. Better late den never.

for those of u, whu haven grow up, or went the wrong way, time to turn back, u are not alone, coz i will also be learning from scratch. haha

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well well... i got my hair done yesterday .....
i reach there at abt 2plus lor.....
Carene was done with her hair liao... haha....
just nice ....

here is a photo of me.......

it was similar to the old one, but of coz, u take a look at my face, u can see the evidence of Lack of Sleep, Stupid Weather, and Insufficient Water in the body, haha....
This Picture is taken at 3 plus am last nite...

As i have been out the whole day, therefore the hair is a bit flat.

The Colour combi this time round is "Ash Copper Green" Base & "Light Blonde" Highlight.

Of coz, the verdict is that, although the base came out more copper den green, but i love the colour.

As for the style wise, more subtle liao... no more porcupine style. haha......

Well, that is my new hairstyle which took me abt 2.5hrs to be completed. Impressive, as i dun hav that much patience anymore. Auntie Jane actually gave me raisin bread to eat and a cup of milo, coz i neber eat lunch wat. if not i guess i will faint while doing my hair. haha.

after my hair done, i went to find Wendy and Sheela lor. haha. they like the style and colour, but one ting is that, i lost my brown sunglass, if not it will match with the colour of my hair now. haiz... i was wearing the purple one yesterday.

after that met Marianne at Raffles City, i was late so i reach at abt 7. In the end, the both of us end up at the second level of RC, waiting for the result of the 117th IOC. haha. quite interesting bah, as they put a huge projection screen and everywhere got ppl waiting, and police patroling, and of coz the supporters. London got the chance to host the 2012 Olympics.

how did i felt on the entire ting, "Basically, i was impressed by the grp of ppl from Paris, almost half an hr before the announcement, they were super high lor. haha. u can sense that kind of national identity from them. Anor ting is that, the five countries contingent showed the respective short presentation. Of coz Spore also have la, but after seeing Paris and London's ppt, i realise that we Spore is not that impressive as we lack the Creativity. Is like at the point, we dun feel proud of the ppt. I guess after this time round ppt by the countries, Sporean gotta buck up. if not dun even tink to be the Education Hub of the SEA and personally i tink that onli when it is National Day, den we can sense the Spore Unity. it is realli some kinda disgrace lor, in front of the rest of the countries.

This bring me to ask a question " When will Spore have the chance of holding the Olympics?" Go ask the teenagers, young adults, or even those generation above us. the most common answer will summarise into " Wait long long also dun have" am i rite????

But i make a interesting comment yesterday, while i was with Marianne, does anyone noe that Spore have abt 60 island in our territory? why dun we reclaim land? we will be able to cater to the need. We shld tink that way, maybe 20yrs down the road, Technology improves, it is possible. Is my idea Feasible??? well, maybe. Whu noe... haha....

Anyway, after that we walk to Marina Square to eat. Went to eat Long John Silver. haha. chat a lot lor. went to sit at the long long stairway towards the Esplanade. we tok abt sec life, how each other is doing now, wat each other wanna do in future? i cherish the time with her. realli. Where can you find someone whu can tok from heaven to earth? i am glad i have found. Time flies, and we parted.

I went to West Coast recreation Center to play pool with Irene and Philip. now that is one place i have been hanging out sia... haha... played till 3am. den came home. I must say that my pool skill improve liao. haha.

Anyway, later gonna meet Cindy at Jurong Point, gonna try that Jap cuisine. haha... ciao

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