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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reliance on Technology...

finally the broadband is up, there seems to be thousands of tings i wanna do at once.

take a step back, and i realised, without broadband, i seem to be missin sth.

however, maybe is becoz of the super slow dial up,

i reduced my time online greatly.

makes me wonder,

shldnt technology complement human interaction?

but it seems like it is heading towards destruction of the human touch.


for now, cant be bothered yet.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sleepless ...

staring into the white-washed walls,

wonder where hav my mind whirl to,

given up to the physical strain,

the body hibernates.

in search of tranquility,

and all i see is images flashing.

woken up several times,

pillows sprawling everywhere,

why is my mind still swirling,

in the middle of a lonely nite?

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Backdated ....

ok, i noe i haven been updatin in accordance. lets just do some backdating.

the last 7 days in sg was spent with appointments back-to-back. which kinda ended up me not havin sufficient slp. there wasnt any itch of leavin sg, until the very last day. maybe is becoz before that, i was not in a stable state of mind.

running here and there, meetin up with old time friends, catchin up on each other's life. pretty worth the rush i supposed. sorry to those frenz that i could onli meet up once durin this whole trip, and to those i just cant seem to slot out the time. do keep in contact though, and if ever anyone of u decided to come by aussie, tell me.

did i mention i was smacked with heat rashes? okie, that is realli bad, considering it kinda spread through my whole body. as hard as i try, i still cant stop my itchy hand from scratchin it. hahaha. so ended up i tink i looked abused. oooo.

the flight back from sg was alrite, kinda gorge myself with the food again. huggin Tigger with me, i tink for a second i look like a young kid. watever. maybe is the feeling that i am headin back perth which kinda felt like home, so i wasnt that uneasy as the reverse trip.

chatted with random strangers on the flight, felt good. kinda felt the duration of the flight is nth. and the moment i got out of the airport, happily breathing the air that i miss so much. temp hav pretty much stable down, no more crazy summer weather. now is pretty much the nice and windy style.

didnt fully unpacked my stuffs. kinda lazy to do so. gonna catch up on my slp for the next few days and i will be headin back to work. till den, till den.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Opposite the ruse,

staring into space,

heavy heart weighing,

passing time aimlessly,

all the neon lights,

show the hassle of life,

where is mine?

wind blowing across my face,

distant laughter fill my ears,

ripples water in my sight,

fumes of bumboats sting my nose.

tinge of emptiness,



the sky is dark,

and so it seems my world.

watching in the dark,

seeking the truth of light,

yearnin for a sense of warmth.

in this cold night,

tears run dry,

hope seems small,

and end of the road is near.

self destruction tempting the battered mind,

how long can it last?

drowning in sorrow,

lost in reality,

falling into an abyss.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A heart to made ting right,

why with all the sudden concern?

why with all the sudden care?

everything would have been alright,

if it was given at the beginning.

whats with having meals together,

when i noe i will get lectured?

just let me run away,

just take it i am not back.

till the day i heal the pain,

will be the day we hav our meals again.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Letter ....

"i am gone with the wind.

dun cry for me, laugh with me.

u might say that i am silly, to put it to an end.

with such bright future i had, why did i let it go?

oh dear frenz, what u see is the front that i put,

the lies that i said, the smile that i faked.

what u dun see is the pain that i take, the tears that i shed,

the fear that i faced.

a trip to a faraway land,

open up wonders in my eyes,

rip up the stitches that i hide.

a strong front that i had,

covers the battered remains of whats left.

dont say i am strong, dont say i am wise,

dont put me as an example, dont put me in the limelight.

what is left in me, is a shattered soul without a home.

a dying dog, a starless night, a huge black hole,

it just felt all hopes are gone,

whatever that i have fought for,

is worth none the effort.

forgive me, frenz,

forget me. "

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It might be a mistake that i made,

to cling onto the diminishing hope,

but what is beneath the anticipation,

lies the fear of a lost opportunity,

as it might not strike twice,

given the distance and time,

it might end up bein a small episode of my life.

what i deemed to hav committed into,

the after effect might be waves of ripples.

if it was the last chance,

if ever it was the last chance,

forgive me.

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A train ride,

dawned with silence of human,

rattling of metal bars,

squeaking of train tracks,


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

KB Trip ...

okie, disappeared for almost 6 days. yes, CNY back in KB.

considering the fact that i haven been back there for almost 10 yrs, it is damn exciting for me. hahaha. all i can tink abt is the green, blue and mixed rice. food. hahaha.

the trip started on a bloody long train ride. yeap, i seriously mean long. 20hrs of train ride, i tink i have been to London and back. one engine died half way, and the other one overheated. u might as well slaughter me. haiz. the train ride was interesting, considering the little symphony i had. but it also made me tink abt lots of stuffs.

finally arrivin there, drained out. i wanna take plane the next time. stepped into the hse, surrounded by cousins that i dun recognized at all. hahaha. was intimidating at first, but after a while, food made me more comfy. hahahaa.

okie, to put it in short, it hav been eating and eating and eating for the 5days there. also, i had my family photos and grad photo taken. oooo.

okie, i am too tired to update. anor post den.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Short rest.

back in sg, the first nite, went for supper at Elise place. well, hav to satisfy the increasin appetite of my tummy. ok, i declare i am not a huge fan of handmade noodle. hahaha. headed home at arnd 3am. got fascinated in 7-11. haha. okie, not that exaggerating.

woke up late into the arvo, decided to check out Jurong Point and those surrounding shopping centers. seriously, where the hell all those ppl come from????? nth much changes, just renovated shop front, checked out silver's shop, not bad. but couldnt be bothered to go try. hahahahaha. came home for dinner, den headed out to meet elise and her babe @ Holland Village. sat down for a drink, and den ended up @Yew Tee 24hr food court with anor of her frenz. hmmm, kinda felt like socialising in the middle of the nite. hahahaha.

went to vivocity to check it out. i swear it is huge, in terms of the layout is complicated. so you wun realli know which side hav u walked and vice versa. ended up i stayed in the sky garden, just reading my book. nice place. and guess what i survive a bloody train ride. and i decided to walk home from the interchange. exercise.

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Penang Trip ....

considering KL trip to be fruitless, hopin in my head that the Penang trip to be better.

on the way to bus station, stomach rumbling like crazy, it is runnin on reserve fuel. the very good elise decided to put me on a test. hmmm. walkin past those mamak store, my eyes shone. yet, she seems to be in her own world. previous experience taught me to leave her alone.

finally, she came to a conclusion that i would rather starved den to ask. hmmm, well, i did hav my back up plan of grabbin chips if she doesnt moved. hahaha. that scene was funny. anyway, hop onto the bus, tummy filled, happy me.

was supposed to call David when i see the Penang Bridge. hmmm, apparently when i called him, i still wasnt 100% sure i was on the bridge. hahaha. well, accordin to the internet photos, there is a structure to the bridge, but i just realised that it is the middle part of a super long bridge.

anyway, got instantly received by that big guy. haha. first stop was to fill my tummy again. hahaha. felt seriously like a pig. hahaha. met up with his frenz, headed back to the crib, showered and headed out again. hahaha. saw his dad, hmmm, had a feelin of "wat the fuck happened to you, Dav" hahahahaha.

by the time we reached back home was 5 plus, sleep bug caught up with me. hahaha. slept till 2pm. ooooo, his dad actually bought us lunch. penang hokkien mee. hahahaha. first stop, big big shopping center. i forget the name liao.

saw this shop "SUbZero", i seriously loved the clothin in there, it makes me regret not bringin more money. hahahahahaha. after a few walkin, my tummy rumble again. hahahaha. eat again, bought my cuttlefishies. hahaha.

joined his frenz for a movie "Rambo 4" @Gurney Plaza. seriously sick movie, well, apparently it suited someones taste. hahaha. a short session in TimeZone for the guys, den mamak again. hahahaha. sat at the mamak, huge plasma tv, watched "Aragon", seems like a movie marathon. hahaha. drained out. came back home, had a shower, and catched up with Dav till mornin 7am.

woke up to the knock on the door, oooo, apparently his dad cooked steamed chix wor. hahaha. ate it after waitin for someone to get up. headed out to this tourist place on the other end of penang. is sth like a pasar malam. haha. someone tried to pull a stunt of missin person, scare the shit out of me. so in the process of teachin that person a lesson, i got fuckin scratched. hahahaha. anyway, headed down to had Duck Kuay Chep. yummy.

on the third day, oooo, slept in again. piggies. hahaha. dilly dally, went down to the big big temple of penang. hahaha. well, i did remember goin there when i was super young. but i didnt remember the number of stairs it had. and i didnt noe someone hated stairs that much. hahaha. a bit of sight seeing. hahaha.

headed down to the jetty to have seafood feast with his frenz. hahaha. crab, lobster, oyster, blah blah blah. hahaha. after that was rounds and rounds of yum cha. it just bring it to a new level. haha. felt like a water pail. hahaha.

last day in penang. Yen arrived back in the wee morning. we headed out to have Assam Laksa. in search of the local delights, we headed down to a old time market, the one where u see carcass of pig hanging, rats running. ya u noe. haha.

after that is to the airport. wat a lovely trip. hahahaha. had Nando's at the airport, and yeap it taste different. landed in JB, had a car to drive us back into sg. comfy comfy comfy.

all in a nutshell, i prefer Penang trip, maybe is becoz there wasnt realli much waiting, and i literally ate so much. hahaha. i tink i put on a few kilos. hahaha. as for KL wise, well, i decided, the next time i go KL, is when i choose the ppl i go with.

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KL Trip ....

well, first part of the malaysia post - KL.

arrived in KL in the wee morning, 3am. hmm. due to some miscommunication and a dead phone, ended up stranded at a super dodgy Puduraya bus station. while sittin there waiting, a pile of rubbish was in less den 1 meter away, maybe is becoz of my problematic nite vision i didnt notice that hill of rats. haha. i was still wondering why the two gals were kinda edgy. hahaha.

after that kinda scary ordeal, manage to head back to evee's cousin place. exhausted from the bus trip and the waitin, after a cold shower, headed straight to bed. early mornin 10am, apple wong came to "whack" us up. hahaha. headed down to OneUtama for brekkie and shopping. well, not much walking, as apple is aiming for the higher end products. so the whole grp of us headed down to KLCC. woo, someone hav a LV bag. well, fully satisfied apple. hahahahahha.

as elise was sick, both me and evee decided to throw her at home. i met up with yitung and headed down to OLD Town White Coffee. hahaha. chatted and catchin up on so many tings. koala. hahahaha.

arrived home, wanted to jump into bed. but what u do when u see one person spreadin herself on a whole king size bed? suck thumb la. went downstairs, watchin the cousin playin the game "Code of Duty". quite interesting though. waited for evee to come home, both of us went into hysterical fit, photo evidence obtained. hahaha. still manage to slp, thanks to an extra blanket. hahaha.

woke up the next day, met up with second uncle, went to eat char siew rice. haha, okie, i shall not be mean. after that, headed down the new chinatown for a walk. nth much to walk arnd as it just opened.

after that, went down Mid Valley to meet up with the gals. as Maddox was workin arnd that area, so drop the gals, headed out to Klang for Bak Ku Teh. hahahaha. yummy, it was in Klang that i learned how is their culture in eating. yummy.

on the final day in KL, woke up early, hitch a ride to the train station. on the way, someone onli brought out 100 bucks. smart ass, that kinda set the mood for the day. headed down to Sungei Wang, so much for cheap clothings, yeah rite, 16s 17s yr old clothing. wanted to head over to TimeSquare to look for more clothing. the mood got killed immediately, when the whole gang got drag back home at 6pm, without dinner. shall not mention it anymore. inconsiderate.

so a starving me, plus flu bugging me. i forced myself to slp, damn pissed off. woke up the next morning, didnt say a word. got a cab and headed down the bus station.

next post, Penang.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back again ....

yeap. currently completed my one wk plus trip in Malaysia. hahaha. back in sg for 2 days before goin off again. hahaha.

before headin off to KL, hmmm, went to Bugis with mum and bro, kinda went searchin for more tops to buy. fuck. ended up with a mickey mouse top. hahaha. Giodarno doesnt sell Khakis anymore, bloody hell. haiz. sad.

headed down to Orchard after that, with the aim of finishin the remainin part which is from PS to Centerpoint. hmmmm. i swear, tings realli changed that much. went into Robinson, and no one realli recognised me, until i stood in front of them and stare. hahaha. that was funny, esp when the comments i get is so inconsistent that, i cant decide whether i became thinner, fatter, darker, lighter, taller, shorter. hahaha. ridiculous, and that is onli 2 yrs away. haiz.

on the way home, is a hell of ride. okie, i kinda told myself that the crowd on the MRT will be crazy, so i was still alrite. but wat i didnt expect is that, it got so bloody crowded that i had to keep gettin on and off the train. maybe is the feelin of bein cramped into a small space with random strangers scare the shit out of me. when i finally reach the bus interchange, i swear i nearly fainted. the queue for all available bus to my hse is long, and the queue for the bloody taxi is also long. luckily i rem anor place to hop onto the taxi. i rather spend the money to reach home in a comfy state, den to squeeze the bus with more random strangers.

it is quoted a term called people phobia. maybe is what i invented but i guess i am havin that. so a small note to myself, if i ever head into town area, either i get someone to fetch me home, or i will bloody wait till the evening crowd disperse before makin my way home. the afterwork crowd is too much for me.

anyway, came back home for dinner, super quick one, den went to the bus port @Boon Lay to get on the bus to KL. hahaha. okie, not very pleasant, as in the waitin for ppl. first time i tried that automated crap at the customs, ooooo, mountain turtle. hahaha.

for more update, next post

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