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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sick ....

while tryin to type this post, feelin sick and weak.

it all started yesterday, went to work with diarrhea and came back home dizzy. slept thru the whole day with wakin up continously going to the toilet.

had a delivery of fish porridge, and a short chill out at Makan Makan. came back even more dizzy. decided to take sick leave, which was a good choice when i woke up this mornin puking.

breakin into cold sweat, and runnin a fever.

grab sth small to eat, yet all came out. not good for a day, tried drivin out, but decided to come home, got too dizzy to drive out. even climbing the stairs became a chore, maybe is the fever that is drainin out the energy from the muscles, or the joints are aching.

even typin now, i am still breakin into cold sweat. haiz.

gotta go in work tml, its my late nite, hav to find a way. had 30 pallets in tml, cant just leave them there. plus i am gettin bored bein stuck at home. unless i collapse at work, but i shld be alrite to go into work.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advert ....

keep seeing this ad on the tv, felt that it is realli a good ad. hmmm.



guy meet gal with a ring, time start to spin and showin the time into the future. a kiss seal at the end, sealing the future of the two.

felt warm.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Sight ....

on the way home from work, few tings caught me tinking.

first, the person that will run thru cars stopped at the traffic lights, just to clean ur windshield for a few bucks.

impressive speed of 10 seconds per windshield. that got me tinking, every set of traffic light stopped for 1min. considering he works during the peak period of 3pm to 7pm, that is 4hrs, 240min. give it 2 cars per min, 2 bucks per car. that is 960 bucks per day, hmmm, tax free. and the cost is basically one squeegy, one bucket and water. hmmm.

however, u cant look too dodgy, saw two examples today. comparing both of them, hmm, one is smarter, keeps a clean shave, and uses a squeegy, while the other had long hair, beard, and also looks like he haven shower for weeks. hmmm. which one will u choose?

efficiency wise, the first one is much faster, coz he use the squeegy, but the other was using cloth and sponge.

maybe i shld study marketing man. damn.

second tings that i saw was this aussie bloke being wrapped up in cling wrap. hmmm, the weird ting is that he is naked underneath. and how did i manage to see, well, he was hopping on the side of the road, with all his frenz sittin around him in a semi circle.

this makes me wonder, how "smart" can they get. hmmm, commendable courage i supposed. hahaha.

well, sometimes, it takes us to step back and look. there are so many faces of lifes that normally we wun see.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Gust of Anger ....

was @ Burswood last nite, sittin next to an irritating old lady, whose mouth doesnt stop talkin from the moment she sat at the table. sounded exactly like my mum, dealer dealt almost 20 hands and she is still talking, nv stop for a sec. even machine gun hav to reload, she doesnt need to. bloody hell.

searchin for companion for dinner was proved to be one huge failure, which taught me that this is totally screwed up.

even findin someone for a round of KTV proved to be anor huge failure, with the urge of huge interest dyin down as the clock ticks.

it gets me tinkin, what is the pt of gettin off days when the boredom will just reach the brink and gust out of the glass.

the tot of unwinding myself, which ended up with me havin anger buildin inside me, was not as good as it seems to be.

even a spin in the car doesnt seem to help reduce the anger, need anor way, need anor social life, need anor job, to keep me fully occupied.

even wakin up in the mornin doesnt help me at all, that anger is stuck in within. even when i am doin my hair today, even when there is a dinner tonight, the tot doesnt calm me down.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weird ....

recieved a comment today

"are u from america? u have the accent?"

woah, sth diff from "Japan, Korea, China, god-know-which-asian-country"

the next moment, "hang on a sec, wtf was that abt?"

anyway, with seriously drainin out of energy, and down on manpower, i took it as a compliment, and laugh it off.

oh ya,

the next scene was even more weird,

stopped the car in a midst of strong pesticide,

hmmm, i wonder.

didnt care much, but a tot flash thru,

what were they fightin against with such huge bottle of pesticide?


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Monday, November 12, 2007


that is my current status for the blog.

nth much, or shld i say, no mood to update.

just came back from movie with Elise, watched "Resident Evil". not bad a show, lack of the violent scenes, but all in all was pretty good. hmmm.

of coz before that was an encounter with a pig. haiz, no banging of window or yelping in a high pitch tone could wake that pig up. fascinating.

alrite, will update when i have time or shld i say mood.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Perth Red Bull Air Race ....

well, early in the mornin, the weather was freezin, it does not show any signs of the crazy weather that was abt to arrive.

headed down to the foreshore of Perth, due to road closures, cant get a close enuf parking. damn, walking with the southly wind blowing, no structure to block it. that was chilling.

talkin about walking, hmmm, been literally walking thruout the whole event, the boring ting is that, there is pretty much nth to see, onli until the race is on. walking up and down the foreshore isnt fun, esp not in the hot arvo sun. the sky is clear blue, here comes the sun rays smackin straight onto the skin.

event ended, crowd disperse in a glimpse of eyes, slackin arnd, doing nth. the fun part is u get paid for it, the boring part is u get sick of the scenery. haiz.

was all in all an interesting event, if i was on the south perth shore. that is where all the actions are concentrated, darn.

not to forget sun-burnt skin and one more day to go.

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