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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Marathon ....

okie, considered half way.

back at home i am, with my two lovely gals still in the cinemas.

went for a xmas movie marathon, "I Am Legend", " Beowulf", "1048".

those who noes me well noe that i hate horror movie of any kind.

was onli there to watch the first 2, though i cant believe i watchin the 2nd one again.

wasnt realli in a good mood to sit on those uncomfy seats for 5hr 39min.

too much weighin in my mind to even conc on the story.

waverin hrt,

hope those two enjoy the last movie though.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Study again????

feel like studyin. i must be crazy u might say.

was lookin at my options, shld i just get a grad dip or go strght to masters?

i realli wanna go for HRM or IB or Mrkt now. sth more specialised.

cant add minors onto my degree, so shld i go for grad dip?

8 units, 2.3k a unit. grad dip

12 units, 2.3k a unit. masters.

maximum 50% exemptions.

best scenario, 4 units, 2.3k. grad dip. 9.2k

6 units, 2.3k, masters. 13.8k

quite a sum.

can i?

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

1st Xmas Dinner ....

on a summer xmas nite, before the clock strike 12, we were stuffing ourselves with a delicious and sumptuous home-made, heart-felt xmas dinner. hahahahaha.....

okie, the main chef was of coz Elise, and the assistant was me, which i was kinda forced to be there early, hahahahahaha.

table was filled with food, and i meant literally filled with food. we had entree to main course to dessert. all on that 6 seater table. hmmm.

what do bloated ppl do when they reach a state of need for release? with the aid of sub-standard glow stick and music, we hav crazy ppl dancin in a room. hahahahaha. that was funny.

after that, went on house huntin, for xmas lights, but ended up onli seein the structure. damn.

dinner was great, ppl was great.

wat a way to pass a xmas.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cracking ....

one more day to xmas, crackin under huge stress.

had Secret Santa and Girr dinner @ Sizzler's Innaloo, yesterday. i got one carton of coke. haha, they noe me too well. hahaha. Tegan came along too. it is fun to go out with 15s and 16s. laugh thru the whole dinner. though i onli had 2 hrs sleep before that.

stress level is high high high. restless nites, endless crap customers, gonna be over soon.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gone opportunity .....

a chat at mill point brought back memories.

a reflections of past opportunities.

a reality of self.

a disturbing truth.

gone were the opportunities,

gone with the wind.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Piece of Crap ....

just got back from a gathering. hmmm, overall it was alrite, though participation rate was kinda low. haha. Murray St xmas party. well, it kinda ended up like a dinner and a movie.

had Sizzler's @ Innaloo, lotsa catchin up to do. den they decided to catch a movie. so decided on "Beowulf" which i tink everyone regretted. it is one of the worst movie ever made.

Lyle actually slept thru the whole ting, while the rest of us is tryin to figure out wat the characters were toking abt. everyone agreed that we shld hav seen that English comedy, damn. it is not worth to go to the cinema or even rent the dvd. piece of crap.

my day wasnt that good either, Andre walked into the store today, part of me wanted to take the broom out to start sweeping, part of me keep tellin myself not to stoop to the level.

the look on her face was like a dog bein beated up, tail tugged behind. no matter how i keep tellin myself that it is her retribution, but my blood was boiling all the way. sales wasnt as good as i hoped it to be. stock wasnt pumpin out as fast as i wan it.

havin second tots abt this job. two more weeks to go into xmas, over and done with. the holiday back to spore will allow me to tink tings thru. and give myself a real rest.

till den, i wun be updatin so much.

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