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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back pain ....

okie, this sound like a continuos series sia. woke up this morning, wanted to go to work. and guess what, i cant fuckin move my lower body. my lower back was in sharp pain lor. ended up, hav to call my manager to ask for off day. and that is like 6.30 am in the morning.

so, was lyin in bed till abt 4 plus just now. when felt much better. scary sia. i tink i accidentally sprained my back while working lor. shit sia. luckily gotta rest for tml lor. hopefully by thurs, my back will kinda recover bah.

anyway, nth much lor. gonna start on the capstone ppt that is due tml. haha. i wanna go play snooker. ahhhhhhhhhhh. sudden crave. haha.

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Hang in there

that is what i am tellin myself now.

just hav to tahan 3 more weeks, and i can fully conc on my work. now is like a bit of preview of the stress that i had last time. but still, handlin it good. slept for 4hrs last nite, coz finish up the capstone report. couldnt realli slp well, and thus overslept.

was in a huge rush today, had drivin lesson before my work. so is like, zombie. haha. everyone at work seem to hav monday blues. haha.

k la, that is just a short update. gotta go slp, tml got work at 7am. damn. well, look on the bright side, at least i finish at 3pm la. den can hav time to rest and do the capstone ppt lor. haha. hang in there. last assignment to go.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pride Parade 2006

okie, that happened yesterday. but was too busy to update.

went for the Pride Parade held in Northbridge yesterday with Maddox and Danny. just sth interesting as we went for the one last yr. well, overall, this year features more groups participating in it. and it lasted for almost 1 hr. cool.

met Nick after the parade to hav dinner at Northbridge before he headed off to work. as we missed the 10' clock bus, we played a few rounds of pool at Pot Black before heading home.

came back, was doing my capstone report with Sheryl till 6 in the morning. and yet it is still not done yet. fuck. anyway, gonna take a short rest den start on it again. nth much though. anor week flies.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Knee Pain ...

damn, after shoulder is knee. wtf....

anyway, was too tired yesterday to do update.... lets review....

went to work in the afternoon, and yeah, its Aussie Bandanna Day. it kinda represent the support to the cancer foundation. and becoz of that, Monique bought everyone at work a bandanna each. well, at first we were all wearin it on the head, den we realise it kept on droppin off. so we wore it arnd the arm. but by doin stock, it still dropped off. we got so fed up, and the bandanna was either tied on the belt or put arnd the neck. freakin funny to see my cashier tryin to close transaction with the bandanna falling off her arm. haha. too many ppl in the queue to stop and took it off. hers ended up on the floor. haha. so much of support.

work till closing at 9 and met Maddox, Sam at Pot black. played a few rounds of pool and den 2 rounds of snooker. we were all kinda tired so it wasnt played very well. haha. i kept on missing the shot and foul. damn.

by the time i got back was 12 midnite, and hav to clean up the mess made by Momo. den went to slp, fall flat.

later learning drivin, and hav to do my capstone report and ppt. tonite there is the Gay parade in the city, wondering if anyone is going? hmmm....

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trouble brewing...

shld i define it as trouble or problem???? contemplating to tell or not.

anyway, update first

went to woke this afternoon and recieve a huge news. basically now there are officially 9 dept under me. and Tess is my helper. let me list them down - Toys, Recreation, Audio, Stationery, Books, Photo Frames, Confectionary, Grocery & Drinks. and for u guys info, that is almost half of my shop size. considering i onli started out with 2 alise of shelves, now is like 10 freaking alises, and half of my back storeroom. goodness.

of all that dept, the worst is actually stationery. considerin the fact that my Original Toys, Recreation and Audio is under control, the remaining are more or less organised. Stationery alsie is the worst of the entire shop. and the stock that is in the storeroom, is well known to be falling over everywhere.

now i realli gotta plan out the layout of stationery bay. have to redo it and restack the entire storeroom. goodness. well, it not a realli bad ting, as i will not worry that i wun be given enuf hrs per week to work. more den enuf man. it just gonna be real hard work, but at least i have Tess with me. the senior team member, rather den getting newcomers which i seriously no time to train them now. will Tess be able to tolerate my perfectionist style of doin tings? well, that is up to time to decide on that.

anyway, sales is pickin up real fast, and gettin busier everyday. hopefully i will be able to fully conc on doing my job well, and get ready for the awaited promotion straight after xmas. i realli need that.

oh ya, was at the register today, when this old lady came to purchase sth from the shop. when i look at her, a tinge of hrtache actually went thru me. well, she onli had 7 bucks on her, and she was contemplating whether to get this xmas soft toy for her grandson. which cost 3 bucks. she was holding on to a bottle of shampoo that cost 4 bucks. while she was fiddling in her purse to get the money out, i realise that she is a stroke victim, as her hands were shivering real bad. the only time when her eyes shone was when she told me that the soft toy was for her grandson, other den that, i see thru the eyes and realise that there seem to be layers and layers of mist, where everyting seems lost and the grandson is the onli light in her life. this realli made me wonder, why did she still hav to work at KFC as a cleaner at her age, and the love that she had for her grandson realli touched me. can see that she is someone who will spulrge on her grandson even till the last cent she had on her. no credit card, no bankcard, onli dollar coins in a battered purse. no branded stuffs, no fancy stuffs, just a handbag that seems to hav gone thru wear and tear.

she was looking at the chocs that was at the counter, and looked back into her purse. can see the disappointment that she had written across the face. the pack of choc onli cost 1 buck. haiz. i looked at her, i feel helpless, coz i cant pass that choc off. well, it realli make me appreciate what i hav. realli.

tink abt those ppl who chase after branded stuffs, those ppl who are not self contented, those ppl who spend every single cent on useless tings? haiz, that is the reality of real world. on one hand, there are ppl who find happiness in very basic simple stuffs, while on the other hand, ppl chasing after unrealistic goals.

just a scene that i cant seem to forget.

gotta go rest, had a freakin long day today and tml. nitez peeps.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shoulder pain ....

could i hav injured myself during work? my right shoulder blade the muscle hav been kinda in pain for a few days. crap.

was at work the whole, finally manage to clear out my stock. great. now the stock in the storeroom looked more manageable. dun tink it will last though, coz there will be new allocations coming in, and also the catalogue stock. crap.

anyway, got off work, came back home, broght the dog out for a walk, discovered that there is a park near my place where i can see sunset and also the scenary of the hills. cool rite.

came back, cooked dinner, and den boiled barley water. better drink that more often as gotta be quite heaty inside the body. which remind me to get sugarcane when i am free.

ok la, not much of an update, but well, hopefully my shoulder is ok lor. yeah.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Uptight ....

okie, that is how i felt the entire day. woke up in a very blurry state, went to work. wasnt havin full conc at all. nearly screwed up a few transactions. even my manager can see that i am not on top form. damn. sales was good today though, manage to pull thru the day.

came back, brought Momo out for a walk. since he is considered to be a good boy today. i dunno why my mind doesnt seem to be in my head. gettin distracted easily. maybe is lack of rest bah.

anyway, gotta go slp, tml workin mornin again.

and ya, just found out that the next two months will be a hell busy time. xmas sales plus normal monthly catalog. goodness. look like gonna be dead beat for the whole of the holi.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Charcoal ....

well, didnt noe why the freakin temp went up to 32 degrees today. supposed to be spring, not summer. haiz. and mind u lor, the sun is like scorching hot, different from spore lor. had my drivin lesson this morning, though in the car, i realised that my skin got way darker den before. shit.

came back, slept thru the whole afternoon. guess i was too tired though. woke up half way, decided to drop by Carousel to exchange the stuffs that i bought for the dogs. den came back, slp again. cant stand the weather man.

hmm, wats wrong with me wearing pink???? my hse mate made a big hoo ha, when they saw me in a pink tank and quarter shorts. they surely dun expect me to wear tshirt and jeans in that freaking weather rite? weird.

anyway, feelin heaty after a few hrs in the sun. guess i shld go grab some rock sugar and sugarcane to boil. hmmm, haven been eatin proper meals recently. guess this gonna substain till exam over. haiz.

goin slp again, haha. tired.

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Tired ....

okie, was workin the whole day today. was kinda in an uptight mood, as i recieve phone calls tellin me that Momo is makin a hell lot of noise. and woke the hse up. haiz. i was realli worried that the neighbours might complaint and i am died.

was stuck in register 1 today, but at least the sales was good, so kinda time flew fast. was realli drained out when i get back, and well, unfortunately gotta whack that dog la. peed on my bed. haiz. when will tat dog learnt man.

so had to change my entire bedsheet and quilt and watever. damn.

was supposed to meet david for dinner, ended up due to some situation, went out with silver instead. too much of prob and decided to let it out in a form of energy release, snooker. well, it realli did help releasin all the stress i had, even if it was a temporary relief. at least it did changes my mood for the better.

now me gonna slp liao, hav drivin tml mornin, now i cant wait to get my license.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


okie, been some time that i hav been tinking abt a lot of tings, yet didnt hav time to realli sit down and reflect on those. now that most of my tough assignments done, catch a breather and pen the thoughts into words.

first ting first, "being observant or blur is better?"

well, sometimes, ignorance is bliss. well on the other hand, i am like a sponge, which wanna absorb all the information that i can. i rem ppl used to say that i always act blur, but my head spins like a machine gun goin off.

is blur realli such a good protection? or ppl just tink that they can take advantage of me? i realli dunno. a lot of tings i seem to dunno, but i am not an idiot. havin a sharp eyes hav always been a trait of mine. the onli difference is that i choose to ignore it.

second ting, "how do u determine how much worth does a frenzship hav?"

someone ask me this question recently. i stumbled, as i didnt expect ppl will actually ask. coz to me, it is just sth that i noe. different frenz arnd me hav different worth. some is just not the worth. some, i willing to do almost anyting, and even cried for.

sometimes, i was told that i put frenz in priority, and that is the reason why i keep on getting hurt. coz as times goes by, tings start to change and i just get hurt. nth i can do abt it, but force myself to move on.

that is why i felt the pain over and over again. i didnt noe i was such a sadist, self torture to be crude.

third ting: "am i too soft hrted?"

seem to be the case, but i guess i must learn liao. good ppl die earliest, i noe why. coz either they get killed or overstress. i dun wanna die so early.

time and time again, i made the same mistake of forgivin someone whom i noe will hurt me at the end of the day. am i too trusting? haiz.

different chain of tots, nth new. just tots.

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Dogs ....

well, they are a human's best companion, who disagree? basically, i dun deny.

but what happen when the dog that u like, keep on irritatin u? when i beat it, ppl stop me. fine, spend money on it, yet it kept on messin my tings. instill punishment, yet ppl say i am cruel. ahhh...

that is what is happening to that dog that is currently in my hand. cant spoiled it, yet cant allow it to continue its rampage.

not feelin well, guess is the recovery of my whole tired week's energy. fair enuf.

so much happened this week, that i nearly suffocated under the huge amt of pressure.

sth better to talk abt, went to Carousel with steph today, basically wat did we do is get a new leash and collar for Momo. well, wanted to bring him out for a walk. dun mind spendin the money on him.

den, slack at home watchin "Devil Wears Prada". wanted to bring Momo out for a walk, but the collar kept on coming off, gonna exchange for a stronger one. resting the whole day, had driving lesson in the afternoon. got 1 hr free of lesson, coz i had nth to do, and Dav wanted me to drive down to city to pick up anor student, so yeap.

tml is a full day work, and nth else. gonna finish up my capstone assignment, and get ready for the company report and ppt that is due in the week before study break. and yeap, exam is round the corner. boring.

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Unhappiness linger....

okie, that is how i feel when i stepped into the hse now. haiz. why cant they just let it go, why linger at the same stop, why play those childish game of having sides? cant they just be more matured in this lor. haiz.

why make tings so personal when it can be looked at a more objective point of view. haiz. why dragged frenzship into hse issues lor. crap ppl. cant be bothered by them, now i seriously just wanna moved into a space of my own. no need to face this kinda shitty tings lor.

there are more priorities in life, why dwell on it? haiz. now realli make me feel that how childish they can be. for goodness sake, grow up. duh. how are they gonna succeed in the real world, when responsibilties is not taken, and being reluctant to accept any criticism.

the fact that it is against the issues, why make it personal, and start the whole round of personal attacks? cant they just see that, well, we got issues, and here is the solutions, why go into personal attacks, like puttin assumptions of the personal feelings into the way issues are handled?

now the whole hse like split into war zone, and me being the fuck care type, is gonna be dragged into all this shit. fucking waste of my time, when ppl just cant seem to get a simple point. why study uni when they cant fucking understand the basic of life. duh.

irritating ppl. i swear.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A sense of mixed feelings.....

anor tirin day at work, mixed news lor. first, i was asked to work full shift on fri, instead of half day, which is good news. den i was informed that my trio team, one of them is comin back, which is anor good ting.

but work was tiring, that the bad news. came back from work, doggies mess up my room, anor bad news. although everytin is kinda expected, but still consider bad news la.

report due tml morning, half way thru, freaking tired, hanging in there. haiz.

update again, me brain is reducin dramatically liao. haha.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Tiring day ....

didnt catch enuf slp, which was bad. coz i didnt had the energy needed for today's work. was settin up the entire christmas pallets. and that include shelfin and a lot of banging. of coz, it went with a lot of injury, coz i wasnt payin much concentration that is needed. got cut by the shelves, pricked by the metal baskets, hit by the shelf brackets. paper cuts are like a norm, no major injuries which is the lucky ting.

anyway, Mark came back from his honeymoon, and well, his speed neber change, even after restin for 3 weeks. respect man. Stephen went home early coz he wasnt feeling well, apparently was that pizza that he had last nite. he was so worried that if he asked to go back early, is like some kinda major offences. haiz, he get stressed up so easily man.

well, my room is packed again, and yeap, the two doggies are residin at my place for the time being. first day of stay, they messed up my room, had to whack them. Qby was placed on the fridge, and Momo in the laundry cupboard. old punishment, but had to do so, if not, i dunno how am i supposed to retrain them.

anyway, gotta rush assignment, maybe update later bah.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


well, more thoughts. was waiting for the train to work today. and thoughts just seamlessly flow thru my mind. not of any particular kind, just tots.

seein myself thru the reflectin mirror, i couldnt recognize the person in the mirror. that pair of eyes look so lifeless. it doesnt carry any joy or happiness. that sparkle in the eyes were gone. what happen?

lookin back at the photos i took few months back, and comparin with last semester, i realise that the sparkle wasnt realli there anymore. the facial expression doesnt show that radiant, or enthusiaism that i had when i just came.

the eyes tell a lot of stories, a lot has happened, lessons had been learnt. the most simple wish was not as simple as it seems to be. tied down by committments, i dunno where did the carefree self went. juggling between studies, work and frenz, that rush and gush slowed down.

frenz hav commented that i became lazy when i started working. i wasnt able to give my full ability to get tings done, i seems to slack on tings that i used to be full on. a lot of promises were put on hold, and i dun deny i did neglect some frenz arnd me.

i wun blame it all on my work, coz i noe i had no choice but to work. with work, comes additional responsibilities, additional worries, additional problems. my full on energy is being split, and my limitations bein hit time and time again.

so hard hav i tried to increase my limit, but the effort come to naught. in the end, i chose to pull back into a solace life. instead of tinkin of expandin the social circle, i chose to withdraw into my world. with few frenz that i chose to keep.

when situations arises within my world, it is the same time that i realise i had no one to confide in, my world is too closely linked. the fear of words that are not meant to spread, spread. be it intentionally or unintentionally. thus i seek wisdom from the past.

the past that i left behind when i get on the plane and left last yr. for the trust that was placed on the past, seems to be a safer mode of venting out. all that had been bottled up came up burstin onto an innocent outsider of the situation.

the trust of a frenz that i nv met, yet shared the deepest secrets of my life. a mutual agreement to keep the frenship this way, nv to meet each other. a frenz that seem to be my life advisor, a kind of respect that no other can recieve.

is it becoz of the distance that we kept, thus buildin that strong foundation of trust that we had, the purest form of frenzship. where words can be said w.o worryin that it will hurt the other party. actions can be done w/o worryin that it will affect the other party.

and thru this special frenzship that i learn to wonder of not bein possessive, as both of us lead our different lives. it doesnt interwined, onli the early stage. we are two seperate entity that is linked by one single factor, the very basic of rs, trust.

tinkin back on the start of this frenzship, i did wonder why we will be frenz. all that was said is that, it is just a feelin that i want to stand by u. and it is a mutual feeling. nth of any weird feeling, just that gut feeling that we both had, even when we didnt contact each other for a few months, a simple sms will linked us back again.

i hav read quite a number of theories on frenzship, for none actually could explain this special frenz that i had. this frenzship defies all laws of rs, there wasnt any proximity, nor verbal comm. yet the trust that we had, is more that wat others and even us had expected.

this special frenz had tried to mend the void in my hrt, where all the deepest secrets lies. bit by bit, there is no limit placed nor any deadline. by givin me the most when i least expected, time had proven. tinkin of the transformation that i went thru, this special frenz had neber claimed credit for anyting. all that was said is I seen u changed ever since i noe u, no matter how u change, as long as u r willing, i will be there for u, when u need me.

this post is specially for this frenz. it doesnt mean to compare with the rest of the frenz i hav. Thanks K, for the special frenzship, that taught me a lot. thanks for everyting that u had done for me for the past dunno how many number of yrs. haha. and i am sure we will hav many many many yrs ahead.

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Messy Day ....

okie, went to work this morning, and recieve a bad new. Larissa quited yesterday, the reason bein that she didnt want to sign on contract for xmas. so now, my perfect combi team is gone. damn. and also, there is total of 3 dept floatin arnd, and the task of ticketin is empty. wasnt a good start of the day.

and the whole day i was tryin to rearrange her dept which is stationery. i nearly give up on that dept man, so many new lines to be cut in, but no place to go into. wtf. and becoz her dept is mainly usin peg boards, both my arms are scarred again. damn.

anyway, super tired now. gotta do my report later, due on monday noon. haven seem to stable my mood to do the report. damn. put that aside, if u guys realise, my tag board changed, coz apparently i couldnt access it at all. damn. so i got my little bro to help me with this current one. nth fanciful yet, dun hav the time to do it up.

tml got drivin lesson and i tink i gotta start on the 2 reserach paper for PR, which is also due this comin week. hangin in there, after this week, i will be kinda relieved.

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Thoughts ....

okie, i guess last week i wasnt in a good mood as can be shown thru my posts.

kinda hav it cleared up and now tings arent that bad now. i reckon i was over sensitive in some areas, and thus causin myself from gettin hurt. being insecure hav always been a weak point for me. and i guess i hav to change.

watever that happen i shall not comment on as it had past. all that i will comment is that, sometimes, goin solo may be the best way to avoid misunderstandin. life moves on with or without me, get on with life and that is what i am doin now.

everyone hav their own choice, and it is not for anyone else to control. since i like the freedom i hav, why tink of controllin others? what i expect from others, i have to give back the same. different people hav different identities, and not two are the same.

phobia may still be there, yet it shldnt be there to cause problems. once the decision is made, nv doubt in it. watever that is choosen, respect it.

my mood hav stable down, and so is my life. i guess that is just a rough patch that i had to go thru.

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Sizzler ....

okie, went to had Sizzler's with Steph and Anthony for dinner just now. i swear i am dead full. well, we waited for abt 1 hr to get the seats, and den, sat there for almost 1 hr to finish the food. all in all, it is my first time in Sizzler's lor. the salad bar is not bad la, considerin the variety lor. buffet style. haha.

came back to play game cube lor. haha. man, i sucks in that. haha. gotta go slp early liao, coz tml gotta work. yeap, saturday work. haha. next week, i got back my regular hrs liao. so relieved lor. if not i hav to worry abt rental for this month liao.

anyway, went to Carousel for lunchie with maddox lor. well, realise that there are 3 new shops in there, and not much of wat interest me. haha. saw a few frenz there lor. did some window shopping, and den came back lor.

okie la, that is the update for today. nitez.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

One down, 3 more to go ....

well, the ppt today was great. luckily, the tutor was impressed by the ppt lor. well, it just mean that all those effort put in is worth it. we wanted to go hav dinner to celeb, but i guess the three of us cant tahan liao. all came back home and rest.

i noe i am very tired, but i dunno why i cant seem to slp. i mean, assignment wise, i am consider more or less done. the one that i feared most alreadi past. is it becoz i jam-packed too much, and causing my bio clock to go hay wire? i cant afford that, realli.

next week will be anor round of assignment, and it is nearly the exam time. whether i will be able to pull up my aggregate, decidin factor is this semester. i shld start tinkin abt what i wanna do when i grad.

soon, i will be reviewin this sem. it flew fast as usual. but there seems to have a lot of tings happening. be it past or present, i guess it is just life.

okie, the bed is callin me, nite.

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QUick update ....

okie, i haven been updatin for a few days....

tues went to work the whole day, was in a down mood. had dinner with David at Kabuki, which i seriously long time neber go. den had grp discussion on asian mgt ppt till late, i couldnt take it, went to slp.

wed, woke up for ppt for my PR corporate, manage to pull thru it i tink. den had driving lessons and den my capstone class. talk abt schedule packed, yeah. had dinner with Celest and Eve at Wongs', den went to uni, doin my asian mgt ppt, guess what, was up till this morning 6am before we couldnt take it and came back to rest. luckily got an extension for the report that is due today, if not i tink we gonna screw tings up.

well, gotta continue doin my ppt, hopefully it goes well, class till 830pm today. at least i get a rest before handing in the report. i had to pop a energy pill to keep me awake sia. man, this is not even the exam time. fuck.....

okok, will update again. ciao

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Crappy day ....

okie, not in a good mood. realli not in a good mood

anyway, rushin assignment in the afternoon, ppt on wed morning. crap.

went to uni at 9plus for anor one. seriously dun understand the case studies questions. nvm. fucking dunno where to start.

came back home, handle some stuffs. and am seriously not feelin well. my eyes is acting up again. better not anor round of infection again. if not will be very bad for me.

of all this crap tings, well, Steph bought me fresh Salmon. thru this fav food, i find a hinge of satisfaction. just to made it more bearable for me today. at least there is sth good abt today. thanks jie, realli appreciate it.

gotta go slp now, tml gotta work in the morning. ciao.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hazy day .....

well, that was the bloody haze in the fuckin afternoon. i tot i will never encounter it here in this fresh air society, but that bloody haze just have to fucking make an appearance. idiot. i am a fucking pampered gal of the wonderful fresh air in perth, yet the fucking haze have to visit me. damn idiot.

i dun mind it coming to visit, if i am at work, or stuck at home. it just chose the fuckin rite time to visit me, when i hav to fucking get out of the hse and do my stuffs. a sniff of the air, is the familiarity of the haze, bloody imprinted in my mind ever since i noe it.

fuckin wind better blow the opposin direction man, now is not the time for all of us to fall sick, bloody assignment is gonna kill us, dun tink we wan it with bloody haze.

stable down with my work, now i picked up drivin again. this time round, fuckin better get it before this yr end. i hav to change to learn automatic, fuck the clutch man. i wan my fuckin car for xmas. simple wish now. damn fuck.

not in a very good mood, so many tings in the mind, cant be rushed, yet i am an impatient person. cant wait to fucking settle all of them. i just wanna get all this shit out of the way, and be happy again. is that too much to ask for?

i dun need answers as i noe it is not the time, i dun need reasons as i was told of it. i need directions, when i just felt that i losing sight of the path. simple. my brain is tinkin too much again, time to time, i have to practice self control. way before everytin spun out of control. of few that i trust, of none i hav told, i learn the hard way, to handle all this myself. not givin chance of any fucking slight mistake, this is too impt to me. i am holding a zero-tolerance of mistake in this. everyting is in the mind... u are what ur mind is. control ur mind, control urself.

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Boring .....

well, been a busy yesterday, yet just too tired and bored to enjoy it. a lot of tings just cloated up my mind, everyting just dun seem to pick up my mood in havin fun. fuckin irony sia.

well, haven been up to much stuffs lately. frus coming up as tings keep goin out of my way. a kinda frus whereby it just linger at the valve of the hrt, u can feel it yet u cant touch or disperse it. it just felt stuck there and not moving. this is just irritating me.

anyway, nth much to update though.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to Silver .....

okie, may look a bit late but it is still ur bday la. haha. i guess i max out my ways of saying happy bday liao. all mode of communication i alreadi completed. haha.

been a freakin busy day for me today. due to the fact that i onli manage to finish my asian mgt ppt quite late last nite, i skipped my morning PR class lor. went to work in the afternoon, today is kinda like a messy day. finally get to do my section though got placed on register 1 for the last 1.5hrs.

after work, rushed back to uni for the ppt. well, can say i need more prac in my ppt liao. standard dropping. cant seem to crap thru the points. haha. next week there is anor one, needed more class participation sia. small actions to keep the class awake, after all is a late class. haha.

came back home, super hungry, didnt manage to hav a proper meal today. yet was too tired to cook, so ended up with biscuit again. alreadi stockin up on my biscuit liao, no more indo mee, hav to rem to get it lor.

tml will be anor busy day, working the whole day, den is like helping out at the Pasar Malam for MCW this yr. will be quite fun bah. haha. cant wait. anyway, gonna slp soon. my eyes is much better now. that was a scary episode sia. haha.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Much Better ....

well well, today my eyes seem to be much better now... still slightly swollen and red, but not as bad as yesterday. at least i can see properly now. i tink after a few more drops of that eye drop will help it recover lor.

At capstone today was realli good. was in a super good mood. laughing all the way man. haha. at least i dun hav to worry abt capstone now.

well, after so long of preparation and planning, nah.... haha... i pass the presents to Silver liao la.... haha. hope she like it lor. nth fanciful, just sth for her bday la. will do a post later la.

now have to prepare for my asian mgt ppt tml liao. haha. hopefully get it done by tonite. tml gonna be a long long day. haha.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Allergy Eyes.....

okie, not a very good day for me. everyting is fine, just that my eyes is swollen. suspected allergy lor. even with the eye drop i got from the chemist, didnt help much. so was kinda struggling at work, clearin the pallet, guess the dust didnt help at all.

den went for the Bar course practical test, which i nearly failed, coz i forgot the recipe. haiz. plus my eyes is realli irritatin me lor. but well, got the cert, now got anor option of job kua.

den had dinner at Cafe Asia in Northbridge, and came back straight home. cant take it liao.

gonna rest now, hopefully tml the eyes will be much better.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Perth Royal Show ....

okie, went perth royal show today. haha. was with STeph and Anthony lor. haha.

i presume i will be goin there a few more times, thus i didnt go on a crazy frenzy to spend all my money. haha. we mainly conc on the games stall lor. got a few soft toys, nth as gigantic as last yr, which is good. haha. been eatin non-stop. haha. thoroughly enjoyed myself. haha. i swear.

and the best ting of all, the fireworks were fantastic. 15 min of non-stop fireworks display, can be describe sth like a musical water fountain but using fireworks instead.

we were quite tired at the end of the day, coz been walking a lot, haha. covered most of the grounds. haha. i.e getting lost. haha. but i guess we had a very good time today.

now gotta get our ass back into serious stuffs now, it is the serious time of the semester.

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A joke of the day ...

well, actually not today la. it happened yesterday.

okie, basically i got so bored, i wanted to get out of the hse and go out for a walk. i was contemplating of either subi, carousel or city. was weighin out the options n decided on carousel. coz i work in the city, and subi is mainly the market. haha.

i reckon i would need to get some hair stuffs and maybe a few grocery lor. so i hopped on the bus that i waited for 30min to carousel. haha. when i reach, sth doesnt seem rite, the carpark was super empty, not a single car, and the ting is that, that is where the food court is. hmm. it still hadnt hit me that it is not open. so i walked all the way to the other entrance that is at Fast Ed's. i saw more cars, so i tot maybe Woolworths is open. haha. guess wat, technically speaking, the mall is open, onli the cinema, Hans cafe, Dome, Fast Ed are open, the rest is closed. damn.

den i was kinda laughin at myself liao. how could i forget that on sunday, mainly onli city will be open. all becoz of the stupid SUnday trading law lor. idiots. so i went to Macs to grab a large coke and sat at the bus stop for anor 1hr to wait for the bus to go home lor. haha. such a clever smart ass i was. haiz. this is how long i haven been out liao. haha. not on wkend.

anyway, decided against goin into city, coz it was quite late liao. so came back home, still findin the entire episode funny. due to the sun, i kinda stick myself in front of the fan the whole day liao. can feel the heat that had penetrate my skin into the body. drank dozen gallons of water, but the throat still felt kinda dry. haiz.....

well, that all for the joke of the day.

this wk gonna be a super busy week. programs have been lined up packed lor. work schedule was fitted smacked into the timetable. and the assignment that is due, gonna be up late every nite liao. of coz, someone's bday coming, i swear that is a huge headache. haha. kidding. we see how it goes la.

tml i will be taking my Bar course's practical test lor. which means i realli have to memorise the recipe by tonite. realli. tml i will be workin full day den rushing off to the course. lucky monique is not in tml, i can get off work earlier.

well, will update again... in the mean time, hav a good laugh to start the week.

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