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Monday, October 29, 2007

Daylight Savings

well, it started yesterday or was it the day before. doesnt realli matter, when all it did was to make me change all my clock. however, it is always a pt to leave one the Spore time. just in case i wanna make a phone call home.

anyway, last nite, suddenly was starin in the mirror, hmmm, lookin into my own eyes. hmmm, seems deep, sth is interestin in there, yet i myself cant see it. it has a huge mixture of stories, are those the ones that i have shelves aside?

enuf of gibbering. working at the Perth Red Bull Air Race this wkend, gonna be interesting, haha. apparently it is the Finals for the entire series. projected crowd is more den 300,000. haha, of coz Les, Carene and Me decided to take the side in City of Perth, not that busy. hahaha. gonna be hot and sunny this wkend, so i tink i will be sun burnt. haha.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

crazy ....

work was crazy this morning. hmmm, okie, first, ppl call in sickie again, lucky i now got back up liao.

den suddenly Gary walks in, send the whole team into panic mode. dropped everyting that we were doing, tryin to do some last min cover up. haha.

den before lunch time, caught 2 shoplifters. make me sit there for 1 hr before the police comes. stupid drunk juvenile. got money buy booze, no money buy less den 10 bucks of items. bloody hell. waste of my time lor.

den after that, rushing thru the job that was supposed to be done, den recieve phone call sayin that Milton is comin in tml arvo. so ended up not doin anyting, just recoverin the store. i tink i realli push the newbies hard today.

well, that is one big prob, was plannin to take off tml. will be rushin three or four places in the morning. haiz. but Milton comin in, i wonder shld i? haven met him yet. shit la.

didnt slp at all last nite, tossin in bed for the whole nite. didnt noe why....

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Thoughts ....

have you wondered, no matter what tings in life, as long as u cant get it, the more you want it? true isnt it. it doesnt have to be with rs-related tings, aniting.

to make it feel even worse, is when you know u had the chance but it passes by. sound familiar, to noe that you had a chance but cant get it, feels much worse den you thrivin for it. why? coz u noe that the chance will not be coming back knockin on the door again.

to make it even worse, is when the tings that u wan is flashin right in front of ur face everytime, you tried to reach it, so near yet so far.

how would you describe that?

when you wanna move away from it, yet the familiarity make it unbearable. when you dun wanna tink abt it, it keeps movin in and out of ur mind unsuspectably. you cant call it a tinge of jealousy, coz it doesnt equate to it. maybe just a tinge of failure that looms in the subconcious.

why do you keep wantin to pursue sth that has past? you had a taste of it and it is not meant to be urs, why dun you cherish wat is in the present, and stop tinkin abt the linger of the taste? what is not meant to be yours, no point thrivin for it, you had tried but it failed, at least u have given it a try. time to move and cherish what is now. let go of the past, when it will onli make you feel hurt.

ask me why would i say that? coz i am goin thru it, almost till the end, almost time to put a nice full stop on it. just waiting for the courage, and time.

nv regret what you did, coz the regret will affect you for the rest of ur life.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sexpo ....

not that fascinating in terms of an event, yet with that two lovely self-fascinated gals, everythin just went a little more interesting. hmmm, well, event wise is pretty much like a gathering of all the sex shops in Oz. merchandise wise is almost the same. cheaper price, variety wise is alrite.

walkin arnd, none particularly caught my attention. i more interested in the people there. either it is a sat nite, and everyone is pretty drunk, they hav a rather interesting expression on all of their faces. cant realli describe it, but yeah, pretty interesting.

of coz the two of them didnt went home empty handed, one pair of killer heels *which i am tinkin how can she walked*, the other one bought a corset, pretty nice. *time for detox*. haha. oh ya, not to forget the strip dances from both the male and female audiences. hmm, when u put the pro and the amatuers together, u get *i cant bear to see anymore*. haha. but bravery should be commented.

maybe is becoz i have seen the pros before and pretty much their moves are kinda same, so it doesnt let me raise an eyebrow. one question though, why are there only a handful of asianz? haha. saw a few perverted lookin old guys with those showbags. haha.

all in all, pretty interestin event i would say. but u hav to go with the right people, if not it gets a bit boring. haha. was tempted to go for the massage, but lets not tok abt it. haiz. dying for a massage, but got swap by the ridin crop. wtf. hmmm. i shall find the answer why ppl can take several swap of the crop, when that bloody ting hurt. it is meant for a horse not human, crazy ppl. and horse have a thicker skin den human.

nvm, tink i need to slp, tired out. haha.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to square 1 ....

cant believe it. i am back to square one again.

wat did i do wrongly again? why do i hav to worry abt it again? esp in times of need, why cant mum help me this time?

still hav to pay the bills, still have to get the rego for car, still have to pump petrol, still have to pay for health check ups. but none left in the account. wtf. paid for the IELTS test today, and realised none left. shocking.

shall i look for anor job again? but what will allow me to juggle it with the current job? what abt the expenses that are comin up? how am i supposed to find it?

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Internet Down

okie, that is not the full case scenario..... only happened last week.

been battling myself 2 weeks ago, went back to work refreshed. Got 2 huge news, extreme ends. Andre gone, and my visa had problem. hmmm, went into a huge frenzy, even into self destruction, emo, u name it.

wasnt able to calm myself down, searchin arnd aimlessly, sleepless nitez, suddenly just felt i lost my directions totally.

took me one week, a tedious week, before i found the answer that i want, from someone. someone who noe me well enuf to smack it straight into my face. i knew i shld have find him from day one, yet i chose not to. didnt know why, but maybe i wasnt even thinkin at all.

as i was sufferin, ppl arnd me got the vibe too. i guess it reach a point where i just couldnt care anymore. while busy pushin the pessimistic tots out of my brain, had to handle the new situation at work.

while tackling the new found disbelief, had to plan my paths out. isnt easy, when all pointed to nought. i sought into the land of despair. desperation to stay afloat.

had a huge burst out, which stunned even the one who noe me close. which doesnt make it felt better. felt myself not being able to fight this battle, felt myself being stubborn with meek future. it kinda felt like just a thin lifeline i am hanging onto. cuttin me deeply yet doesnt wanna let go.

pennin the tots downs, i lost words. there isnt any words that could realli describe that feeling. even up till now, when tings seems a bit better, i still sway.

how does it feels when the one that u hope to get support on, tink otherwise? no one to blame, just felt that way.

work wise is much better now, at least i hav done what i shld have done. to make it a better working environment.

still cant tink properly.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Perth Royal Show

its a once a yr event, and my third time there. this time round, will be quite an unforgetable experience. haha. of coz, is with those lovely two kids, Evee and Elise. haha.

well, send mum off at the airport in the arvo. surprisin, not much emotions or watsoever. pretty weird. haiz. lets not go there.

with help from Les, manage to find my way to the Claremount Showgrounds. haha. parkin wasnt that bad, though i was pre warned that i shld get a train down. haha, if not i will swear in the car while findin parkin. haha.

the part that got me swearin was when i was findin those two lovely direction-idiot kids. literally walked the whole showgrounds zillions of times, before i could pinpoint the exact locations of them. haiz. great exercise, esp when i am sick.

the gals went on a shoppin spree, which amuse me. haha. den headed down to the games store, at this pt, i realise that both of them are pretty good at shooting games. haha. but that couldnt get them the big big soft toys. so while they were goin thru the lamest haunted house ride, i got the lucky ticket from one of the game store and won a big doggie for evee. haha. i was considered pretty lucky, coz previous two yrs, it cost me lots just to get a soft toy.

tried my luck at anor similar game store, and also won anor soft toy. haha. pretty lucky i would say. haha. both gals were pretty hype up in a way. haha. is it the fact of "lack of childhood"? is a question that needs analysis. haha.

got other small random soft toys, would say it is considered a pretty fruitful trip. haha. the fireworks are pretty, though i keep gettin the debris fallin on my face. haha.

went down to NB for dinner, but the time taken for me to get to NB was alreadi pretty long. haha. when it comes to nite time drivin, cant expect me to rem the directions properly. haha. chatted till 2 before we headed home. hmm.

time to slp, finally my bed for me and me only. small luxury. haha. i miss my own bed, where i can be rollin everywhere. haha.

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Hectic days ....

okie, i realised haven been updating on the past few days. just felt weird with mum starin behind me when i logged into blogger. haha.

Went to Garden CIty on wednesday, nth fancinatin, but spent a lot though. been tired, therefore headed back home after that, den went out for a fix. haha. nth interestin, guess i was pretty tired out.

drove along the Sunset Coastal drive on thurs, stopped by Scarborough and CIty beach. hmm, weatehr wasnt perfect, still super strong wind, guess that was went i caught my cold. haiz. after that headed down to Carousel for more shopping. had dinner at Hawker's with Apple, Silver, Elise and mum. had snow crab. hmmm, pretty alrite. haha. den one round of snooker at Pot Black. kinda felt that mum noes how to play, but she just wun show her skills. haha. after droppin her home, went by to Silver's place to chill out. pretty nice place, esp with the balcony. haha. waited for Baby to deliver Mac, but it took a long long while. haha.

Fri, went down to Swan Valley and Caversham Widelife Park. mum is still obsessed with the trees here. haiz. took some photos, and i bought myself two bottle of wines. haha. of coz, not to forget the chocs from the choc factory. haha. came back, had dinner, rested a while before headin out to meet Apple, CLaire and Robbie. ended up in Hits again. hmmm. with me havin block nose, cant hear myself properly. haha.

Sat, went down to Freo, went to walk the freo market and also E Shed. that totally tired me out, with the sun shinin so bright, and me forgetin where i park my car. haiz. dumb and dumber me. brought fruits and some other random stuffs. haha. went down to Burswood to show mum arnd, i tink i can be a tour guide. haha. after dinner, hop out to Burswood on my own. haha. played a while, and decided to head home.

all in all, felt that this time round, i really vomit blood. forked out almost 1k. nv tot i will spend that much money in such short period. this will be the first and the last time. next time, they sponsor themselves. haiz.

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