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Sunday, November 23, 2008

OOOOO yeah ....

just pass anor wkend, and it is getting crazier and crazier. goodness.

Friday went Crown with Eugene's gang, ask me "how does it feel to be in a room full of guys, except me". damn funny la. but couple of them sure can sing. hahaha. Evee and Claire they all also in anor room. plus Sam they all in anor. goodness. singing till i almost broke my voice. haha. they called me a bully coz they keep losing to me in dices and five-ten. haha. but after a while, the tables turned, i had to run to Evee's room to rest. haha. played till the wee hrs, and fell straight into bed in the early morning. hahaha.

Saturday, fetch Evee to her fashion show in Freo, den headed to work in Subi. bloody boring, see all the flashy cars, yet cant bloody infringe them. hmmm. apparently its the Andre Rieu concert. 700 tonnes of equipment. hmm, what a flashy show. too bad is kinda all the older age grp. haha.

after that pick Evee up, came home changed, and head straight down to metro. as expected, it was jammed packed, haha. too many frenz there, had hell of an interesting nite. hahaha. of coz, i siam alcohol is gettin so much better. haha. apparently, next wk again. hahaha.

a little drama at the end of the nite, Alexis went missing for a coupel of hrs, hmm. also dunno what went wrong. but lucky it was resolved. hmmm. a little scare at the end. hmm.

next wk, hmmm, pretty much can guess the program. haha. but i better be careful of the dancing, haha, age is catching up pretty fast. haha. haven lost the moves, but have lost the stamina. haha.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wild Wkend ....

okie, yesterday was a jam. hahaha.

of coz was a surprise pop in by Jo, which is so bloody last min that i realli feel like strangling her. haha. Air Stewardess big shot sia. one msn msg just to say that she was gonna be in town. hahaha. nevertheless, it felt good to see an old old frenz. haha.

was out in the arvo havin a late lunch at Famosa with Ruby. hmm, coz Denise was takin his IELTS. haha. and i tink also buildin up his energy for the party that night. haha. chitty chatty, even had time to grab a mask for Jo, as she was crashin the party. haha.

pick Jo up at her hotel, and took her to my place, coz apparently she need to skype with her US frenz. haha. lotsa tings to catch up on, esp we haven seen each other for almost 1 yr. haha. when she is flyin everywhere in the world, it good to feel that she hasnt changed since JC. haha.

had dinner at Hawker's with Evee la, haha. what is the best way to get someone into flyin as a air stewardess? get Jo to explain the pay structure. haha. u shld hav seen how Evee literally lights up. haha. "did anyone mentioned abt motion sickness?" haha.

headed over to the party at Hitz. it was chaotic fun. haha. the amt of alcohol consume shall not be mentioned. haha. i had a fair share, coz lovely Evee is the driver that night. hahaha. i decided, no more taking photos when i drink, i look like a bloated idiotic tomato. haiz. previous photos kinda prove it. hmmm.

went over Metro, as Shu Vern's gang and Eugene's gang were there. it was packed, which was kinda out of a bit of norm, as it is onli the first week of exam for uni students. haha. Adrian's gang was there too. haha.

shaking all nite does hav the side effects this morning. haha. aching muscles. haha. well at least i know i gave it a good workout. not. haha. it was fun and here we go again next week. haha.

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Monday, November 10, 2008


"In the words of Deepak Chopra, “By realizing we can see ourselves in others, every relationship becomes a tool for the evolution of our consciousness.” Life is about learning, and you can either learn through joy or through pain. The people you choose to be in relationships with will either take you to the heights of ecstasy or to the depths of hell. The choice is yours. Choose wisely."

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nights Out ...

well well, even a simple tot of having a healthy sat night seems to have gone up into flames, poof.

got a call at arnd midnight last nite, with a short call from Mali, "Hits, Room 25". that came when i was alreadi changed and pulled the blanket over my head. hahaha. well, for the fact that i was itchin to go out, and haven been out with Mali for quite sometime.

the moment i stepped into the tiny room, i noe it wun just be Hits, she was all dressed up to go Metro. hahaha. so, 4 of us, Mali, Me, Jo and Carol. hell lot of fun. hahaha.

Metro was even better, not too squeezy, 3 rounds of shots at a go, man, i had to drag myself into safety. hahaha. even Eugene had to grab water up to the smokin area with just a look at my face. haha. those gals are crazy. hahaha.

went for supper after that, not much of an appetite lately, maybe due to the change in weather bah. haha. sent Jo back, den headed home. but due to the fact that i had red bull late at night, i was awake like an owl. so kinda forced myself to slp at 6am, when it is freaking bright.

went to City this arvo with Evee, finally had my Ginseng Chix soup. yummy. satisfied, and slpy. haha. alrite, my brain is shuttin down. grabbin some slp. ciao.

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