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Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


okie, for the past dunno how many days, been rushing assignments. that stupid PR Media and Consultancy plan. hmmm... wasnt that easy as i tot. guess now my face is like a walkin zombie. plus kinda helpin boss to move tings arnd. hmmm.... so much for slackin man, haha. free exercise, whu need gym. haha.

got the photos from Maddox, but due to the fact that internet is scaled down, wun be able to upload till 1st May. damn. gonna increase the limit, if not still have lots more of assignment to research and complete.

already into the second week of break, the pressure of assignments and exams is creeping up on me. damn. how many sleepless nites, and pimples gonna appear? yet time will pass by so quickly that its winter again.

goin Freo Prison tonite, maybe just to take a break out of all this hassle and stress but hopefully not get scared by the Torchlight Tour. been there last sem, spooky indeed. but maybe my advantage is that i have been thru it, kinda mentally prepared for it though. just that with a tired mind, whu noes whether i am that prepared. for everyone noes i have a "weak" hrt. haha.

will be back to rush my Strat Mgt ppt which is due on the first week. damn. kinda felt stressed by my grp mates. and also the Entre project whereby is onli 20% completed. maybe i am realli fated to be doin assignment last min, where i will shine thru as what the previous experience shown. so much for bein in the third yr, and dun wanna do last min work. hmmm...

been havin a lot of dreams this few nites, guess is whereby over usage of brain. haha. some dreams can be quite violent, or izzit just a portray of how i used to be. hmm... not very nice. been kinda reflectin on myself, in the midst of all those work, guess i realli change a lot. bein more calm and rationale. hmmm.... anyway. feelin damn sleepy now. update again bah.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Day of Confession ....

ok, first of all, i wanna congrat Silver & Maddox on their 1 month, hopefully it went out well. haha.

next, sorry Silver, i wasnt out the whole day. haha. coz hor, it was meant to a day where u two enjoy urself la. haha. i had to find excuses to make myself out of the way la. haha. bleah, cant believe i am such a clever gal. haha. that was a easy one lor. haha.

it was kinda interesting to watch the both of u tinkin of ways to get each other pressies. haha. i was kinda used as a buffer wor... good moves. haha. but i also repeated wat i say to one of u to the other. haha. on where to hide the present. haha. that was realli very interestin lor. haha.

okie, thats all. back to update.

yesterday nite went over to Janette's place for dinner, hmm, it was realli good. haha. now our mission is to find a way to make that chix not that tough. haha. den wanted to play pool at Erica one, but the pool table spoilt. went over to KV but already occupied. hmm. ended up callin Boss to go to LAQ lor. haha. just nice Jie also called lor. haha. so ended up playin pool at LAQ again.

played till abt 2 plus, den went to All Night's Pizza Cafe for supper. haha. dunno why i was feelin kinda tired lor. so just sat there and watch the MTV on the big screen. haha. maybe is becoz played too much pool liao wor. haha.

woke up at 3 plus today lor. hmmm..... went to SupaValue to grab grapes lor. been sometime i haven been eatin fruits wor. haha. den is like mum called me on the hse phone, chatted with her a while den me went to cook dinner liao. nth much to say though.

me tried out new dishes again, been a long time that i have been cookin at home wor. haha. today is realli a good chance for me to cook lor. haha. tried Baked Pork STripes in Butter and Spices. hmm... was good, just need to control the amt of butter. haha. the taste was good. haha. and is like so easy to cook wor. haha.

slack arnd lor. haha. watched CSI on tv, now is like feelin sleepy liao. haha. this comin week will fully conc on assignment liao. cant slack liao. haha. listen first la. haha.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Internet Scaled.....

hmm, i didnt realise that the internet was scaled down, until yesterday. haha. apparently we crossed the limit liao. therefore the speed now is like 72kps..... which is even slower than the old dial up. haha. gotta wait till 1st of May lor. in the meantime, look like i have to go CBS and do my assignment liao. haha.

okie, time for update. lets see......

on thurs, hmmm..... went for the entre meetin, kinda wasnt well prepared on wat to discuss. so end up more like allocating work again. haha. den, was over at Silver's place slackin lor. hmmm... in the sense la. went to meet Steph and Anthony for dinner at Makan Makan, den a game of billard and pool at LAQ. haha. startin to grasp the strength of billiard liao. haha. went back home to slp lor.

on friday, hmmm..... went for meetin at Abacus lor, den is like, i felt that my that strat mgt group is all those chiongster. hmmm.... in the good way. haha. stressful sia. luckily i was prepared man. if not sure kenna shoot down one. haha. den, was slackin at home with steph lor. haha. den went shoppin with Silver in City lor. haha. coz is like friday late nite shoppin la. hmmm.... after that had a walk in Northbridge literally walkin.

got Momo back, and den met Maddox for dinner at Fast Ed's. hmmm. after that, guess wat, anor round of pool at LAQ. hmmm. just needed to get some steam off my brain. haha. went to All Night's Pizza Cafe for supper, den back to Silver's place. got my bolster back, hmmm, Momo lor. haha.

woke up this afternoon, den went to Kabuki for japanese food. haha. dunno why but all of us are kinda tired in a way. haha. came back took a shower, later goin over Janette's place for dinner. haha. there goes anor day. haha.

update again, ciao. haha.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


haha. okie, lets see, yesterday was a busy day. plus i was super tired also. haha.

went for the entre interview at 12 pm lor. den after that went to have dim sum at some restaurant. kinda like aim at higher class one lor. haha. was quite good lor comparin to wat is available in perth. haha.

den is like we went play pool at Pot Black again. haha. still kinda miss my american pool lor. but is like, here more ppl play either snooker or the super small size pool. haha.

after that went to The Royal Bar restaurant, coz is like Will's bday. due to the fact that we had late lunch, so ended up havin just a slice of cake. haha. i kinda like the atmosphere there lor. haha. after dinner, we took some stupid photos lor. haha. will post them when i get it. haha.

went to Hit Studio for ktv time. haha. me onli drank a bit lor. coz is like it is beer, and i swear i hate beer. haha. the aim of the day was to get Will drunk and i tink we succeeded bah. haha.

went back to my place to sleep lor. haha. till abt 4 plus this afternoon. den took a bus over to Silver's place lor. haha. went out for dinner at Penang Laksa. the food is nice, just that the portion is Asian style lor. haha.

den we went LAQ for snooker again. haha. startin to learn how to play billard sia. freaking big table and is like, the assumptions of strength and the line to hit is like so much different from pool. and it takes a longer time to complete the game. haiz.

gonna sleep soon. tml got meetin lor. haha.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stoned ...

okie, before i dropped dead as in sleep, let me just do a bit of update.

didnt catch a wink last nite, so was kinda shocked that i am in quite a good condition. been a very long time, since i tried not sleepin at all. lets look at the day's events.

went to Freo with Jacque, Will, Silver and Maddox lor. actually is to eat fish and chips lor. haha. was kinda like everywhere close lor, due to the public holi lor. plus at silver's place, nth much left liao wor. haha.

den got invited over for dinner at Jacque's place, of coz also see Momo la. haha. her mum realli look young, as in can tell that she got spend effort on maintainin her youth lor. haha. was a great dinner. after all is home cooked one wat. haha.

den we went Northbridge play pool lor. from ten plus till now. hmmm... that is like, super draining eye power and brain juices. but kinda on form today lor. haha. maybe is like, cant be bothered to tink so much, more time to conc and aim lor. haha.

gotta sleep early wor. coz tml got entre interview. hmmmm.... upload the pic once i get it la. haha. ciao

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sunrise ....

okie, this heading is kinda make me tink back to last sem durin assignment week. but hey, now is like two weeks holi and i still see sunrise.

why is that so? well, we had Mac for dinner, take away coz Silver not feelin well again. den is like, was slumberin at home, watchin Bollywood shows sia. nth much to watch on tv. haha.

went out to Oriel's with Steph, Anthony for a session of yum cha. haha. chatted till abt 4 plus, den came back. today is kinda cold, in a way. coz is like in the transition to winter. haha. kinda gotta start gettin used to the weather change liao.

Boss just showed me a very interestin ting, whereby she can talk halfway and fell asleep. so far, i have onli seen a few cases, can be counted with one hand. haha.

didnt wanted to wake her up, coz she is known to be a light sleeper lor. not like me, well known pig, haha. she cant get back to slp once she wakes up lor. haha.

since i wasnt realli tired, in a way, coz nv realli run abt much. so maybe see how long i can tahan lor. haha. after all, been a long time since i tried to stay up liao. haha. in the mean time, is the best time to play maple, coz no body online lor. haha.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Clubbing ....

was out last nite to Metro. haha. with Maddox, Silver, Jacque, Will. haha. it was kinda not realli pre-planned, as Silver wasnt feeling quite well before that.

went home to change den brought over a few clothings to change lor. haha. spend the whole weekend at Silver's place lor. haha.

actually yesterday nite was a nite whereby it was quite rowdy. nearly started fights lor. but den again, tink again, we are out to hav fun lor. no point make it end so rowdy. hmmmm....

summary of yesterday injury, my little toe got stepped onto for super lotsa times, even by sharp pointed heels, damn. den my left shoulder got elbowed by this freaking big indo guy. no brains man. haha. wat else? .... hmm.... actually not much la. haha.

slept till this afternoon 4 plus, coz last nite we went to eat supper at Northbridge after clubbing. haha. den reach home at abt 5 plus six wor. haha. so much for regular supper time, haha.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sushi Spree .......

okie, was at Silver's place chillin out last nite rite, so woke up at 1 plus this afternoon lor. haha.

we decided to go to the city to pick up the jacket that Maddox wanted lor. haha. so end up were shoppin arnd lor. haha. and decided to have dinner at Jaw's. is kinda like sushi buffet, but the factor different from back home is that they have a time limit of 45 min and u can onli eat off the convenyor belt. haha. maybe we shld intro that in spore, in order to curb that "kiasu" mentality of the infamous sporean. haha.

after the dinner, i am sure i am gonna puke man. haha. well, but kinda enjoy it. haha.

today pass in a flash man, or can i say is like maybe i sleep thru most of the day, haha. and this is perth. plus is considered as the Easter holi weekend. almost everywhere gonna close early. haha. still gotta get used to this kinda lifestyle. haha. or maybe i shld get myself new hobbies such as not shoppin. haha.

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Moving Hse Syndrome

dunno this sem is the trend of movin hse, me dunno help ppl moved hse for a freakin lotsa time man. haha. maybe is becoz last sem i was tinkin whether will i keep up the trend of exercisin lor. haha.

so i guess in order to make sure i keep up the trend, movin hse is anor alternative den goin to the gym. haha. why do i say that, ask my boss la, help her shift tings dunno how many times liao wor. haha.

anyway, wat are frenz for, and plus is free exercise wor. haha.

so just now completed shiftin her stuffs back to south perth lor. some is to my place la. haha. so now is like playin mahjong lor. haha. goin sleep soon. haha.

oh ya, went to Fast Ed's for dinner and Hungry Jacks for lunch. plus due to my little toe injury, today i off duty wor. onli in charge of playin with dogs.

anyway, update again. ciao

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Shopping and An Injured Little Toe...

okie, yesterday i went to class for the full day, haha. finally is like in the mood to not skipped class. was actually kinda drained out lor. haiz. after all, my PR media got prob with assignment, den the rest of the unit gotta tink of the assignment liao. haha. good bye holidays. haiz.

anyway, after class, went to Carousel to meet Carene for her round of shopping. haha. me didnt plan to get anyting, after all me got a full set of new clothings liao wat. haha. Elaine came along lor, and i swear the parkin is so damn diff to find. haha. esp on late nite thursday.

walk till 9 when they close, den we went Fast Ed's for dinner. haha. and guess wat, we chatted till 11 plus lor. haha. cool man, been such a long time we are able to chat for so long lor. well, why is it that happy times always flies without us knowin?

while i was at Fast Ed's, recieve a call that kinda sound like emergency, nah, maybe more of urgency. went over to help packing lor. and i swear i realli was careless, slipped down three steps of stairs and hurt my little right toe. haha. okie, not funny.

so yesterday was a day of mixture emotion. haha. i wanna claim injury compensation. haha. apparently i got a off day wor. haha. quite worth it. haha. whatever happen yesterday nite, i dun wish to comment on it. coz after all, i dun wanna get caught in between.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shopping .....

okie, after last nite eating spree, woke up this afternoon to go on a shopping spree. haha. actually wasnt realli planned in advance, was kinda last min. haha.

went to Harbourtown for lunch first, den me went to buy a pair of shoe. haha. actually was plannin to get it the other time, but is like spend too much that day. so today buy, at least not that hrt pain la. haha.

den went to City lor. went to Myer, basically is the guys shopping lor. haha. me just stare and sit arnd. tot i wun be gettin anyting else. end up went into Live den saw this shirt lor. at first didnt realli catch my eyes. coz of the design behind. but when i tried it on, like the cutting. so i got it. haha.

came back home to rest and grab sth to eat, supposed to be my dinner, and den, went out for yum cha lor. haha. guess my appetite is kinda big this few days, ate anor round lor. freak, growin fat liao wor. haha.

stopped by Mustang bar, but i didnt go in, just dun feel like goin in lor. haha. Silver and Maddox went in, me sittin in the car fallin asleep. haha.

tml will be a full day, and i will be goin to class, cant afford to miss for 3 weeks consecutive liao. haha.

tml after class meeting Carene to shop at Carousel, hopefully i dun buy anyting liao. haha.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Photos ....

this is the second round of photos. haha.

Anthony, Steph, Me, Silver & Maddox. plus stupid drizzle

anor style of me.

Steph and I

Jie & Me & Boss

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Food Indulgence Day .....

haha, today is one day that i wanna reach the stage of puking soon. haha.....

went to class till 5 plus, den is like, first we went to Ciao's Italian for dinner. which i kinda quite happy, coz is like we had dinner at the "proper" time. haha. had lagsana, well the spices were kinda strong, someting much different from the one in Pizza Hut lor. Authentic Italian cusine man. but maybe is becoz i kinda not used to it, i find that it kinda not that cheesy lor. haha.

den we proceeded to Oyster bar at South perth for fresh oyster. haha. cool. had 1 and 1/2 dozen of oyster lor. haha. yummy and is like realli affordable. haha. u guys shld come here and i will bring u guys to taste the wonder of oyster. haha.

den we proceeded to Gelare for waffle icecream. haha. yummy. so after that, the food lvl in my body is up till the throat. haha. guess wat, to end the day, we went to grab beers lor. haha.

that is my day with maddox and Silver. haha. wish me luck. haha.

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Photos ....

here are some of the photos that i took, actualli is too many liao. but this few is the nicer ones. haha.

Golfing Session - Maddox, Silver, Me, Jordan

Me & Silver

Me & Silver - Losers stay away

my new clothins

Me & Silver - i look short... wtf. haha.

Me & Steph - how come i look so short??? hmmmm

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Monday, April 10, 2006


okie, was playin maple till 5 plus this morning.... haha... got a phone call jio me go play mahjong, hmmm... siao ah.... haha.... slept at 6plus lor.... and guess wat time i woke up.

according to the theory of pig, must be a full 12hrs.... so i woke up at 6pm lor..... haha.... went over Jason's place to slumber lor.... played a few rounds of mahjong. den suddenly they into Scrabble, too much brain juice needed, not my type of game sia.... haha....

had dinner with Tony lor at Fast Eddy's.... chatted abt the times and after of Tommy More lor... haha. kinda fun.... and we both forget to bring lighter, end up hav to borrow from others, he even came up with the idea of rubbing the two cig together to produce sparks. haha. tink he over stressed with assignment and mid sem test liao. haha.

nth much today, coz kinda slept the whole day liao. haha. ciao. and keep postin answer for the last post's question man.

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Lyrics .....

okie, me in the mood to compose song.... hopefully it is good. dunno whether can it be viewed..... haha.... this song is dedicated to Boss.... haha.... dun worry, if u cant see it, i will send u a copy la.... haha....



想要飞也难,想要逃 也难。



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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chilli Mussels ......

okie, is supposed to be a dish that we must try since last semester, and finally i did. haha. actually was kinda not pre arrange, or shld i say went back to our original plan. haha. confused? let me explain.

was supposed to have dinner at Conco's in Vict Park or Ciao Italian in Millpoint.... for chilli mussels, but due to the fact that both Jason and Maddox hav an online meetin, was kinda too rushed, so we decided not to go. haha. ended up cooked egg fried rice lor. haha. den was supposed to go yum cha one. haha.

so, at first was supposed to proceed to Fast Eddy's as Connor is workin lor. but apparently he off work liao. therefore, Anthony suggested we go for chilli mussels. haha. ended up, me, maddox, silver, jie and anthony went for chilli mussels. haha.

was kinda nice, but guess my appetite wasnt there, as dinner was less den one hr before. haha. but i kinda like it man. haha. was chit chattin till three plus lor. haha. was fun and lotsa jokes told. haha. super entertaining lor. one day must realli when i got the appetite to go eat again. haha.

this few days kinda changin style of clothes, or shld i say, to sth that i am comfy with. haha. nah, its just that i kinda in the mood to dress up. will be back to my tshirt and jeans very soon. haha. took quite a number of photos. will post them once i get it from Silver lor. haha.

okie, question time. "what will u do, when u get promoted to Personal Assistant, yet u arent even gettin paid? and u are supposed to be on 24/7 standby with no fixed break times?" haha, feel free to post in my tagboard la. haha.

Disclaimer Clause "All comments posted in regards to this question does not represent my opinion."

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Slumber Again.....

well, got woken up at 130pm supposedly to go for lunch, there goes anor chance to sleep in late again. haha. slumber in bed, cant get back to sleep as the weather is kinda hot today, haha. so ended up washing my beddings lor. haha. hopefully it get dry before i sleep tonite.

anyway, kinda tot of sth that was said that i can be read easily by those i known, haha. that was said by janette lor. haha. which is kinda scary in some way. hmmm, it was proven kinda true in a way. haha. where ppl can actually so called read my mind. but i must say, at most is onli 75% man. haha. coz even the closest frenz doesnt even noe wat i am tinkin sometimes.

why? is not becoz there is no mutual trust, but more like i still keep sometings as a kinda protection to myself. to say that i dun trust my frenz is kinda false. haha. tell me peeps, u guys sure have sth that u keep away from even ur best frenz. human nature it is.

life is complicated, so why make urself so easily read? even if u read a book, u still have to read between the lines in order to noe wat it is tryin to say or even portray. haha. kinda chim but well, thats life. haha.

anyway, back to update. went to had lunch at the Indo rest in Vict park lor, den went Coles to do some grocery shoppin. haha. been a long time i shop there liao. haha. den went back home, haha, now my room is so neat, thanks to Silver sia. haha. lets see how long it will be in that state. haha. now got extra space on my table liao wor. haha. thanks silver.

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Still Slumbering ....

well well, anor week is gone. cant blame me for not updatin, coz i was in a super slumber mode. haha.

thurs, went for class in the morning, den is like kinda tired, so skipped the afternoon classes, went to Vict Park for lunch, den went shopping in Carousel, with Silver and Steph. haha. retail theraphy sia. haha. i bought a jacket. haha. green colour wor. haha.

and i realise ppl have this mentality that i have a lot of black jacket when i onli have 1. hmmm.... and abt black clothings, i have a few lor. the rest is like diff colour lor. haha.

today, went to City with Janette lor, was kinda in a shoppin mode sia. went straight to Harbourtown lor. hmmm..... got myself, one pair of brown pants for 7 bucks. haha. one pair of jeans for 20 bucks, den a shirt for 29 buck and a army cargo pants for 39 bucks. hmmm. actually still got one more pair of shoes i wanna buy. but that one tink i will wait lor. haha.

went to have dinner at Northbridge, den went to Jason's place to chill and play mahjong. haha. up till now lor. haha. apparently they all goin North durin the easter break. so is like, i need to start on my assignments liao. haha. den again, hmmmm, slumber wor. haha.

was toking to silver just now, in regards to the topic of me dun wanna and dun wish to go back spore. hmmm. she was saying that i shld tink abt how my family will tink. seriously, i do miss my family, is just that, there are a lot of unfinished business back home. tings that i chose to run away. been in refuge, and i kinda like it. she jio me either June or Dec go back, but is like, i dun wanna get pulled down when i am back. i rather complete my degree and den face all those tings. my mum noe that she cant keep me, coz i have been very rebellious lor. she noe that if she keep on pulling the string of the kite, it will break. so now, she choose to let go of the string, coz she noe that i will come back on my own. now is just not that time to be back in spore and settle down. nor is it a good time to go back and be troubled by all the tings before i grad. even if my body is back home, my soul will still be takin refuge in every where except spore. so wats the point? hmmmmm ......

there are a lot of what if in my mind, which i noe that it is no point tinkin of them. but one ting silver say is true, how long more can my parents be arnd? i cant replace my parents. hmmm. my dad and mum is over 50 liao. haiz. is kinda dilema, coz if i go back, my mum sure will say i waste money, although i noe she will be happy to see me. but i rather she come over perth find me. coz she never travel that far before. haiz. she will be tokin abt money money money. hmmm. sometimes it just get on my nerves though.

when i am here, i control my own money, no one there to nag at me. isnt more comfy to the ears? guess i just hate ppl naggin at me. maybe a bit of self-centered, stubborn. hmmm....

that is one main issue, the other one is in regards to the regret i had in my life. tings kinda goin weird i supposed, although i kinda tempted to fly back immediately to see if all this were true, but den, the fear of realisin that it is not is even greater, there are still good memories between us. i just dun wanna spoil it. i got scolded for lookin behind me, but whu will realli understand. the chinese saying "a good horse wun eat the grass it just stepped over" it took me three yrs to realise that, it's worth eatin the grass behind me lor. too many communication break down, and misunderstanding. when neither is realli at fault, it just make the entire situation complicated. frenz have told me that i will find a better one, but tell me, for 3 yrs, i have been finding, but it isnt just as simple as u say. i cant deny i am still finding, but days goes by, it just get to a point where i kinda given up hope. i dun wanna change my entire style just to fit into a stereotype criteria, coz to me, i wun be happy abt myself, so what will make a rs happy? it is not me, so what if i realli found a better one? the reason why i keep lookin back, is becoz, i can be myself and theres no restriction on me. i am comfy with what i had, and didnt hav to worry that i will throw the face of the other. he is proud to intro me, and so do i. what more can i ask for?

my self-esteem isnt that high in term of rs. coz there are too many setbacks i had. when the impact comes again and again, no matter how strong is my confidence, it will be shattered. and i can say that, i dun hav much left, until i met him. he dun expect me to change unless i am comfy with it. that matters a lot to me. to be comfy with myself and with him, is just a simple rs, but worthwhile. there bound to be some tings that we need to compromise, but thats what rs is abt. the ting lackin between me and him, is the communication bridge. now that an effort is made, but circumstances doesnt suit well. in such a dilema, yet there isnt anytin i can do rite now, except to keep buildin the bridge. coz one day when i get back, i need to settle this unfinished business. i noe i cant run away from it very long. i just dun wanna face it now. haiz.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Slumber Mode......

okie, i noe that is a wrong heading since sch has alreadi started, but that is what it is now. haha. lets see, weekend pass like crazy. haha.... coz went out to chill with Silver on sat, we went Hit Studio, which is sth like Kbox back home lor. haha. actually we wanted go yum cha one, but becoz Jordan jio lor, so went down to sit for a while. haha. but i that day good gal wor, nv drink at all. haha. maybe is becoz i dun like drinkin beer. haha...... anyway, stopped over at Mac's to grab supper lor. went home to sleep. haha. that is my saturday. haha.

on sunday, woke up for dim sum lor. haha. with silver, maddox and jordan. haha. funny ting is that back home, i seldom go for dim sum, but here is like, nth to do lor. haha. after that, went to Collier Golf COurse to play golf. nah, i onli action wor. haha. den silver decided to cook dinner, so haha, we had Carbonara and Mushroom Soup. haha. i realise that, actually pasta got diff way of innovation lor. haha. sad ting is that, when i say it is nice, i got scolded wor. haha. whu doesnt noe that i am a very fussy eater, if i say ok mean ok la. haha. wun give face one. haha. anyway, was involved in a major overhaul of maddox's room lor. ended up i so tired that i slept lor. haha.

supposedly to have a good sleep, coz normally monday got drivin lesson, but i stopped for now. ended up kenna pulled up at 11 plus, haiz. Silver sudden feel like eatin dim sum, so this is the first time i go eat dim sum on a Monday. haha. the theory is that, next time if u wanna treat ppl for dim sum, and dun wanna pay too much, wake them up when they dun hav enuf sleep. haha. of coz, pls note that the consequences may be quite bad la, in terms of either ppl swearin or ppl fall flat on their face while eating dim sum, luckily the latter didnt happen, but nearly la. haha.

went to Silver's place after lunch and chill, den came back home to iron my clothes lor. haha. i can be consider a neat freak sometimes, haha. with exception of my table wor. in a huge mess. haha. whu wanna volunteer to help me clean up my table. haha.

now me at Jason's place lor, coz they havin test tml, and me is like damn slumber lor. i tink ppl wanna kill me liao. haha. gonna stay over lor. den tml go for class. haha.

oh ya, today is Momo's birthday. haha. but due to the fact that he is very naughty, he got locked up in a box for almost the whole day on his bday eve. haiz. but now, he is wearing clothings and enjoyin himself lor. haha. he had a new toy and cornflakes lor. haha. and if u guys were tinking what the hell is Momo, well, is actually Silver's dog lor. haha. will try to post a photo soon lor. haha.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day ...

nah, it wasnt such a joke, due to the fact that i woke up at 4 plus 5. haha. almost the whole day gone. haha. was woken up by the beloved Silver. haha. and i found out that my phone doesnt hav any credit. oh well. thats a joke. haha.

just felt like stayin at home to cook dinner. so went supavalue to grab my optus recharge, and also ingredients for dinner. so in my mind, was tinking wat to cook. haha. had a white radish in the fridge, and chix in the freezer. hmmm..... with some creativity, nah, just variety. i cooked white radish soup and two baked chix thigh. hmmm, why two? coz one is the normal style with all the spices, while the other one was just salt and butter with some sesame oil. hmmm.... still need some improvement, coz i tink i put in the overn for too long. haha. in the midst of learning. haha.

anyway, been tinking of tings for the past few days, i guess is just the normal phase that i will go thru. at moments, i will feel depressed, but after anor moment, just fucked it. haha. done, i shelved it back into that corner. and now is just to see when it will escape again.

its a weekend, and i feel sleepy. haha. see how it goes bah.

In the mean time, wish everyone a happy April Fool's Day. it doesnt mean that u have to play a prank on anyone, but it is always a good day for u to laugh till u dropped. haha. ciao peeps.

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