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Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home....

okie, maybe i isnt that sweet. but yeah, i am back in sg after 2yrs.

first, lets talk abt the flight.

Tiger Airway is not as good as the once Valuair. in terms of plane wise. pretty much is the seats space. hmmm. anyway, the announcement on the PA system was inaudible. either the system sucks or the person is mumbling all the way. watever it is, as long as i didnt hear the word "crash" or "problem", i didnt take note at all. haha. had cup noodle on board, well, kinda bored, so resulted in food. hahaha.

reach sg at 3am. again, signs of kiasu ppl is on board. haiz. got a lift back from Elise's aunt, and i realise sg drivers cant keep to a lane. one turn on the expressway, and they are usin two lanes space. hmmm.

reach home, make a huge din before i can manage to get into the hse, i kinda forgotten how to open that padlock on my metal gate. hahaha. ended up when i manage to get in, mum and dad was standin at their bedroom door starin at me. hmmm. wat a grand arrival.

after slpin for less den 5hrs, i am out of the hse again. first met Carene and headed down to Lavender for the chilli noodle. oooooo. yummy, the feelin of numb lips, after so long, is wonderful. hahaha.

den we strolled down to Bugis. well, everyone is rushin, their walkin speed is like voom. wtf. decided against goin to the old part of bugis, the weather isnt realli helpin. so first stop, is Wallet Shop and i bought a new wallet, yeah. love it. hahaha.

den went walk arnd the clothin shops, guess what, i nearly on the verge of hanging myself. wtf is wrong with the fashion???? i keep seein curtains of the 19th century, meaning, i dun even tink my mum wear that. wats with small prints of flowers, on super dull looking colour????

ended up i give up, headed to had Kaya Toast and Half Boiled Egg @Ya kun. oooo. that is abt 1 hr after i had my noodle. hahaha. headed down to Raffles City to meet Carene's frenz, Daniel. had tea at Coffee Club. hahaha. walked into Topshop, i cant bear to see anymore. saw a jacket at CK, 349 bucks. hmmm, tempted, so tempted. hahaha.

headed into Orchard, walked arnd Wisma and Taka, pretty much onli see the changes. after that, met up with Cindy as Carene had to go for a career talk. went to walk in Heeren's, finally saw a top i like. thank god. 22 bucks, not bad though. hahaha.

we headed to Soup Restaurant @ Paragon, and ordered a spread. hmm, had the Samsui CHix, sambal kang kong, claypot tofu, double boiled soup, and dessert was Herbal jelly. hahaha. 2 of us, hmmm, i tink i just ordered 4 pax share. hahahaha. dinner was on Cindy. hahaha.

Silver and Sandy met up with us, headed back to URS inc @ Taka, silver went on a spree for shoes. so in the mean time, i rested my feet. after that was to The Balcony@ Heerens, had a drink. oooo.

decided to head down to Geylang for the food. but due to the fact that it was so bloody crowded, we decided to leave. after that was a 2 hrs drive, reason bein that dear Sandy couldnt followed up with Silver's drivin, so ended up lost her way. pretty much went arnd the whole town area tryin to locate her.

after all the drivin, ended up in Taman Jurong S11, haha. the two gals went crazy on orderin man. haiz. finally i am home, after such a hectic day. cb.

all in all, weather was still alrite, pretty cloudy, humidity wise, due to the fact that perth was pretty humid the past few days, so isnt a huge change. haha. ppl wise, i dunno what the fuck is wrong with them, i got stared at the moment i stepped out of the hse, first is of coz my blonde hair, apparently the latest trend is black hair. secondly, apparently the way i speak. so conclusion is, cant a fuckin blonde hair speak proper english? crazy sporeans.

oh ya, did i mention, i havin nose bleed now. scary, haven had nose bleed in ages. shit. no good. i tink maybe is becoz of the heatiness plus the food i hav been eatin. scary.

my little Bro got his O levels result today, and i am seriously impressed. pretty much all Distinction except for two Bs. woooooo, smart bro. my results wasnt that nice. hahahahaha. good job. now is the pep talk on which jc to choose. hahahaha. will leave that to the mornin. i am so tired now.

thats the update for today. tml is anor day.

haven had the feelin of leavin yet, but i guess pretty soon, i wan to be in the arms of PERTH.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Edgy ....

been edgy the whole day today. dunno why, but been impatient.

was woken up by Tegan, for me to get my ass into the city, met up with her frenz Ashley, had lunch with Lyle.

den headed to harbour town, man, she realli can shop. my left calf is hurtin, which i dunno why. all the walkin isnt helpin much.

after that, met evee and elise back in the city. the gals do their shoppin, and man, anor shopaholic. den headed down to Mill point. before that i headed home for a shower, freakin hate the weather. wonder how long will i be able to stand when i am back in sg. haiz.

lazin arnd, and the sun is makin me angry. gave up, headed down to Alfred's in Guildford with Tegan and Lyle for the burgers. den headed back to Teg's crib and chill out.

now there hav been tok abt transferrin me officially over to Armadale. hmmm, been tinking. but what i said is that, give me 5 wks and i will tink abt it. dun wanna tink abt it now. i am on holi, why am i still tinkin abt work? damn.

it feels weird to be on holi, considerin, it is a holi that i wun be workin? all along in my memory, i hav been workin on my holi in poly and uni life. now i get to play and enjoy on my holi, it feels weird.

tings gonna change in 5 wks, i will be back in perth, tings will be different. dun wanna tink abt the changes. in terms of work and social life. so used to seein ppl leave, and i am still here. but not when u are leavin on the same plane, and comin back alone. wonder how will it affect me?

work wise, fred is in the store now, ron comin in next wk, wonder what drastic tings will change? this is gonna be interestin. hopefully i am recharge. and tink thru whether i wanna continue in this job.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ginseng Chix ....

okie, before that, i did my hair today, ooooooooooooo. wonderful, now i tink i look like the stupid cat that sits in front of every chinese store. but i am not that happy with the colour, might do it again in two wks time. haha.

after packin my clothes, it was den that i realised, man, i hav so little clothin. damn. bad. i shld increase my wardrobe. cleaned up the hse, second last load of laundry. suitcase for KL trip packed, threw out quite a number of clothes. haiz.

anyway, went to this korean place in the middle of city, and had dinner. hmmm, had ginseng chix soup, and i swear it is nice, imagine the bones of the chix is edible? that is how long it hav been cooked. haha.

den headed down to Millpoint as Elise wanted to lay in the park. hmmm, weird request, haha. those two are seriously self-entertaining. as long as they hav their cameras.

not feelin well since wednesday, tink i caught a flu, hopefully i will feel better before i head home.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dun Understand ....

okie, this is one ting that i seriously dun understand.

maybe i am such a mean person, but i dun see the pt of waitin up for someone who doesnt give an arrival time, and bloody hav to wake up early for work the next day.

considerin what had happened between them,
and now that tings seem to be better,
is that how u shld treat someone?

is it pure convenience?

wat abt the fact that she had to pay for his hp recharge?

that is way too much for a frenz to do?

today is pay day, so i dun see the pt of that.

is he that ridiculous? it will end up hurtin her even more. haiz.

dumb ass versus dumb shit.

i keepin my hands off this shit.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weird Dream ....

i had a very weird dream,

i dreamt of myself dissecting my own heart.

it is still pumping when i got it out of my body.

holding it in my hand,

i feel the beat.

den i black out.

next scene was at a funeral.

this scene is where i forced myself awake.

why, simple, it is a taboo that u dreamt of ur parents funeral rite.

got me feelin weird the whole day.


what is the meanin behind it? or is there any meanin?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend. ...

okie, weekend went in a blur blur blur. haha.

late friday nite, though my body is complainin of overworked, i still went out for a breather, went out with Apple and gang @ Fast Ed's. not too long before we headed home. haha.

sat woke up late, dilly dally here and there, elise cookin dinner wor. haha. so headed over to her place, as usual, super healthy. haha. wanted to stay for a chat before she heads to bed, but got a phone call from Tegan.

she was brawling her eyes out, super unstable. haiz. so hav to drop elise, and flew over to Tegan's apartment. i tink she was shocked to see me reach so fast. considerin i was supposed to pick her up at arnd 9 plus. anyway, is becoz of Lyle.

a tiff between them, they hav been on cold war since NYE.

anyway, after she subside a lot, we headed down to Penthouse, which is a male strip club. haha. dun ask me why, coz bloody Tee works there. haha. as a bouncer la. haha. saw Mel there too, haha.

den after that, Tegs doesnt wanna go home, so we headed down to Northbridge. went to The Dean. nice nice place. awwwwwwwwww. den wanted to head to Varga lounge. but gals feets are hurtin too much. of coz la, killer heels. haiz.

so we decided to head back to Teg's crib and chat. haha.

chatted till mornin 5 am. ooooooooo. haha.

slept over till arvo 1pm, tegan start jumping up and down my bed. duh, that was less den 6 hrs of slp. wat the hell. nvm, so both of us were supposed to hit the jacuzzi, but ended up, after a meal of mackers, we ended up slping on the couch. haha. stooopid.

woke up in the evenin, i decided to give Lyle a call, he did picked up. haha. well, all i said was that, whatever that had happened between them, at least talk it out.

true enuf, he called her. and den the next moment he popped by.

apparently he lost his new phone on Boxin day. and Tegan went to msg his new phone. haiz. there is the huge misunderstanding. anyway, seem like they sorted it out alreadi. thank god. no more brawling Tegan.

anyway, we wanted to hav Chicken Treats, but guess what, they ran out of chic. wtf. so ended drivin to Bassendean to grab red rooster. haha.

full stomach, made me even more sleepy. so slept over again. haha. wat a good way to pass a weekend. at least i did sth good. hahahahahaha.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Where Kingdom u belong ......

the news strike me like lightning,

you were gone,

i still cant accept it,

how i noe u?

it was a coincidence

it was fated

whatever it was,

i am glad our path crossed.

for now, rest in peace.

i will miss u.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wishlist = SHopping List ....

haha, plannin out my wish list of tings to get when i am back.

1) black pants, ok, that is for work. haha.
2) new wardrobe *of clothes*
3) new camera *perhaps*
4) new watch *a proper one*
5) new bag *haven decided wat yet*

okie, that is for now, but i am pretty sure my list is gonna be longer when i get back. haha.

heard a story yesterday, which i seriously dun understand the logic behind it.

a guy went to rob a chemist with a butcher knife, took the money, and when the police arrived, returned the money and got arrested.

the motive of robbing is to get into prison. hmmm, apparently, he wanted to get into rehab for alcoholism, but it cost him 57 bucks a day, and he cant afford it. so he reckon that if he rob a chemist and get send into prison, he will not be able to get hold of alcohol. hmmm, that was how desperate he was.

pretty weird to hear that.

have been having weird dreams lately, is those kind that when you wake up, u felt that somehow u are still in the dream, u cant differentiate which is reality and which is dreams, i just felt so tired and lack of energy.

taking my IELTS test this saturday, seriously i am not confident about it. coz i am taking the Academic version, it requires a higher lvl of english language. hmmm, i pretty confident with the reading, writing and the listening, but the one i worry about is the oral communicating.

i wonder will i stuffed it up, i need band 7 for all 3 sections. is like distinction.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Waterford ....

well, just got back from Waterford Tav. was out with Tegan.

thanks to Tee, have to see him at work and after work. haha.

had my first pub meal, which was not bad, karaoke was real bad, weird ppl singing. haha.

chatted up with some random guys, that was fun. haha.

somewhere nice to chill i supposed, that is after a hectic closing at work.

Tegan relayed my whole frames aisle and it was den that i realised how slow my speed had reduced. she is going so fast that even Tee was staring dumbfounded. haha.

but why? why dun i feel motivated, i know i could reach that speed, but why didn't i felt challenged? is it becoz i have given up hope? not like me at all?

maybe i need a rest. yeah.

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Believe Again - Delta Goodrem

Have you ever stared into the rain
Thought the clouds would never disappear
Have you ever screamed out into the dark
Thinking no one else could hear

I was leaving footprints tainted by my past
On this winding road to you

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight i believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now i feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and i believe
I believe again

Have you ever spun out of control
Like you never saw the road ahead
Have you ever just kept looking back
Ever closer to the edge

I was praying for the light i see in your eyes
I had all but given up

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight i believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now i feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and i believe
I believe again

I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in miricles
Born from love in everyone

I'd lost my faith in love
Tonight i believe again
My Heart was a broken place
Now i feel whole again
You bring me honesty
And that's worth believing in
and i believe
I believe again

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yummy ....

just got back from Jill's place. haha.

had dinner with Jill, Steph and Anthony. ooo, yummy. haha.

Jill made Lamb Shanks, Steph made Sushi, and guess what, i had my shot in making rice dumplings. haha.

the last time we had lamb shanks was when i just came over, hmmm, still rem that was for Steph's 21st bday. haha. yummy, lovely. haha.

dinner was nv borin with those peeps, haha. we tried grape dumpling, which tasted good. haha.

and also, steph made soya bean milk for us. haha. yeah. ooooooooo.

i must say it was a feast. haha.

full and bloated now. haha.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday Plans ....

yeap, for those whu i have not informed, i am heading home.

gonna be a long holi, 5 wks. haha.

guess what, i alreadi booked out the 3wks, haha. yeap

flyin back on the 23rd nite, which mean reachin sg in the early morning.

den headin to KL on the 25th nite till the 29th

den heading to penang on the 29th to the 3rd

den coming back to rest till 5th

den headin back to KB till 10th for CNY

basically i will onli be free up from 10th to 20th

but currently alreadi booked out on the 17th.

haha. wonderful, fully packed. wtf.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Apologize (Timberland)

I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around and say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But that's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue
And you say
Sorry like an angel, heavens not the thing for you,
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologizes, it's too late
Woahooo woah

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, a yeah

I'm holding your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground...

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tots ...

saw a msn nick "If that is what u wan, it is acceptable for me"

wonder, how do we define our wants??? wat about our needs?

Maslow hierarchy is what we were taught, but apparently, tings seems to change.

external and internal influences seems to blur the line of needs and wants.

let alone self.

as we grow, we climb up that hierarchy, in the process, life experiences, ppl's experiences, expectations from ppl and self, mould our tinking and beliefs.

that gives us our own unique identity, no one on earth is the same, which is why our fingerprints are unique.

and becoz of external influences, ppl group-think, which makes them forget that they are born unique. social norms, cultural differences hold a important factor that affects the moulding of self.

how do u define acceptable? acceptable by social norms? acceptable by culture? acceptable by others? from time to time, we rely our judgment, decisions, even our personality on the words of others.

to step out from the group seems that u are turning ur back to everyone, seems like you are the delinquents, you are the rebel, you are a failure. that is the unspoken law of society.

but at the end of the day, each of us is unique, each of us has our own path to go, why conform to the norms if it is not u at all?

u dun do tings for the sake of others, u do tings for the sake of urself. u dun hav to answer to ten thousand ppl, u just have to answer to urself.

unfortunately, even i myself had not reach that stage of enlightenment, but i am learnin everyday, i had taken a step out, i had my back turned, i had been labelled as rebel, but deep down, i am proud of myself to be able to hav the courage to step out that step.

of coz i am not encouraging you all to start killing everyone u hate, or setting fire. but to find ur inner self. those who dun understand u, will get hurt, get pissed, even hate u. but why waste ur time on someone like that? u are worth all the decisions u made, u are unique.

dun conform urself to do sth or even accept sth if it conflicts with ur inner self. at the end of the journey, onli regrets will be there. there wun be tears of happiness, sense of achievement, and most importantly, the highest of the hierarchy, self-esteem.

in the new yr, tink abt this, it will not happen overnight, but take that small step towards it. as there is a saying "a single step is half way to success" it has its meaning behind it.

search deep into ur hrt, not digging ur own grave. there will be frenzs and family supporting u, as those are the ppl that understand and respect ur decisions. they will see it as a growth for u and nth else.

many times in life, we make hasty decisions, it lead to short term achievements, yet in the long run, when we look back, we regret. lifes is a journey, a lesson. be patience and tings will be much brighter den it seems.

burdens that we put on ourselves, sometimes are not meant to be ours. learn to let it go. u will find that tings arent that complicated. tear away all those layers of influences, u will see the route better.

what is meant to be is meant to be, as long as you have given it ur best, there will be no regrets.

therefore, i decided my 2008 new yr resolution are

- no matter what obstacles i meet, i will give it my best.
- be patience
- to move towards self-contentment
- to understand frenz arnd me closer
- to hold on to my promises
- to be worthy of all the frenzship that i have
- to be myself
- to tone down my temper
- to have different perspectives

peeps, what is urs?

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new yr ....

went to do grocery shopping @ Carousel, seriously ran out of rations at home. even bought pancake mix, and maple syrup. hahaha. yummy.

caught a movie "Alien & Predators", interesting.

chillin out @Elise place, desperate to find programs. hmmm, ended up dragged the two down to NB.

haha, what a way to start a yr.

smashing someone.... hahaha.... okie, i shall not be mean....

anyway, went for the countdown in NB, considerin the fact that we walked out of the car at 1155pm, pretty much in time. hahahhaa.

absorbin a bit of the craziness, had a dinner, and decided to get out of there, too many ah-bos. headed down to Evee's place to drink. hahaha. bottle of Jim Beam, bottle of Coke, 3 champagne flutes, one smashed Elise. hahaha.

conclusion, it was fun. haha.

early in the mornin of the first day of 2008, i tink i got punched in the face. hmmm, was it in her dreams or was she takin revenge???? hahaha. watever. a pretty hangover, and she gotta work later. hmmm. oh oh.

evil plan succeeded.

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