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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yummy Oysters....

well well, just had a small feast on fresh oyster. thanks to Stephanie.... haha...

she got back from her trip down South and she brought back fresh oyster from Albany. haha. apparently those oysters are still alive. haha. super fresh. haha. yummy. of coz, must thank Anthony to pry the oyster shell open... tough job i swear.

the taste of the oyster, the sweetness just linger in the mouth. Delicacy. yummy. haha. it kinda curb my craving of oysters. haha. and i heard it is quite cheap to get those fresh oyster. haha. now i must plan a trip down to Albany to savour this delicacy. haha.

yeap..... dreaming of oysters for tonite.... haha.... wonderful dreams.....

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Friday, September 29, 2006

A small sense of achievement

well, i manage to fix a 2-tier bookcase on my own. haha. okie, sound funny, yet everyone noe that girls tend to be weak comparative to guys in terms of DIY furniture. haha. but yet i was able to complete it. hmmm... doesnt it feel just like a small sense of achievement???? haha.

oh ya, just an update of the past few days....

on tues, went to work den off to the bar course. hmm. manage to do the drinks in under 10min. but hav yet to truly memorise it though. i realise that the type of drinks that needs the shaker takes longer time lor. which means i realli have to increase my speed in the others lor.

on wed, was at home doing my asian mgt assignment lor. had the ppt comin up, got my two grp mates to come over to my place to do. lazy to walk to uni. haha. ended up we still have to walk to uni, coz to print out the journal articles. haha. went to KFC in karawara for dinner, been a long while i been there. haha. we work till 12am before i cant take it liao. haha. but most of the tings done lor. haha.

yesterday, went to work... was placed on register 1 the whole day. freaking bored to death sia. den went to buy the bookcase that i wanted lor, and some other stuffs, used up the voucher that was given by the company. had to carry it all the way home, freaking hand and arm was achin by the time i reach home. haha.

went for dinner with dav and yen at Kabuki, den join them on the car cruise lor. this time round, went down to Ellenbrook which is upper swan, where they had a illegal car drag. haha. i swear we past thru a jungle onto the small roads. haha. give place to hideout sia. haha.

was dead tired when i got back, and fell straight to slp. accumulated tiredness bah....
its the time of the sem where the pressure of assignment comes up. plus now work place is in a mess, guess there will be additional stress kua.

stayed at home today, didnt plan any program lor. tidy my room, which is just a bit. sort up the loose ends of some stuffs, den chill out lor. haha. this wkend i guess is used to do up some of the assignment and den rest well, before the next week starts.

tinkin of startin on my drivin lesson again. but this time round, gonna go for automatic license instead. cant be bothered by the clutch tingy in manual. i reckon i could drive alreadi, but becoz have to multitask when drivin manual, i get nervous lor. damn. waste of time and money. might as well go for auto lor. i still wan my car lor. haha.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Everyting is fixed....

okie, kinda tink that everytin is fixed now in work. Karen gonna leave tml, and well, at least she got a new job. losing one of my senior team member, there will a chain reaction. ppl will be leaving. haiz. kinda felt demoralised, but still. hope all the best for her.

anyway, went to had dinner with Maddox at Kabuki, den went to Pot Black for pool. haha. apparently we seem to be on form, super fast games. played for abt 3 hrs plus, and we are both freakin tired. haha. old liao wor. haha.

gonna be a busy day tml, coz straight after work, gotta go for my bar course. tml will be pratical practice before next week test. and den hopefully i get the cert lor. haha. 10 drink in 10 min. shldnt be that hard bah, just need to memorise the ingredient for each drinks. which i tink i will do that during tml lunch break.

anyway, thats a short update and i am goin to slp liao. ciao ppl

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Adrenalin ....

well, after been sittin at home for the whole fuckin day.... suddenly had the adrenalin to do sth... haha. recieved good news and therefore, on a hype out mode.

cant hype out too much as i gotta work tml mornin. luckily manage to push it till 930am. if not i wonder how am i gonna wake up for work at 7am. haha. kinda hav to start gettin used to the early wakin up man. and bloody i need my license. haiz.

dun tink so much....

was glad to help one frenz today, was quite harsh yet i hope it did realli help. nv noe how i would be able to do it, if i had not conquer the same ting. well, hope all is well now. and it is realli up to that person to decide what they wanna do now.

study break is up, and yeap, assignment gotta be done. have 2 research paper to be completed, and 3 ppt coming up. cant slack liao. if not i gonna be screwed. haiz....

well, hopefully work goes well tml, i dun wanna see my team mates leaving. haiz. small burden on the chest that hopefully dissolve into thin air.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Retail Therapy

okie, was out the whole day for some retail therapy....

met Carene at Harbour town, and had lunch at Shimizu.... chatted for almost 1 hr plus before we decided to hit the shops....

first stop was at Skunkwear, where i got a pair of new jeans. coz the previous one that i got also from Skunkwear was wearing off. that was all my intention of shoppin.

den we stopped at Nike Factory Outlet, and i saw this nike top, hmmm. how do i describe it? material is like diver suit, super cooling, great for summer. haha. got that also. haha.

den in order to find sth to match it, went down to Lorna Jones, got 3 tank tops... haahaa.... crazy. felt that sth is still missing.

went to Jays Jays to have a look, and i saw this belt that i realli like. haha. so i got it. haha. now i hav a full new set of clothings. yeah....

went back to Carene's apartment to chill, den met up with Tiff, Gab, Qing and Les to had dinner at Leederville. nice place though, but i guess the crowd is mainly caucasians. haha. had burger and chips, which somehow make me missed the Mushroom Swiss back home. haha. didnt join them for dvd caused i guess i too tired liao. haha.

and ya, Carene got me dark choc from Margaret River, 70%... haha... yeah.... too bad she cant find the 85% one. haha. but its ok... and also Dunhill Fine Cut.

apparently Cartier bought over Dunhill and start using the silk filter lor. haha. similar to YSL that i used to smoke last time. haha. much stronger, but can last me longer too. haha.

anyway, had a great day. haha. now me gotta get back my mood to do the fuckin assignment. haha. yeap.... ciao....

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Feeling Vexed ....

i dunno why, for the past two days, been feelin vexed....

it is a kind of feeling that, just dunno what to do.... everyting seems to start goin haywire again. i seriously am tired of it. or was it becoz i cant find someone who i can tok to? i realli dunno....

my head felt like a pair of hands squeezin against the skull, and the brain is like compressed.... just doesnt feel rite. even if i tired pullin my hair, it didnt help at all....

work is in a mess, but no one will realli understand. a kind of disappointment felt, yet onli for those who is in there will noe. am i just addin more burden onto myself? it is so hard jus to put it into words.

study wise, well. that i realli dunno, seems well i guess. but it is the time of the sem when the pressure start comin in.

life wise, here and there, bits and pieces. tryin not to be bothered, yet i noe i cant.

am i still that naive on tings arnd me? have i not seen enuf to make me learn? have i not made the right decision? why am i doubtin myself? why dun i even have the confidence to trust in wat i do? am i such a low self esteem person?

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thoughts ....

well, was glancing thru my friendster frenz profile, sudden had the urge just to review his profile. the kind of feeling that went thru me, is not of jealousy nor hatred. just a smile on my face, noeing that he is happy now. isnt that a good ting, whereby i noe i am not lying to myself anymore. the emotional baggage is gone, and a sincere smile is the prove to it.

Love someone does not mean that u have to hold on to the other party, like there is no tomorrow. giving each other the space will show how true is the hrt. now i can finally say that i have been there, done that. no more buts.

now i can tink of the relationship as one lesson that took me very long to learn, yet today, i have finally felt that i learnt the lesson. a kinda feeling that somehow say that i have become stronger and more matured. after all, whatever that doesnt kill u, make u stronger. i am glad that it happened the ending.

sometimes in life, u see the ppl arnd us. everyone is carrying loads and loads of emotional baggage, they believe that by carrying the baggage, means that they are responsible for others. however, wat i can say is that, let go of the baggage, let go of all the hurt and sadness of the failed rs. it is till den, where u will truely appreciate what is given to u.

ppl run away from it, drown in sorrow, hate forever. why bring on so much negative emo into the alreadi complicated life. i am not saying that everytin will be fine just by a click of finger, yet what i can say is that, the life still go on, without any of ur control. faced the hurt and anger, let it out, and den moved on. dun dwell on it, like what i did, i lost much more opportunities out there. i cant turn back time, nor will i wan to. coz what has past is gone. no point saying "if i could turn back time". mistakes that are made, promises that are broken, hurt that are caused, time that are lost. 4 common mistakes that we all made.

i can proudly say it out loud, that i have moved on, and i hope that u guys also moved on to better life. rather den stayin on the same spot, and waste ur life away. embrace the lesson with a hrt to learn, rather den to deny it or even worse, lying to urself. u can fool the whole world, but u can never fool urself.

in my case, i held on to the memories that was in the past, lying to myself that everyting is like before, however, in my subconcious, i noe that ppl change. everyting arnd me change. so why spoil the memory with those false illusion???.... memories are meant to be kept, but not to be dwell on.

ppl arnd me are facing so much in their life, all i can do as a frenz, is to support them, not as in saying tings that they wanna hear. even if i noe they are gonna hurt themselve, i still support them, as i noe that, even if i say anyting, they wun listen. if that is the case, all i can do is to support them and hope they learn the lesson that is meant to be learnt. no matter how much i wish to alleviate their pain, but i noe that, sometimes, it is better for me to step aside and let life be the one to guide them thru. i will worry and even feel sad for them, but i noe, it is a path that they hav to go thru before reaching the final stage. i can be at the end, celebrating the day where they let go of the emo baggage, and feel how i feel today.

to all my frenz arnd me that are facing problems in their life, take it as sth that is meant to be learnt, not as someting to hit u down. the greatest obstacle is actually urself. and i will be there to give u support. yeap.

me gotta go slp now, hafta work tml. ciao.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Surprise ....

ok, had a surprise at work today.... when i am the last to know.... why? coz Tegan is back for holiday.... haha... i was shocked to see her....

i had this feeling that lifted up my tired body and mind instantly. is a kind of feeling that is difficult to explain... a joy to see someone.... i haven had this feeling for a very long time.... serious...

anyway, was rushin assignment till 5plus in the morning, grab an hr sleep, den went to work. guess i was kinda stoned... had to clear the storeroom, if not i will be crashed under those irresponsible ppl who put the heavy stuffs on top of weak foundation. idiots. haiz....

i was wonderin if i could substain myself thru out the whole day, and seriously, if not for Tegan, i guess i would have been super tired now. however, i am super energized now. haha.

Tegan gave me a photo frame with a photo of both of us, so nice of her. haha.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Bro.....

well, hereby wishes my little brother a happy 15th bday..... yeah....

anyway, update time....

got screwed up with my PR 360 assignment, fuckin idiot grp mate dropped me out of the grp. and i was informed at 8pm on thurs. fuckin assignment was due at 5pm on fri..... wtf ..... ended up, rushing it out till 6 plus in the morning. got it done, yet not up to my standard, but i tried my best. i was literally a stoner when i finished. couldnt slp as i had so much to do on fri. darn.

went to met david at Time Zone just now, den went to play pool at Pot Black.... been some time haven been playin pool, and guess i am still tired. so kenna thrashed like shit.... apparently dav felt lucky, so we headed down to Burswood casino to test his luck.... haha... played Roulette and Blackjack... did win some money... not much, yet we both were quite happy....

went down to Fast ed's den met up with his frenz, apparently that frenz witness a horrific car crash along Orrong Road, just outside BP station. hmm... car was travellin at 200km/hr, and lost control, smashed into a tree sideways. car was broken into two and so was the person, died on the spot. the frenz witness the whole ting, saw the dead body, and was in huge shock. haiz.... and apparently the driver look younger den 21. how sad can it be....

anyway, gotta go sleep liao. got to do assignment when i wake up. i dun wanna stay up late, as i will be working full day on monday.... nitez peeps.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bar Course ....

oh ya, yesterday went for the Bar Course by the student Guild. hmmm.... interesting, realli made me understand alcohol at a different level.

much theory based for the first 2 lesson, and the practical will come for the last 2 lessons. the tutor is quite an experienced person, as he have been in the hospitality industry for zillions of yrs, haha.

after the bar course, went to had dinner at Hawker's. tried out their new dishes, not bad in a way, at least sth different. den had a few games at Pot Black. met two new frenz, and went to their apartment to have bbq mashmallows. played a few round of poker, den returned home.

rushed my assignment till 5am this morning, wtf. at least i got it done.

went to work today, hmm, not a very pleasant day i supposed. dun wanna tok abt it.

came back at 9, fuckin tired, and i have 3 more assignment due tml. fuck.

seriously hope there is someone to massage my tired body sia. haiz. was carryin quite a lot of heavy stuffs at work, and my hands are trembling now. hmm. is it overworked???? or am i just too tired????

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ok, the weekend passed in a whizz. and also in a chaos. shall not elaborate too much, as the time is not ripe yet.

assignments are due this week, and yes, i am handling it quite well i supposed, gonna be fuckin tired till friday. however, second study break coming up, and no plans at the moment. i guess i realli need a good rest bah.

so much tings goin on now, wished there is someone who can share this burden with. kinda feel that i am collapsing. whether am i acting strong, tryin to hang on to it, or fallin under false illusion, either way, my body and mind is screamin for relieve.

the irony is that, all this matters cant be divulge out, nor can those burden be shared. i am realli struggling. close frenz arnd me have felt the pressure. i am realli sorry abt it. i am tryin very hard not to have it vented out on anyone. give me time, i will sort it out hopefully. dun let this period spoil the relationship that we all have. is not that i dun wan u guys support, but sometimes, pls understand my position.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick . . . .

well, been coughin since the day i came back from fishing.... guess is caught a slight cold bah.

had a bit of financial crisis last week, luckily manage to pull thru it. tink i gotta start rebudgeting my money liao. if not will have to start eatin indo mee man. haha.

woke up on Sunday morning feeling super refreshed, so went to had Dim SUm with Steph, Anthony and Evelyn at Jade Restaurant lor. haha. yummy, coz i get to eat the egg tart. haha. den we had dinner at home and had a great fish dinner lor. haha. fresh fishes, with lotsa bones. haha. what more can i ask for???? haha.

on Monday, was out doin a bit of grocery shopping kua. had lunch at the duckie place in Northbridge. den decided to settle dinner at home though, haha. since was in the mood of being "kitchen Hand" la. haha. haven been tryin out new dishes though, just cant be bothered bah. haha. as long as is food, there isnt much innovation lor. haha. it also mean i lazy to tink la. haha.

went to work in the morning den was out with Jie on tues nite for dinner at Lee Ming lor. wanted to go to the "famous" one, but too bad la, haha. too many ppl, so ended up next door. haha. it is then that i know that it is the chef's reputation that causes too many ppl to go lor. haha. after that headed down to Northbridge to sing KTV at utopia. haha.

wed i was too sick to go for class, was coughin very badly lor. and was super drowsy, created a little bit of scare, but all in all, i am alrite bah. stayed at home the whole day, recuperatin my energy.

Thurs i skipped the morning class again, still feeling super no strength kua. haiz. den went for my Asian Mgt class lor. haha. wanted to have dinner at Kabuki, ended up they closed, so went to Chi lor. damn lousy lor, pepper and salt is free one lor. haha. ended up eatin just a few mouth, den i give up liao. haha. was chillin out at Silver's place, coz i realli missed Momo sia. haha. wanted to go for car cruise one, but too bad la, time clashes. haha. apparently they kenna cops again la. haha. haiz. was too tired, so fell asleep early.

woke up this morning, wanted to settle some stuffs in city, but got asked for accompany lor. haha. went to had Lunch at Nando's and guess it was seriously making my throat worse. haha. who cares, use poison fight poison. haha.

called my workplace today, and next week, haha. i got back my normal working hrs, which is a relieve for me. haha. next monday i will be fully takin on the supervisor role as my manager is in melbourne and my assistant manager is off, Steven from Booragoon is coming over to replace manager for the day lor. haha. and there is a team meeting next wed nite. haha. yeah, extra money. haha.

oh ya, and my Bar Course starts next tues. well, in four wks time, i tink i will get a cert for it la. den maybe i can consider going to be a bar tender liao. haha. tink too much.

was in quite a frus mind this past few days, felt like going away for a day or two, to somewhere where no one can find me. i just wanna clear some tots that are kinda in a mess. be it impulsive decisions, or rash tinking, either one i am gonna die in the end. dunno how it goes. haiz.

alrite, that is a quick update. ciao ppl.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fishing ....

well, just got back from fishin with Jie and Anthony. yeah, today is a fruitful trip. was at North Quay, Freo, amongst the rocks, hearin the waves. yeah. haha. caught i tink abt 10 fishes, finally i settled dinner for the next dunno how many days.

been out fishin with Jie and Anthony for quite a number of times, everytime, i will come back home with a smile, even if i didnt catch any fish, or how bad my mood was before that. its a kinda feeling whereby, a temporary run away activity.

Fishin did calm me down a lot, was quite frus before that. was contemplatin whether to join them, am glad that i did join them. there was some misunderstandin between me and Jie before this, i am glad that it got sorted out. goin out with her was still as happy as before, i realli appreciate that.

okie, gotta slp now. yeap, nitez.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

End of study break .....

well, zoom zoom zoom. there past the study break. did i do anytin that is useful??? maybe. haha.
the week past with me slpin, workin, slackin and dunno wat. haha. been up & down this week, incidents happened, in the midst of peacefulness, a undercurrent of unrest.

went on a car cruise on Thurs nite. haha. was seriously fun, haha. meetin point was at Freedom Carpark. went down to BP on Nicolson rd, den to Harvey Norman in Midland, den to the truck stop in Swan Valley. haha. was in Leighton's Holden Astra, and he did drifts with four ppl in the car. haha. the fun ting was that after that, police came and haha, run. haha. lucky neber got caught. haha. thrilling sia. haha. met back at Fast Ed's Carousel lor.

a lot happened in this wk, kinda make me bein a bit down. strugglin not to tink so much abt it, though it hurts. i will rem you as who u are when u are with me, now that u have a new life, however, i still care for u. just noe that no matter what happens, i will be there.

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