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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Graduation ....

Finally the day has come, puttin a nice nice full stop. had my grad convo at Perth COnvention Center today. well before that, of coz is the tradition of taking photos in Curtin.

but but, before that, i realised i haven had a proper shoe. haha. cant be wearing sport shoe rite???? haha. so panic, headed down to harbour town to hunt for a pair of boots. found it at Table Eight, phew. and the good ting is that it cost me only 20 bucks. haha.

went shoppin in Valleygirl, mum went on a shoppin spree. haha. didnt realli cost me that much though. haha. oh ya, and i bought a coat for myself, and a pair of black pants, and a white shirt. mum say cheap cheap cheap. haiz. typical sporean.

pick Carene up, headed down to Curtin for photo taking. as those who noe me well, i am not a photo person. so, kinda broke record takin mountains of photos. esp when i saw Steph, yeah, haha. congrats jie, goin to be Mrs Mah in one months time. haha. also saw a few other frenz that i haven seen for some time. pretty fun. haha.

of coz there are candid shots and shot of the trees, thanks to mum, who seem immersely memerise by the trees here. haiz. stopped for a quick dinner at Chilliz, before headin down to Perth COnvention Center. haha.

caught up with other ppl who i tot they haven grad. haha. kinda weird in a way to see them all. after all, been a long time. haha. oh ya, did i say that i looked like Harry potter???? haha. well, coz the regalia is so flary, makes everyone look like harry potter, and to make it even more interesting, those professors on stage looks like the head of Hogwarts. haha.

it kinda amused me to see ppl chewing gums on stage, tryin to pull of a stunt of tippin the mortarboards, even wearing fishnet stockings and mini skirt. haha. always tot that it will be a borin session, but it was pretty fun. haha.

of coz after that, is a round of unlicensed fix with a whole grp of ppl. haha. caught up with Nic, Jimmy, Jerry, Carol, Daniel.... blah blah blah. haha. pretty fun. den was Steph, Evelyn, Sandy, and some random ppl from frenz. haha.

not to be forgotten is the trad of throwing the mortarboard. haha. at that moment, felt like a celebrities with lotsa cameras flashin at u. haha. just minutes of fame, i guess. not to mention is when i was gettin ready to recieve my cert, my mind was rumbling with the tot of "dun fall down, dun fall down" haha. i have stage fright since young, so is like rushin thru it. haha.

anyway, after that, headed down to Hawker's for supper. haha. apparently everyone is heading that way. haha. so anor round of hi-bye. even saw Luca and Artie there. haha. suddenly it just felt like a socialisin place. haha.

dropped mum home, headed to Kings Park, but the blur blur me forget to bring the lantern along. it is Moon Cake Fest. haha. Apple, Elise, Evee, Vanessa, Baby, Alexis and one other frenz which i forget name. haha. decided to drive round kings park, in the search of the DNA tower. haha. spookin each other out, drivin without headlights. haha. though it was rainin, but we had fun. haha.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Araluen ......

okie, woke up in the morning. weather was tricky, tot it will be better but apparently not. damn. to make tings even more "exciting", those bloody tulips was not there. bloody hell. apparently they blossom two weeks earlier den expected, and becoz it was that nice, the park ppl decided to snip them off. wtf. so ended up is more like a tree watchin day.

where are my BEAUTIFUL flowers???? but nevertheless, with a grp of self-high ppl, it was real fun. haha. everyone was pretty tired, after all, it was a long drive. haha. came home rest, met up with Silver for yum cha a while.

Mum cooked dinner, got Evee and Elise over. CHilli prawn, veggies. haha, a taste of home cooked food is always the best. haha. feelin a bit guilty, coz mum complained to bro that it is boring over here. haiz. cant realli bring her out anywhere, in terms of, those proper places closes at 5pm. yum cha places is the onli places that i can get my fix. cant realli brin mum to clubbin or ktv or even pot black. haha. get the pict?

plus the weather been bloody crazy, its apparently quite cold for mum though. where is my sunny weather? haiz. tot of bringin her to the beach, but the weather is like crap. haiz. its those kind of lazy weather. when u just feel like snugglin in bed and dun wake up. haha.

tml is grad day, well, maybe bring mum go Garden city shop shop kua. haiz. dunno lor. pocket burnin hole liao. see how it goes.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unseen Jail ..

haha, nah, its not that serious or that bad. just doesnt get the regular fix of cig. haha. mum arrived on fri midnite. well, stupid plane landed at 0025. i reached the airport at 0125, tot by then she will be out, but bloody wait till 0225 before see her comin out. in the mean time, i was pacing up and down the exit point, why, coz i am bloody worried and sleepy. was tryin to keep myself awake. damn. dropped by Mac to grab fries, and headed home.

onli had 4 hrs slp, before bein woke up by mum, bio clock fault. damn. went grocery shopping in NB. den headed to TRS Girr coz i kinda worried abt the stock in the store room, and also let mum see where i woke. haha. kill two birds with one stone.

wanted to head down to Burswood after dinner, however, didnt noe that it was Silverchair's concert, parkin was chaos. ended up went up for a drive to Kings Park. den headed over to Elise place to pass her the mooncake. haha.

had a nite out @ Hits with Apple they all. kinda becoz it was Baby's bday celeb. though her bday was last week. haha. i realised i haven sing for a long time. haha. cant hear my voice lor. haha. there are a few singing queen in the room. when they sing, everyone just shut up. haha. powerful voice.

was onli able to tahan till abt 2am before i surrender. haha. need to recoup my energy. esp with the late nite and early wake. haha. and also without the regular fix, i tink i was like a chimney last nite. haha.

woke up at 11 plus this morning, headed down to city to find my bro's stuffs. and bloody he better like it, if not i will kill him, apparently it came out my pocket this time round. and one ting i gonna kill him is that he want it to be Made in Australia, go and die la. go read up on globalisation. this is why i hate singapore so much. brainless.

came back home, was realli tired. tryin to get the pt over that there arent any products that are made in oz. grew fed up of explaining. could felt my temper just went up. ended up, went for a car wash, had my fix and cool down a lot.

headin down to Araluen tml mornin. i need to grab my slp, if not it gonna waste my leave man.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hairspray ....

okie, just got back from watching the movie "hairspray". cant realli say it is a comedy. cant say it is a romance. it is a musical on movie. haha.

the dancing part is realli messy in a way, rock and roll 60's. haha. mix and match. but i am fallin in love with the hair in the last scene. ooooooo. difficult to see that kinda hair nowadays. straight yet shiny, style yet smooth. hmmm.

okie, that is after mixin with two "brain-washed" ppl for the evening, haha. nah, they just went for detox blah blah blah.

back to the movie, cant say it is lame, yet it just give u that feeling of laughin while urge of strangling people. haha. yeap. thats the kind, and i nearly choked on a few scenes. that is way too dramatic, or way out of imagination. haha.

anyway, goin to slp, enthu abt mum comin tml???? look like i gotta be a good gal for one week. haiz. tough one, esp when i was not restrainted for almost 1.5 yrs. let see the sparks flying. haha. nitez peeps.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Plans ...

Make changes to the plans when mum comes.

fri - arrive midnight, head home
sat - NB, Freo
Sun - Subi, City, Harbourtown
Mon - Araluen @10am
Tues - Grad day, Kings park @ nite
Wed - Whale watching with Rottnest Express
Thurs - Carousel; pending plans
Fri - Caversham & Swan Valley
Sat - Perth Royal Show
SUn - last min shop and fly off @ 3pm

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Down ....

well, whole week nv update, mainly due to the fact that work was busy and nth interesting to update, have been writin my story, no where near ending. i will keep writing.

recieve a sms today while finish work, which completely changed my mood. just felt that i really wanna fly back at the instant. for me to recieve that sms, i noe how hard tings are for my bro. am glad that he did msg me, and he did not forget that his sis is always there.

realli didnt understand why they had to quarrel till so badly. after all, that hse hav been pretty quiet. and the frus ting is that it is regardin money again. i nv like listenin to them tok abt money, it just makes me hate the fact that i hav to listen to all that. and that is why i am still here.

but cant they be more considerate, bro is studyin for his O level and the both of them are arguin like nobody biz. it hurts me to hear my bro cry to that extent, and i cant be there. maybe it is a good ting that i am not there, coz i noe i will lose my temper too.

it worries me though my bro did spell it out, but i still believe they arent that stupid enuf, and they will noe their limit. this isnt gonna make tings better, and it just felt like a stone being thrown at me, landed on me, crushin me.

as much as i hav advise my bro to keep out of it, instinct tells me this aint over yet. i wun be surprised if tings got out of control. how i wish i am back home, tellin my bro to be strong. i just felt that he is scared, as its the first time he seen them quarrel till that extent.

it just worries me.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Story ......

just had the mood to write a story, but as i am rearranging the story line in my head, i kinda wonder, where shld i write it. hmmm. shld i do it in english? or in chinesE? i cant seem to find my pen and paper, so weird.

tot for the story is mainly circulatin my life. maybe just adaptations, maybe thru it, i might be able to grasp lotsa stuffs. but till den, i shall keep jotin down the ideas and plot in my mind. sth to keep me occupied.

gotta slp now, work tml. when the boss is back, haiz, looks like gonna be hell war again.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Crazy ........

yeap, that is wat i am now. one monkey out of the window yet no feeling, not even a hrt ache. great. what hav i become? addict?

work wise is crazy too, Tee started worked on tues and by thurs, he alreadi invited Daniel down. respect. gotta stand up for what i wan, pretty much didnt noe where all the courage came from.

went to Galleria @ Morley on thursday nite, went for a real spin before even reaching there. Thanks to Claire who claimed that she noe where it is only if she was drivin. hmmm. got myself a jacket, again. that place is a maze, structure pretty much like a octopus, and a bit like Junction 8 in spore. hmmm.

program list when mum comes over is pretty much out.

fri - midnite arrive, head home slp.
sat - NB and harbourtown
sunday - city
monday - araluen park
tues - photo takin in curtin & grad nite.
wed - caversham widelife park
thurs - kings Park & carousel
fri - swan valley
sat - freo & subi
sun - last min shopping & fly off

well, that is the draft. pretty much parked it fully though. bound to hav changes. hmmm.

not that excited abt it, in some ways. more or less pocket will hav a hole, coz mum say she wan me to pay for her expenses. haiz. not to forget bro's pressie. wat a wonderful sis i am.

till den, just not me at the moment.

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