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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hangover ..... Nah ......

well, well, last nite was fun. or shld i say ended up me dropped. haha. anyway, let do some recap.

went over Jason's place at abt 8 plus wor, coz Jordan cooked the chicken for dinner lor. haha. dun ask me wat chix, coz i wasnt there to hear it. haha. but it taste nice. haha. den waited for them to get dressed up, make up, blah blah blah. haha. as usual gals tend to take a longer time den guys, so anor few rounds of mahjong with jason and maddox. haha.

by the time everyone is ready, is alreadi eleven plus. haha. take a few round of photo coz the theory is that after clubbing, is not suitable for photo shoot. haha. smudges everywhere. haha. gals are vain.

so the whole grp of us when down, and i noe that there are a few more grps there lor. haha. after all, some is i jio one wat. ya rite. lets see, i saw Pamela, John, Janette, Heikal, Fizah, Zah, Tony, blah blah blah. cant even rem man.

drink and drink, dance and dance, after that, dropped. haha. not realli dropped dead la. but is like, hmmmm.... i rem dancing dancing, next moment i sitting one the floor liao. haha. den Jordan they all have to literally dragged me out of the club. haha.

went back to Jason's place to sleep lor. hmmmm..... i tink i slept like a dead pig. haha. woke up in time for my driving lesson. haha. going off now. ciao. hopefully i dun banged into ppl.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006


been sometime that i posted my thoughts, well, in the midst of assignment, just share my tot.

lot of tings have happened since i was back here, big ting, small ting, all that concerns me. there were happiness, there were sadness, there were internal and external struggle. there were joy, tears, anger. in less den 2 months, i must say i been thru a variety of emotions.

frenz are close and not that close. study is there and not yet there. sleep is enuf and not so enuf. everyting arnd me seem to be perfect yet not so perfect. illusions & hallucinations filled this 2 months. some were actually not. home is home yet not so home.

for time have zoomed past me again. and it will not stopped. i will keep on running, till the day where i see my goal or maybe till the day i dropped died. for moments, i tot of just givin it all up, but it just wun happen, i knew this too well. been there several times, and have not given up yet. onli to find myself being pulled down again and again.

i noe this post is quite confusing, but wat i can say is that, i am as confused as this post is.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Photos ....

this is when Jimmy and Jason went to cut their hair, it was supposed to be just a normal dinner, ended up becoz jimmy was in the mood to dress up, everyone follow suit. haha. make it turned into somewhat like a formal dinner. haha.

Jimmy, Jason, Maddox - three handsome guys sia. haha. one attached, two single up for grabs.

the loverbirds - Silver and Maddox

Me and Silver

Group photo, candid shot

me and two beauties sia.

up close with the beauties

anor dinner, before jimmy changes his hair style

me and silver

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Update ........

well, thanks for all of my frenz who were concern abt me. i am okie now. i tink. haha.

anyway, was like slacking for the past weekend, going out, slumber, and drink at nite. haha. plus bio clock alreadi went hay wired. haha.

went to try out my frenz's car at the carpark. and guess wat, was stopped by the police. haha. was so stunned man. coz that carpark is deserted, and imagine one car kept on going round and round. hmmm.... suspicious man. well, luckily is just checking out. so wasnt issues a fine. coz i didnt put the "L" plate and didnt bring my learner's permit. haha. phew.

on monday when i had my driving lesson, while i was reversing out of my driveway, bang into a parking car sia. that wasnt my fault, coz my instructor didnt realise that the car was there. hmm, funny, coz when i look into the mirrors, the car didnt appear to be there. shld be in super blind spot sia. haha. well, it is covered in my instructor's insurance man. haha. so none of my business. haha.

anyway, nth much though, will be rushin my assignment this few days, den on thurs will be going "Mambo 06" at Paramount. coz is an event held by the Singapore Connection Club. haha. there goes anor week. and assignments are realli packed. haha.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Photos ....

Part 2

jimmy and maddox, at silver's place

Jason and Gordan, a bit drunk though

grp photo, mel, silver, me, tiff, ivy - all look red face except for one, guess la.

grp photo with the doggies......

Beauty and the Beasts, with a nice background.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Photos .... Part 1

Me, Silver, Mel, Tiffany and of coz the two doggies. Momo and Cuteby

the Abo gang - Jason, Gordan, Maddox, Mel, Jimmy

thats the four gals and the two doggies, plus two ciggies.... haha...

grp photo - the candid shot

Silver and I

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Raw Emotion ....

i cried, out of sudden, out of nowhere. it hit me like an impact that i gotta release it out immediately. hugging my pillows and under my quilt, is a place of emptiness, and an illusion of comfort. yet it is a place that manage to calm me down. this is just too sudden.

wat was i tinkin abt, i dun realli know. what was flowin in my brain, comes rapidly and goes rapidly. it just felt like an ache in the heart and the tears just gushed out.

was i just too tired? or am i finally understanding myself? a lot of ppl flashed thru my mind, yet none stayed there. is this a tip of the ice berg? a serious problem in my life? or just an advantage in me?

i hate loneliness, i guess everyone who noe me noe. i hate emptiness, for it always give me all reason to cheat myself. sometimes i just dun trust myself. for sometimes, isnt it better to just detached ur mind and body? and live like a living zombie? no emotions, no thinking, no troubles, no problems and no regrets.

i realli dunno, even now that i have calm down, there is still pinch of pain in the hrt, a yearning for an arm to fall asleep in. yet, reality is always the most cruel ting in life. it always take and not give. it took my hrt away, yet it doesnt give me sth as a replacement.

gone and begone.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Bleah .......

okie, i tink my clock realli went hay wired..... real funny.

on wed, was doin my research at Jason's place wor, coz Mel, Silver and Tiff need to do their BP, and i noe i sure will sleep if i am at home. haha. so the whole afternoon was for research on strag mgt, called in pizza from dominos, and bubble tea wor. haha. continued the nite with my entre research. haha. tink i was too shagged sia.... by the time i finish the research, was alreadi feeling drained out man. haha. well, which is good in some sense, coz at least i noe i put in effort in doin it though. haha.

anyway, stayed over at jason's place lor. haha. was kinda sleepin in Mel's room, or was it more like driftin in and out of sleep. haha. due to the fact of thin walls, and hyper ppl, i kept on hearin whispering lor.... haha... oops.... plus stayin over at ppl's place, normally i wun sleep like a pig. haha.

woke up yest morning, was kinda feelin feverish. decided not to go for classes lor. came back home and shower, den since most of us in slumber mood, someone came up with mahjong session. haha. is like a jolt in a sleepy mind. haha. so we decided to chill out and have some beer. haha.

started with the most basic of mahjong, three players, one style of tiles, and with jokers. hmmm.... me recruited Maddox as junior la, taught him in 3 round and he can manage on his own. haha. which is damn good sia..... i say he got natural talent wor. haha.

den in the mean time, i also tried out tarot cards lor. well, kinda play it with a curious yet dunno wat to expect mindset. had heard ppl saying that tarot cards are quite "evil". anyway, after playing two diff sets of tarots and 4 diff times, sometimes, it just get kinda real. damn. for mine, it reflects some of my past, quite accurately, therefore make me ponder abt what is supposed to be my future. it get kinda worryin though. haiz.

went out for dinner at Vict park, actually i wanted Nicholas to join us one, but he got class till 8, so i made everyone wait for him, ended up he got grp discussion. haiz. damn pai sei sia.... but he did came by jason's place after his discussion and sit for a while la. haha.

silver brought the two doggies over. haha. so end up i slept with Momo, haha. on the sofa la. coz kinda tired plus the beer effect that make me sleepy. haha. guess we all slept at abt 5 plus. haha. and i tink i dropped first. didnt had much, or shld i say not even finish one bottle, but i feel damn sleepy sia. haha.

woke up this mornin at abt ten, coz i got drivin lessons at 1130 lor. haha. kinda shock that i felt refreshed. haha. which is good. in a way. haha. not much hangover or watever. haha.

anyway, gotta go get ready for my drivin lesson, ciao. will update again. been tinkin of some stuffs la.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Phew ....

okie, yesterday was like fightin a war, but i won it quite easily though. hmmm.....

after finishin my drivin lesson, went over jason's place lor. haha... was playin with the dog till Silver came. haha. stayed over for dinner, den went over Silver's place to complete my assignment. somehow or rather, i dun feel that urgent, maybe is becoz we had already discussed all the details. and it left with onli puttin all the details into a Client Brief. did till abt 3plus. haha. den she sent me home. haha....

was awoken at 8 plus this mornin by my grp mates in regards to the brief, den at 9 plus by nigel, den at 10 plus by the gal i sellin my txt book to.... damn... cant even have a good rest sia. skipped two lect this mornin. realli just too tired man....

went to uni for tut onli. kinda find nth to do, so i went for Business Policy lect which is an unit that i never take. haha. that lecturer is realli "good". haha. well, as it helps in my strategic mgt project, so i just take it as a good opportunity to gather more info for me to research on la. haha.

came over my place to chill before goin out for dinner. Nicholas borrowed me his car to test drive. haha. all was kinda well, until when i came back, and damn, i stalled. borned a perfectionist, this is such a blow man. haha. but i came to two conclusion, first, i hate drivin at nite, second, pump petrol damn troublesome sia. haha. yeah....

went to Vict Park for dinner. haha. den wanted to go over peggy's bbq but apparently they alreadi cut the cake. haiz. end up, went over jason's place to chat with mel lor. haha. chatted for a while, den decided to chill at Silver's place, coz she wanna switch the light on for her doggies. haha. so just came back man, haha. look like my bio clock goin hay wire soon. haha.

tml got drivin lessons, den need to do research on Entre and Strat mgt. hopefully can get started on those project. haha. dun wan last min liao. too tirin sia. and i dun wan to suffer from insomia when assignment is due. haha.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Wine & BBQ

well, had a very good weekend.... saturday i went over to find Carene. we went to buy wine and i brought along a bottle of Strawberry Sparkling wine that melanie went to buy from Margaret River. reach their place, we started with beer, coz the weather is so hot that, man, me adapted to Aussie style sia. haha. followed by white wine, garlic bread before dinner. haha.

Carene cooked Linguine for dinner. we had a few bottles of wine with that. chatted till 10pm den we went to Ti Amo for dessert. oh ya, clarene, diana, weiqin, elaine was with us too. haha. i had my fav choc mud cake. haha. yummy. den went back to carene's place to continue with the wine lor. haha. ended up i guess i consider dropped on the sofa. i kinda like their apartment. haha. but one ting i dun like is the mozzi. damn. sting my butt sia. haha.

woke up at 9 plus this morning. was still kinda in a daze man. haha. went to have dim sum at Riverside Restaurant in Northbridge. haha. well, was kinda came to a conclusion that, if u see too many ang moh in the dim sum timing, dun expect the dim sum to be nice. haha. dun call me bias la. but true la, we all kinda find the dim sum a bit sucky compared among perth standard. haha. den we went Canning Vale market to grab veggies and meat lor. kinda went one big round, haha. plus my hp went flat. luckily manage to find S.O.S before it went died. haha. after that they send me back.

rested a while, den went for BBQ at Mill Point. with jason, steph, anthony, jimmy, bernard, vanessa, maddox, gordan,silver, melanie, tiffany, ivy. didnt have much though, but still it was fun. coz we brought out two doggies. one is called Momo, the other one is called Cuteby. haha. well, as jason they all bought one carton of beer. ended up playin cards lor. and seems like the guys are kinda thrashed by the gals, girls power. haha. damn fun sia. went over to Silver's place to continue playing till about 12 plus den we left. haha. and becoz Silver got flat inspection tml, therefore, both doggies are stayin at jason's and jimmy's place. haha. me wanted to bring home one, but i guess, my room is not that dog-friendly. too much wire and i dun the experience of rearin doggies. haha. better leave to the experts. haha.

anyway, tml gonna have my driving lessons, den going pick up Cuteby from jimmy's place and go over to Silver's place to complete my assignment. haha. anor week just pass. damn. haiz. dun worry, i will post the photos once i get them from Silver. haha.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Long Long Ridiculous Update ...............

fine, that is realli a long long time. haiz. dun blame me, coz my freaking internet wun be up till god knoes when..... maybe i do miss singapore's phone infrastructure. have anyone of u hear before "Sorry, due to the fact that there may not be enuf copper in the phone line, therefore broadband is not available" i am like, what the F***, the reason why i sign up for the phone line was becoz they promise that broadband is available. F***

anyway, sudden mood to update, so here a long long update. Uni started and this is the 3rd week of uni. haha. well, as i am doing mostly 3rd yr units, it kinda get tougher. or maybe it is becoz i was on a long holi back home. haha. kinda tuned back into the mood by now. haha.

been going fishing and crabbing during the weekends. well, let tok abt fishing, was with jie and bf. haha. kinda late nite fishing, by the rocks, haha. near Freo. haha. went both times, always caught quite a number of fishes. didnt noe what is the species of the fish, but still i nick name it as the "SOS fish" why? coz it will go "tu tu tu tu" when it is out of water. it realli sound like MORSE code. haha.

went crabbing three times, at mandurah. apparently it is the mating seasons. so the first time was with jie and bf. haha. caught a whole lot of crab. basically, the sea water at mandurah was quite shallow, up to knee height. and the sea bed is kinda flat for a huge distance. so basically have to look carefully as u walk, the crab will be just there on the sea bed, put down ur metal scoop, which is kinda heavy, and in a swift movement, swipe across. and bingo, u catch the crab. haha. it sounds easy, but well, it need skills, coz the crabs can move very fast. haha.

however the 2nd and 3rd round was last weekend, and it is near the end of the season. kinda got onli 1 crab per day. it was just so tiring. but fun, coz we started from coaxing to swearing, and still cant get a crab, not even a sighting. haha. it was realli fun. so peeps, if u guys wanna try it out, come in late feb next yr, i guarantee u will love it. haha. of coz there will be fresh crab, crab chasing u and u chasing crab. there have been sightings of small stingrays too. haha. kinda compared it with how i used to catch tiny crab back in malaysia. haha. two diff kinda experiences that a city kid wun get to experience it. haha.

weather in summer is kinda hot. temp did went over 40 degrees, but kinda have a trend in the temp. guess i turning into a water pail soon. haha. mum is so much happier to hear that, coz back home i seldom drink water, but here, i am drinking water like a fish.

went Freo with jason's gang last weekend, coz melanie's frenz, Shaun was here for holi. is like a typical place to bring frenz is to have fish & chips at Freo. kinda like compulsory itinery. but to us, will get sick of it. haha. we went to "Little Creatures" which basically is a brewery and had a couple of freshly brewed beer. kinda like aussie style, drink in the day. haha. den went to the fruits and vegs market, and prunes are in seasons. yeah. too bad cant send it back to my mum, she loves it.

kinda not taking much pictures. dunno why. i will try to take more pictures k.

back to studies, even though it is onli the 3rd week, but i can feel the pressure coming up. hmm.... of coz i am aiming for my Distinction again, after one time disappointment last sem, i have to strive harder for this sem.

although uni just started, but i am planning my winter holi. haha. realli wanna go visit jack in auckland and jiaying in melbourne. haha. so much for studying hard. haha. need to get a job fast, and also, planning my summer holi this yr. wun be goin back singapore though. haha. sorry peeps, if u wan to see me, come perth find me la, or maybe i wun be in perth. haha.

anyway, i learning driving now, and yeah. will be getting my license too. so anyone wanna sponsor my car. haha. feel free to tell me wor. haha. no model cars pls. haha.

and peeps, i rem putting my phone number in the last post, man, u guys shld call me. i am bored (yeah rite) but still, get a calling card la. not that ex wat. haha. esp to my meis, any prob, always rem that i am just a phone call away. (that is between the hrs that i am at home la) haha. or send me an sms and i will call u la. haha.

okie, thats all for now. will update again when i have the mood wor.

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