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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Happy Day ....

okie, it just ranges from yesterday till today. haha.

First good news, i am officially employed again. haha. kinda tink i got fired for the other one. haha. watever. rem the interview in the previous post? well, i got the job. haha. a new beginning, a new environment. hopefully this time round it will work out man. haha. The Reject Shop, here i come. haha.

i went on my first car cruising last nite. haha. and i seriously had fun. haha. went out abt 9 plus, David and Chris came to pick me up. went straight down to the Hillary Boat Harbour, where everyone was there. haha. gotta know the "Dirty SOuth Car Club", the "TLC car club" and many other more. haha. the reason why i had fun, was that everyone is just so friendly, they are not racist, coz i tink i am the few asians arnd. Marcie actually showed me the anti-dunno what system, where flames just come out from the exhaust, haha. which actually consume a lot of petrol. haha. is like a scene in "Toyko Drift" where everyone gather together and see each other cars. haha. a BMW did rock up with us, and is like, his car is seriously cool man. haha. we went along the coastal line. haha. stop at Triggs Beach, and is like, a Limo rock up with us. and is like someone actually hopped against the back window and broke it. haha. it was like so funny man, haha. ppl just chatted arnd, cruise along the coast and enjoy the nite. haha. went to david's place to eat with Chris, den went down to Fast ed's for tea. haha. chatted till 4 plus before i came back home. haha.

i slept till 10 plus when the person from the Reject Shop called, man. that realli make me sooooo happy. haha. the pay is ok, and is like, the times are not that crazy. haha. at least i dun really need my car at the moment man. haha. nah, i still will have my car. haha.

oh ya, last nite dinner, Sheryl cooked, haha. so me, Steph and Sheryl had a House dinner. haha. kinda felt so good, is like, sittin down, enjoying the food, and chatting. no stress abt uni, nth. just chat. haha. hopefully there is a few more chances man. haha.

okie, me now going into city to grab the info pack for the job, and gonna play pool with Maddox lor. haha. got training next monday and tuesday. and see hows it goes lor. haha. alrite ppl, have a good day. haha.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


well, i went for this interview which i seriously tink is very interestin. maybe is becoz i haven been to this kinda of group interview bah. haha.

it is by The Reject Shop, looking for sales team members. basically the background of the shop is that it is considered a huge company with over 100 stores in australia. and the HQ is in Melbourne. they sell daily neccessities at a discount price.

anyway, is a group interview at the Holiday Inn Hotel function room. each batch is abt 25 people. hmm. first was self-introduction, you gotta tink of sth interestin, coz u are assessed on ur ability to talk. haha. den is a short ppt on the background of the company. at this point, you are supposed to capture the needs and expectation of the company. that links to the next segment which is the general discussion. there are a few questions which will be thrown to the floor. at this point, if you dun hav any experience, it can be easily exposed. coz is sales related question. and is best u used the points in the ppt to enhance ur stand. you must try to grab the opportunity to present ur point of view, and must be different from the rest, that was a challenge. haha. after that is individual assessment, where a scenario is given, and you are supposed to write down the answer on the answer sheet. sth like exam, just that it is social uni. haha. finally is the group assessment, where you will be split into teams, and given a scenario, you are supposed to contribute to the answers, in the mean time, the assessor will be nearby observin. cant be too quiet, have to realli show out the leadership and teamwork ability.

the whole interview ting took 2.5hrs. at the end of the interview, there is this evaluation sheet, where you are supposed to list ppl whom you wanna work with and why? have to be tactful though. haha.

this job is realli interesting, considerin the mgt style, i realli hope to go in and test out lor. anyway, the confirmation list will onli come out in one week's time. till den, just have to wait and see. haha.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Yawn ....

okie, i just woke up. why? hmm, not to say but i tink i slept at 9pm lor. haha. went to had dinner with Maddox, Jason, Mel, Jimmy, Ivy, Bernard and Vanessa at Lee Ming lor. haha. and what happen was that they brought 3 bottle of wine lor. haha.

we started with white wine which i forget the blend liao. haha. den was a huge 1.5L of Cabenet Merlot which i drank a little. haha. and finally was the Honey Liquer which i kinda like lor.

actually was supposed to join them to go Burswood after that, but apparently my alcohol lvl is not there. haha. came back and slp immediately. it was a good sleep though. haha.

well, the dinner was to celebrate exams over lor. haha. was kinda good. the faces for each time we went was changing lor. i been there 3 times i tink, haha. as Jason, Mel and Ivy are graduating, so wun be seein them the next time that we go again lor.

haven been realli updating much, so heres a quick update. haha.

went to work on wed morning, which i didnt expect it to be the last time i tink. anyway, came back bringing sandwiches and choc eclairs lor. haha. was kinda nice la. haha. went LAQ to play pool again lor. haha. went Makan Makan for dinner with Jie and Maddox lor. haha.

on thur, was supposed to go work but nv go, so me, Maddox and Jie went shopping at Carousel lor. haha. i got sth for ad for his bday lor. a shirt from Kenji Urban. hopefully he can wear it lor. haha. scared he became too fat liao. haha.

on friday, nv go work again, and the 3 Leos went into City to shop. haha. stop for light lunch at Borelli's, which was seriously a healthy one. haha. with fruits and juices and sandwiches. haha. dun tink i had such a healthy lunch before lor. haha. walked till abt evening time, and i didnt buy anyting. haha. cool rite? coz i realise that i will onli buy ting when i need sth, and is like, now i into ebay online shoppin. so it doesnt tempt me to buy anyting from the shop sia. haha. went to Kabuki for dinner and den LAQ again for pool. haha. intensive training sia.

on saturday, went to view hse with Maddox, and seriously that was kinda dodgy place. haha. didnt get to see the room coz apparently the landlady is very blur lor. haha. cant get the keys to the room la. haha. anyway, after that me and Maddox headed down to Northbridge for early dinner at the Hawker's. den proceeded to Pot Black for pool again. haha. realli intensive training. haha. met this guy called Risk(i tink) nickname KB (Killer Boy). haha. funny guy, aussie guy i tink. haha. although he a bit of drunk, yet he can play pool quite well lor. haha. he got tis flat sonic haircut with a pony tail behind. haha. interestin sia. haha. anyway, after pool, went to Fast Ed's to meet Steph and Anthony for yum cha lor. haha.

on sunday, hmm, got woken up to "emergency" lor. coz Silver's aunt came to collect car earlier and is like we haben realli clean the car. rush like shit sia, and her aunt's hus is realli a jerk, typical feel of a gigolo. after that, let maddox go back slp lor, coz apparently he slept quite "early". haha. den me slack at home, did some online bidding. and finally got my 300Gb hard drive. haha. den was the dinner at Lee Ming.

seriously i dunno what i will be doin next week, wasnt place on any schedule to work. sianz sia. see how la.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Troubled ...

okie, kinda troubled by work stuffs now. hmmm.... didnt noe why i couldnt wake up for the job man. esp when it was supposed to be 10am. that is for 2 consecutive days. tink i gonna get fired sia.

wat happen was that, i was hopin to go in for full 8 hrs, rite after exam. but wat happen was that the schedule was onli place for 3 hrs. hmmm. wasnt wat i intended. and is like, i am losing interest in the job.

anor ting is that, i found a new job, where pay is higher, simpler job scope, and is like a confirmed 8hrs shift, it clashes with the current one. the onli unconfirmed ting is the startin date.

i was told to give a 2 wks notice for this current job, but the other job was supposed to start in 1 wk time. hmm. shld i take the risk of lettin go of this job and wait to start the other one? i realli dunno.

i realise that with the motivation onli towards money, cant hold me long in a particular job. i lose interest very fast. just dun seem to have the same passion i held in Robinson. hmm. maybe is becoz there isnt much stuff for me to learn or challenge, except make sandwich faster.

the environment is good, i dun deny, but the challenge of the job scope isnt there yet. so wat if i manage to increase my speed, cant be praised for it though. and now that i am still slow, kinda demoralising.

and since it is just repetitive work, den might as well me go into factory to work in the production line. just pasting sticker and screwing caps on. thats it. nth much to do. not that tiring as most of the process is automated and also much higher pay.

still lookin for one job that allow me to meet ppl, guess my true interest is in service line, coz there are so many kinda ppl in this world, and the best place to meet the maximum number of them is still in service line.

i dun deny it is realli tiring, yet the sense of accomplishment is much greater. a thank you from the cust or even a smile will actually make me feel that it is worth it. maybe is the need of recognition. i dun deny there will be sucky cust, yet being able to tackle them and resolve issues will be much more challenging, as each scenario will let me learn sth new. isnt it true?

i still rem ppl saying that i am crazy, to like service industry. yet i have been in it for so long, the onli ting that make me never go back robinson again, is that i have seen their mgt style, i have learn wat i wan to learn and i have reach a ceiling in there.

now that i am in aus, ppl are way more diff, culture is way more diff. sth new and challengin for me. to actually get a taste of the mgt style here. yet in a sandwich making job, the place is just too small, i felt confined to it. with no room to expand.

guess is the Leo's ego at work, where i wanna be in a area that is big, where there is diff ting for me to learn. esp in regards to ppl. be it internal or external. with bigger companies, the challenges are greater, and so is the sense of accomplishment.

i didnt expect me to lose interest in the sandwich job so fast. from what i observe, the shop front is very small, yet there will always be a lot of cust. why? firstly, the location, being situated in Subiaco, which is very near the City or CBD. ppl drive to pick up breakfast and even lunch or high tea on the way. anor ting is the quality, the bread are freshly baked every single day, so are the sandwiches made. ppl are willing to pay money for fresh food. third, the culture, ppl here eat bread, sth diff from the asian culture. to them, bread can be consider staple food.

as for the mgt style, giving almost full autonomy to the staff make them feel part of the team, disputes are cleared easily. they focused on team work, rather den individual work. there isnt much hierachy shown between the top mgt and the staff. there is open discussion on everyting with u and the boss. there is no strict rules to follow, u can tok when u work as long as ur hand is moving. to them, as long as u produce the sandwich, i dun care how u do it. i was quite impressed with the quality control they imposed on each sandwich. just grab one and open it up, all the ingredients are placed nicely. not just scattered. even the quality of the bread is also controlled. opinions are taken to improve, and followed. overall the mgt is considered a flat communication style. which is good in a way.

wat else can i learn? hmm. theres no opportunity for me to move to shop front, no point memorisin how to make all the sandwich as there are instructions to each of the process. the onli challenge i gave to myself was to cut the bread nicely. but it get bored easily. learnt the technique to it, and thats it.

becoz it is such a small shop, i am exposed to almost all the internal surrounding. when observin, tend to find similiarity. did found a few places to improve, such as gettin a machine to slice the bread loaf into equal size, that is to prevent the number of wastage. i realise there are a lot of wastage every single day. human error is unescapable. yet, from a company of that size, is not cost saving. if it were a bigger company, like the job i found in a factory, most of the stuffs will be automated.

i realli dunno how it will be now, i wasnt put on any day for next week, and the boss instruction on the email was to call her. hmm, now i have to tink whether i shld just tender my resignation or wait for her to fire me. coz i simply just cant say i dun feel like workin there anymore.

the consideration i have is that, it was my frenz who intro me in. will kinda reflect quite badly on him though. i can onli find an excuse of sayin that i found a better paying job. take into tot that i onli work here for less den 1 month. hmm.

actually got ppl to replace me, but i dunno whether it is appropriate. shld i just cut this bridge off like wat i did for Jade. hmm. although is just a temp job, but still u neber noe in future when u require assistance from it. realli a big headache for me.

there have been a bet with Nick on this job, he say i wun last for more den 3 months, sometimes i gotta respect him sia. guess i lost a cup of tea to him. the bet wasnt just on a cup of tea, it also included my pride in it. but i realli cant see the point of forcin myself to stay. if i haven found anor better payin job, den money will be the point to stay. yet now, with better paying job, i just dun see the point to stay. hmm.

will be going for 3 more interviews next week. one is for retail, one is job agent and one more is for Metro City. the first one is the one i tink will be fun and i have the most confident abt, the remaining are just interview for fun. no harm tryin. as Nick says "never try, never know".

last few weeks i applied for a position that i realli wanna do, which is "Mystery Shopper" but too bad i got rejected. hmm. wun that be interestin, coz i have been in sales line for a considerate amt of time, just a sideline to wat i do.

there are a few jobs that realli caught my eye, most of them i got rejected. damn. still a tiny hope for that bowling alley job. bowling have been my interest since sec sch. rem used to go bowling almost everyday after sch, and joined the bowling team and goin for national competition. used to be the end-user, will be very interestin to be in the back-end i.e counter staff. get to meet ppl of similar interest, and maybe will get my mum to send over my equipment. dun mind re-igniting that passion again.

anor place which so far haven seen any job ad is Snooker/Pool. been playin lotsa pool after poly, haven gotten my own equipment, yet temptin to. also been the end-user, yet never join any competition, which i tink i haven reach that stage. haha.

also anor place, which also no job ads, is dance studio. love dancing since young, esp ballroom. had that fufill when i was in poly, join quite a number of competitions, got my first trophy. get to meet a lot of similar interest ppl.

one area that i wanna go into other den service line, is actually events mgt. organizin events, the bigger the better. that will give a huge sense of accomplishment. haven got a chance, but will be lookin out for it.

after reading the above, u may say that i am one who kinda find a job that is either my passion or interest. personally, i believe that, money may get u into a job, but is the passion and interest that will bring huge sense of accomplishment and make u stay in a job.

according to Maslow Hierachy, which all of us shld be very familiar with. i am aiming at the highest tip, which is the self-actualization and self-esteem. since i am not tied down with family, i just had to make sure that i have enuf to eat. financially sufficient and secure, den is the passion and interest of the job that actualli help me attained the highest level.

i am a curious person, wantin to experience and learn a lot of tings. i noe i shld settle down one day, yet now is not the time. now is the time for me to expose myself to as much tings as possible. coz as i grow older, the responsibilities are greater. i will not have the freedom as i have now. isnt that true?

"To live to learn, or to learn to live" simple yet complex. isnt it?

ppl always ask me, "where do u see urself in 10 yrs time?" i can say i realli dunno. but what i noe is that, i will be makin full use of my time learning tings, be it academic or social. life is short, i never noe when i will be gone, there are so much tings to achieve, yet so little time. waitin for opportunites to knock and also seekin opportunites at the same time. i dun wanna regret on anyting when i am at my deathbed. not being pessimistic, but i just wanna feel that i hav live my life worthwhile.

honestly, when i am slacking, i do reflect on myself, just sortin tots will keep me occupied for some time. the mood comes for me to do some deep reflection and thus such a long post. if u actually took the time to read thru it, thank you. if u actually took the time to reflect upon urself, well, hope it helps. i am not sayin that everyone must follow this, as this is just me and my tots. u may have ur own way of tinkin which u tink is ur way, den go ahead. each of us are different, no matter what similiarities we may have. this is just me and my tots.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Done ....

well, finished my last paper yesterday. guess i realli cant stay in the exam room for the entire duration man. haha. die die also must leave before the last 15min. although i did hav a lot of other crap to write, but is like, didnt bother liao

anyway, felt damn good after that, after all, been a tough sem and i am very glad that it is over. haha. went to Silver's place to pack her stuffs, did some PR skills. den headed down to Northbridge for dinner at Seoul BBQ. haha. den after that met Jie at Makan Makan for yum cha. Nick came and join us also lor. haha.

after that, went straight to Maddox's place for a final round of packing man. till abt 5plus in the morning. haha. i guess i too old liao. cant tahan went back and slp lor. haha. woke up at abt 11plus den went into city to pick up apple strudel, den had lunch at the roast duckie place. haha.

after that kinda rushed down to airport lor. everything was in a super rush man. seriously me neber been so rushed before. haha. sent Silver off, den me and Maddox went to LAQ to play pool lor. been a long time we played liao. haha. we both Leo decide to challenge Silver when she comes back. haha. tink too much liao. haha.

anyway, back home now. gonna rest early man, tml morning got work wor. haha. update again la.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Just one Step ....

okie, basically, me now left with one more paper in abt 9hrs time. which i seriously dun feel stress abt. consider the easier paper bah.

on friday, i took a step which kinda can say that me broke my own principles. which is more like an impulse and curiousity ting.

didnt find it that good. but just relaxing though. not much side effect except being kinda stoned. had a very good nite slp, and feelin refreshed the next day.

wun be my kind of ting, i tink. yet maybe will be a way for me to hav short term relief. didnt regret it, nor will i say be proud of it. just a step that went the wrong way.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Procrastinating ....

well, now havin my break from study. so far so good i hope. in uni now, guess is the best place to study compared to ppl's hse and esp at home.

still dun understand why i dun feel stress at all, compared to last sem. considerin that this sem units are harder and kinda screwed up. is it that i am just lying to myself, tryin not to give myself the high hope of distinction. hmm... i just asked for credits and i am happy enuf.

well, been taking energy drinks and pills lor. first time i doin this lor. dun tink i will get addicted to it sia. dun seem to be motivated to study without this stuffs, or is it just in my mind? hmm.

just as the mood of studyin set in, i started to do speed read, or shld i say last min memorisin. kinda work in a sense, haha. hopefully. anyway, me will update again, back to study.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hang In There ....

okie, that is what i am tellin myself now, haiz.

that day thurs, i was a goner man, well, went ot uni to finish up the report, work till 4am in the morning, so much for grabbin enuf sleep. den, Silver gave me a pill of dunno what, which is quite good, make me super awake lor. went to work straight away. den is like, the effect of the pill lasted onli for 6 hrs, the remaining hrs at work was realli bad. after work, went down to UWA to hand in my assignment lor. den came back home. haha. reach home at abt 4pm. met silver for dinner, and supposedly to study after that, but after dinner, i realli cant tahan liao, so came back and sleep at 9pm. at first tot i will wake up in the middle of the night, ended up slept till just now 1plus. havoc sia. haha.

realli gonna study tonite and tml nite liao. as long as i can pull thru mon and tues paper. the rest i dun worry so much lor. plus i working on wed and thurs lor. haha. winner. seriously speakin, i still haven get the pressure from exam, maybe it is due to the fact that my mind now focus on work liao. like that lor. haiz.

anyway, update again la.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006


okie, as u can see from the title, i failed my driving test. haiz. been quite a result that i already foresee once that assessor came into the car. maybe it did consist of anxiety fear, and also lack of confidence behind the steering wheel.

nth much to say, except hope that i will pass the next time round, on the 12th July. me now goin uni to do my assignment. and gotta sleep early tonite, as tml i got work in the morning. update again la.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tired ....

just got back from work, hmm, quite a good day i supposed. realli respect my boss sia, she damn good lor. why i say that, well, she let me finish the entire procedures for making a particular sandwich, and is like, coz i still new, kinda slow. she neber give any hint of displeasure lor. she even told off the storeperson, coz is like, the sandwiches must be out in the shop by a certain timing, coz i was still slow, so resulted in the storeperson came in and ask lor. she just said, we have a trainee here, so wait a while.

i mean, normally newcomers will onli be given the task of doin mundane job, but she actually let me handle the process on my own lor. she just show an example of the sandwich, den she left me alone doing. of coz i make a few mistake, such as spreading too much butter, she explain to me why, and never told me off lor. that allowed me to learn lor. there are so many kind of sandwiches, me have onli manage to learn a few. well, since this is onli the 2nd day, i am looking forward to go work lor. the environment is condusive for learning.

anyway, me gonna sleep now, kinda tired though. update again la.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Partial Relief ...

okie, good news is that i found a job. hmm, workin as Sandwich Hand in Subiaco. started work today, at 5am, till abt 1plus. was intro this job by tony, and i realli must thank him. the job scope is basically, make all the sandwiches that is sold in the bakery lor.

is like repetitive motion, whereby, cut bread, spread butter, put ingredients, wrapped it, send it into the fridge or shop front. but the interesting part is that, making diff kinda of sandwich lor. which added some interest lor. the workin environment is fun, though is just a small bakery.

i guess i just added anor experience into my resume, food handling experience, which can be very helpful for me to get a second job. had a bet with Nick, he say i cant last 3 months in this job coz of the timing. seriously speaking, i tink he realli underestimated me lor.

that lead me to a worrying point, coz it is situated in Subi, now is like Tony drivin me there as my shift coincide with his. but he will be goin back spore for two weeks during winter break, hmm, i dunno whether i can get my license this thurs though. coz if i cant, meaning i gotta take the first bus, which will result me in wasting 2.5 hrs of travelling time. hmm. not a good idea though. esp when i wanna maximise my income now. haiz.

anyway, this job although the timing is weird, however, it allow me to secure a second job much easier, coz it is available onli from Mon to Fri. therefore, it free up my wkend. on my quest to get a second job. if everything goes well, i will be out of my financial crisis soon.

another ting that i realise is that, now that i started working, it get more tiring, i will reduce the time spent with my frenz. for example today, after work, me realli tot of goin back and sleep. coz is like standing for 8hrs straight. hmm, its not like i cant do it, been in sales line before, standing long hrs isnt the prob. just that, i will just feel tired. esp my knee, old illness lor resulted from standing too long. me met Silver they all for lunch, at first tot is makan finish go back home one, ended up in city till just now 9 plus, haiz. me dunno how long can i last, juggling frenz with work. guess there wun be much late night yum cha, or even play pool lor. i will be tryin to space my work to maximise my income. like i say in my previous few post, the main motivation now is money, and that is my priority. the rest doesnt matter anymore. we shall just see how long this can last.

not saying that i becoz of money, dun wan frenz. but is like, now gonna be holi, silver going back, maddox dunno goin where. nick will be working. jie wun be home so often. so i will fully conc on my job. what happens if next semester start. i gotta juggle work, study and frenz. this will realli test my time management skills, which i honestly can say i sucks in. been proven back home, now is onli for me to see whether it will be proven here.

exam is just next week, haben even started studying yet. gonna study this weekend though. realli have to pull thru this man. if not, i will cry sia. goin sleep now liao, tml got work wor. ciao.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Tour arnd Perth City ....

okie, just got back from what i call a full tour of perth city sia. haha. actually, was out since last nite lor. haha.

went to the airport to send Nana and Robi off lor. den is like, went to had dinner at this restaurant that sell Indo food. not bad but i onli like one dish. haha. kinda re-live some young times sia. haha. the impatient and findin a fight kinda attitude sia. haha. so funny. haha.

den after that, went yum Cha at Makan Makan with jie, Anthony, Jimmy, Nick, Maddox and Silver. right after that, apparently everyone is in the mood not to go home, so dunno who came up with the idea of goin Xotica. haha. so, came back grab passport, den off we go into Northbridge.

but, it wasn't open, damn, second time sia. so, we tot of goin play pool at Pot Black lor. but once we stepped into the place, they say they closin liao wor. haiz. so we ended up in Oriel's again. haha. damn. sat there till 7am, swearin that it was realli chilling sia. haha.

den, since it is alreadi sun rise, dunno who suggested go for Dim Sum lor. haha, that is like, hmmm, coz Perth dim sum dun start so early, so we went arnd Northbridge to check out all the opening time. the earliest is 9am.

with some time to watse, we stopped by Swan Bells Tower, den went along Swan River, den went up Kings Park for a drive. haha. with the sun shining bright, and the fresh air, make me realise that i realli like perth a lot, and it doesnt bore me out. haha.

finally we are the first customer into Mei Sim, for dim sum. haha. den we realise that, not just we are crazy to wake so early for dim sum, but there were lotsa ppl. haha. it is discussed that Perth ppl, normally sleep early and wake early, which leads to healthy lifestyle, maybe i shld try man, sleep at 10pm and wake up at 8am. haha. crazy sia. i am a nite owl. haha.

while havin dim sum, me realise one ting, how does it feel to be at the recieving end of a smile. haha. the feeling is realli good. it just brighten up your day. haha. maybe becoz i used to work in service line, and mostly i will be the giving end, didnt realli feel it that in-depth, but today, dunno why, just felt good. haha. it is realli a good way to start a day. so pals, give someone a smile when u see them.

okie, now i realli wanna go sleep liao. haha. the sleepy bug is climbin into my brain now. haha. this is just a good day.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Drained & Frus .....

yesterday friday, had a bbq at Millpoint with Silver and housemates. coz Robbie going back tml lor. started quite early, and is like, it does show the true meanin of bbq, where everyone is standing by the pit, cooking and chatting. not just one person cookin and the rest dunno where. guess it was kinda too cold out there, therefore went back at 9 plus. which is also considered early. haha.

after that, slumber a bit at silver's place den met Steph yum cha at Fast Ed's lor. came back at 1 plus, which also considered early lor. due to some misunderstanding, was kinda in super bad mood lor. luckily, manage to clear it today lor.

had a talk with Silver just now in the evening, kinda like clearin up all the misunderstanding we both had. I am one who dun say out how i feel, and if sth goes wrong, i will just run away. been kinda bad habit since young, bottling tings up though. still in the learning process of facing it. thanks to Jie who actually pointed it out to me. for, if this continues, guess i will lose a great frenz like Silver lor. coz once i run away, i will never turn back again.

supposed to go Xotica, but apparently they had function, so ended up going to Dollhouse. just in case you are wondering what the hell is that, well, is the stripclub lor. haha. first time in Dollhouse, wasnt as good as i tot it will be, kinda slow atmosphere though. heard from the guys that Xotica is much better lor.

since i am not a guy, i wun be starin at the gals body. was kinda bored in a way, coz what they have is what u have, different in size lor. haha. me wanna go check out the guys stripclub man. haha. anyway, i was kinda doin some observation there.

i realise that, most of the strippers there, well, when i look into their eyes, it kinda show no life. i dunno whether is becoz they tryin to tink of other tings when they are baring themselves, or they got tired of the job and if not becoz of the money, they wun do it. esp the seniors. their moves are kinda in their muscle memory, and their eyes are dull. wun it be interestin to noe the stories behind these strippers? maybe can learn some life principles from them.

anyway, went to Oriel's for supper lor. it kinda turn into a cross-cultural learning session. haha. learnt a few Indo words, but i forget liao. haha. now back home, gonna sleep. or shld i say hibernate, coz now is Winter. haha. it just make me wanna go buy more jacket.

anyway, was kinda frus now. in a way, been looking for jobs since dunno when. sent out a tink almost 100 resumes, a few replied, went for a few interviews, got rejected a few times and the rest is like no responses. with the bank money runnin critical low, it is realli makin me realli frus abt it. i neber like findin jobs, coz this is a reality society, no contacts diff to get jobs. its proven in spore, it proven here. transport is anor main issues. hopefully can get my license on thurs, so that i can at least fit into the criteria of having drivin license. den can get my car, to fit into the stupid criteria of having own transport. sometimes, i realli wonder, why the hell my family is not rich, me kinda sick of tinking abt money every time. ever since i was 16yrs, keep on tinking of money. plus me realli wanna enjoy life, no need worry abt money. i noe it sound lame, coz i cant change anyting by complainin, but sometimes, the tot just flashes by. haiz. realli hope i can get a job fast. if not the money wun tahan until end of july. i dun even have the money to pay rent man. damn frus.

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