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Sunday, June 29, 2008

MAfia ...

oh yeah, that was all fun fun fun. took lotsa photos, and i tink the star of the day is none other den the bday gal, EVee. hahaha.

when u look at her, guys will tink sideways immediately, haha. there are rooms to tink and wonder. ooooooooooo. haha, even gals couldnt get their hands off her. I did not. haha. ok, i did. hahaha.

proud of her, manage to walk out of metro, but when drivin her home, she finally puked. yesh. hahahahaha. we did it. hahahaha.

which make me doubtful whether i can walk out of metro on my bday. haha. previous experience told me no. hahaha. but this yr is different. i might be able to survive. hahaha. plus been trainin every wkend, i tink my liver burst liao. hahaha.

i tink the bday gal still half hangover, so i shall leave her as it is. haha. goin out for lunch first, i am starvin. hahaha.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Yeah. ....

so much good news today that i am a happy person .... let me share with u all one by one....

first, i redo my hair today, hmmm, felt so refreshed. hahaha. no more blonde streaks, haha, hmmm.

second, i gettin my own store tml. yeah. woo hooooo. but heard it is in a huge mess. but yeap, i noe i am strong enuf for it. i been thru hell, so this shldnt be a prob to me. hahaha.

third, baby gal finally replied, and thank god, for a moment we tot she's dead. oopz. hahaha.

okie, that is the summary of today. wat a interestin day. hahaha.

Mafia party on saturday, hmm looks like it gonna be fun. haha.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drunk ?????

haha, i tink that was wat i am yesterday nite. haha.

went down Hits with stephen that gang, didnt noe why my luck damn down la, keep losing, so ended up drank quite a lot.

den still manage to walk to metro lor. haha. wonderful. didnt even dance, considerin the crowd was huge, den kinda dragged to the seats by Ruby and Emily. haha. did a small puke, decided to go upstairs and smoke. haha. by that time i was alreadi awake. haha.

lotsa ting happen, kinda no mood to go back down liao, so we decided to head to have supper. which is then i realised i didnt had dinner. dumb me. no wonder i got drunk la.

by the time i reach home, i set off the fire alarm by turning on the heater. bloody stupid ting. haha. thank god i still could climb onto the bed to fan the alarm. if not i dun tink anyone will appreciate bein waken up at 5plus in the morning. hahaha.

got woken up at 1pm by Ruby, to check if i am dead. wtf. there goes my beauty slp la. ended up headed down to hav lunch lor. hmmm.

178, lotsa problem sia.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nites out ...

okie, i noe i wanted to post a recent photo long time ago. but yeah, haven found a nice one. so here is one that i tink is alrite. its taken at Stephen's bday. haha. no my hair is not supposed to be this colour, it is supposed to be dark brown, but due to the fact that it faded onto the previous blonde, this is the colour u get now. hahaha.

which reminds me, time for a new hair cut liao. if not i startin to look like a inverted mop. hahaha. might get it done before evee's bday next wkend, with a Mafia Theme party. hmmm, ahhhh, i dunno what to wear. hahahaha.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it true ???

"You're like the best kind of friend anyone can have, better than bf, serious. ur steady, always there, unconditional love better than any bf; but then again bcos ur female daz why u can relate and empathise so well and hence get thru to them so well but u perform way more than is normal for a normal female fren to the point whereby ppl feel they cannot live without u; like something's missing; i felt that way for a while and when ur not there, or ur with someone else, of cos they feel jealous cos they want ur undivided attention; we are attention seekin creatures; u give the most attention anyone can give"

is that true? i nv had such honest answer given to me. i realli appreciate that. nv had i understand, but thanks for enlightening me.

is this it? the answer that i was seekin all along? does it drill down to just the plain fact that this is how i am, the one fact that made my life colorful and painful? the one fact that got me sleepless nights? the one fact that made me search in the dark since?

i saw a rainbow today.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hits ....

okie, just got back from Hits studio with Jimmy,Stephen that gang. and i cant believe i actualli saw Jackie. hahaha. been so long after that incident. haha. a bit awkward at first, but yeah. haha.

went to Mill point with Ruby. just wanted to sort tings out, and kinda decided to guide her along. hmmm. hopefully she see to her sense soon. explodin ppl is not fun to watch.

okie, i tink i realli must control myself liao. haha. next wkend goin out again. hmmm. maybe just a phase. haha.

miss u gal, where have u been? i wanna tok on the phone though. so many so many ting to tell u. hmm. waitin for u. hahahaha.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wkend ...

yeap,here comes the wkend again.

started off with STephen's bday at Crown lor. haha. lesson learnt, is not to try to stick 30 ppl into a room with max capacity of 20ppl. haha. overspilled. and anor ting is that, i tink i gonna make my bday a healthy one. no alcohol. hahaha.

drunked ppl everywhere is not good. haha. esp when i nearly got strangled by one. hmmm.

anyway, send silver off at the airport. her one month holi is over.

time to recoup and refocus liao. no more playin arnd liao. haha.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Movie Marathon ...

woo hoo. didnt noe gotten into me yesterday, was so in the mood to watch movie. plus couple of movies that i realli wanna watch.

so i dragged evee, to acc me. haha. "Sex in the City" & "Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian"

oooooo, thank god they were good productions, if not i tink i would have fallen asleep. considering each movie is abt 2.5hrs each. hahahaha.

now i am so lack of slp. hahahahaha.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dipping myself ....

i tink that is wat i am doin now. what is the best way to get kick out??? be a fuckin idiot who doesnt control temper and everyting. hmmm. been some time i did that. but yeah.

cant believe i call one person out, and ended up with a whole fuckin grp. nvm. i dun tink i have the potential of bein a tour guide. or maybe i dun have the patience.

why? why was i able to do that before but not now????? hmmm. weird.

to each of his/her own? time changed?


misconception of a player?

misinterpretation of my intentions?

my temper went up high today, and just felt frus, irritable. plus my head been poundin lately. i tink i need more slp. wkend is arnd the corner. hmmm.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


how many times in life have we encounter temptations in life? and how many times have we succumb to it?

will it be consider as a test to our self-control?

been told that i shld let go and live life, but is that wat i can? is there days where i realli feel like just living life as it is? yes i have, but it comes with consequences that i might not be ready to handle.

wat shld i do?

wat kind of impression do i portray? does it equate to the misconception that ppl have? shld i used it to my benefit? i realli feel tempted. but karma is a bitch, it bites me back in the ass.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Crazy Weekend .......

okie, i noe the wkend have not past, yet i have kinda wasted myself. hahahahahaha.

before that, today is World No Tobacco Day. wooo, so???? hahaha. i am a self-declared smoker, so, yeah. hahaha, for those out there that realli wanna break the habit, good luck.

with alcohol still raking in my system, hmm, am gettin ready to go work. money money money, esp if it is an easy job. hahaha.

okie, the wkend kicked off on Friday. yes we know. haha. headed down to Freo Prison for the bloody fourth time. damn. with Silver and these whole grp of Taiwan ppl that she knew on the plane. goodness. haha. so, blah blah blah. had dinner at Hawkers before we headed down. nth fascinating for me, but i swear this is the first time i saw someone cry when the scare happened. hmmm, esp if it is the first one of the whole tour. hmmm. the second scare got her weak jelly-o knees. haha. Thou shalt not be mean. hahaha. by that, i actually have to spoil the fun for the tour for her. but one ting i shld say is that, i forget totally abt the 3rd scare location, so, yeap, in for anor one. oopz.

anyway, after the tour, headed down to Ambar with Naomi, Silver, Aaron, Ruby, Emily and Stephen. coz i am the designated driver, so, yeap, no drinkin. yeah rite, i still drank. hahaha. was fun and i am old. fuck. but yeap, stride the moves wasnt that bad. hahaha. still have the skills in me. played all the way till the wee hours. haha.

came home, fall strght to slp. hmmm, woke up in a couple hrs of time to answer phone call, and that jolted me out of bed. damn, i forgotten i had to go in BP to learn the end-of-month procedures. hahaha. damn. well, too bad, i am bloody too tired for that. plus perth was having thunderstorm, with proper lighting and thunder, such a good weather to slp in. haha.

lazing in bed was a luxury for me, no stress, just rolling here and rolling there. hahaha. woke up before 4 and realised i haven gotten any grocery, so grab Brandon to the nearest Coles and went on a grocery spree. hahaha.

headed out again to Hits Studio, hmmm, this time, i get chance to sing. hahaha. of coz, drink. haha. Apple, CLaire, Marco, Silver, Aaron.... blah blah blah. i seriously forget liao. played multiple player guessing fist. damn fun la. of coz had a few drinks. was quite shocked that i haven gone into a coma yet. hahaha. oh ya, Ruby was there too. haha.

after those crazy bloody drinks, went down to Metro, yeap. Metro. hahaha. music was not bad, considering we were pretty high liao. haha. 3 bottles within 2 hrs is a record sia. haha. i felt so relaxed and felt that i am havin fun. haven felt that for a long time. hahaha. thoroughly enjoyed myself, though i keepin gettin smooched by that crazy drunk Ruby. lucky, my reflex is super fast. got me all over my face. damn.

what do u get when 5 high ppl went for supper after clubbin, 6 dishes and 5 almost puking ppl. hahaha. went home abt 5 plus in the morning, and now i am up. wtf. haha. i seriously dunno where we headin to tonite. hmmm, did i mentioned it is a long wkend, monday no work. woohoooooo. hahaha.

oh ya, work update, no stress, still learning, and getting the ropes. haha. no tots of hanging myself liao. hahaha. gotten my first pay, and that strongly firm my decision to change job. haha. i am so lovin it. hahaha. okie, gotta go, dun miss me.

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