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Thursday, October 30, 2008

skipped work ...

hmm, that is what i did today, i dunno what got over me. hmmm.

send in my car for the regular service this morning, even got Eugene to wake up bloody early, so he can drop me off at work. hmm. but ended up, just dun feel like going in. so we decided to have lunch first. hmmm. lets see, that was abt 10 plus in the morning, and damn, lotsa place isnt even open for lunch/brekkie yet.

so we ended up driving from one surburb to anor, passing numerous BP site, and we decided to stop at BullCreek finally. had dim sum, coz we didnt wanted any fast food. after brekkie/lunch, dragged him to Pot Black in Cannington for few rounds of snooker. haha. man, i need more prac, though it was a close game, but still.

head arnd to look for laptop, and i realised the prices of laptop is gettin so cheap that maybe i shld changed mine soon. hahaha.

after pickin up the car, i just came home and slp. hmmm, i dunno why i am that tired, maybe becoz of the stupid daylight savings tingy. hmmm.

was tinking, hav i got wat it takes to be successful in the next 5 yrs? not that i am doubting my capabilities, but more of my mentality. starting to feel the urge to study again, but for how long can i hold it off? browse thru a couple of MBA available, i need to get my PR soon. but the varieties of courses available is so huge yet specific, it is makin me ponder on what i wanna do in future. i know it will be commerce based, yet which aspect will i thrive? MBA specialised into different aspect - Accounting, Int Biz, Economics, Health. etc. and within each category, there are sub-cat. i cant be an all-rounder if i wanna start my climb in the middle mgt level, i need to specialised into one area, if not i tink i will go crazy. tinking of taking a Grad Dip in Human Resources, but it is only available part time to PR. damn.

this also lead to me tinking, what are my strong pts, that will make me stand out in the cut-throat biz world. Fast-tinking, quick-witted, ruthless, confidence. but i need the experience, if not those pt will become a double-edged sword. and it will stabbed me bad.

i feel myself startin to drift again. i need to focus. or shld i say i have to focus.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alcohol Withdrawal ....

that is how the weekend went, didnt even touch a single drop of alcohol. wtf.

the whole gang suddenly disappeared, hmm, well, actually could kinda understand, haha. is the final week for assignments and exams arnd the corner. haiz. how could i have forgotten. haha.

actually did have plan for KTV @ Crown with Eugene's gang, but i was just too tired. hmm. also dunno why.

had dinner at Aquarium Restaurant in Ascot. hmm, like what Evee said, no i do not noe how to bloody eat the stupid lobster. especially with that weird looking stick tingy that looks like a toothpick with extra tiny head. hmmm. dinner was alrite, atmosphere was okie, but the dessert was disappointing. hmmm.

end up came back home and slp, haha. oh yeah, stupid Daylight savings started yesterday, so now, i will get bloody confused with the timing. hmmm. not good.

lookin forward to work tml? NO. but it is still a job, get over it. haiz.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Irish ....

goodness, i swear i nv seen so many drunk irish ppl before. and i swear i dun like a single moment of it.

quick update.

went to work this mornin, non-stop action, nth new for fri though. hmmm, got my ass out by 4pm, rushed down to Subi. hmm, today is the International game between Ireland and Aus, rules the same as AFL but using a round ball. goodness.

the fingers are workin hard on the stupid machine, 90 buck fine for almost 50 cars by my machine. plus drunk irish ppl sure make a hell lot of noise. did i mention it was brisk walkin all the way for the entire 4hrs, why? simple, coz i am doing the area arnd the Oval, which is directly in the middle of the action.

the number of empty beer bottles is lining up the streets, one ting i do learn is that, always keep a straight poker face when u see them, esp when they come dressed in the weirdest clothings. patriotic? extremely. fashion-sense? i tink the clown at the circus is so much better.

was starving to hell by the time i finish, met up with Denise and Ruby for dinner at Taka. hmm, tapau sushi for Evee, coz that gal is pretty much holed up at home, gettin buried by the tons of assignments. hahaha.

just a quick observation. the weather today is comparatively similar to PMS, sudden sun, sudden rain. even with lightning and thunder. haha. was at Taka eating when a stroke of lightning and thunder roared thru, the funny part is all the Asians were still eating, while the Ang Mohs are jumpy. haha. even heard a few squeaks and squeals. haha. it was then that i realised, how many times have there been roar of thunder in Perth for the 4 yrs i am here, hmmm, that explain the reaction they had. the fun part is that u see those guys acting cool and strong just fickled. hahaha. that was funny.

now with a full stomach and aching legs, i am headin to bed. hmmm. super tired.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

. . .

well, been anor hell of a wkend, with the bloody weather headin into the high.

ever had the feeling of bein an oven that is bein turned on? well, that is how i feel currently. tink i am fallin sick soon, the throat is gettin dry and the heat is kinda trapped inside. hmm. drink more water.

went to Pasar Malam 08@ Curtin on Fri. hmm, well, actually had dinner at Hawkers before headin down. experiences from the past suggested that always make sure the stomach is full before u head down this event, coz by the time u queue up and buy the food, you will be starved to death on an empty stomach. hahaha.

sat, hmm, had dim sum with Apple, Evee, Robert and etc etc. den we went walked walked in the city, quite a different sat bah. me wanted to buy a watch as my Adidas one is spoilt. hmm. saw a Tissot one, contemplating. hmmm. maybe i will wait till next yr when i go back den i look for one bah, wat stopped me from buying, hmm, well, i like the face of the watch, but the strap was a fancy, i prefer a simpler one. hmmm.

went home and change before meetin Apple they all at Makan Makan, haha. was chilling out till dinner time, met Stephen that gang at Hawker. den shoot a couple of balls at Pot Black, den headed down to Hits.

the two most party person was kinda down, hmm. which kinda put an odd atmosphere into the room, one held on a while and broke down, while the other took almost the whole nite later. hmm.

headed down to Metro after Hits, met up with Evee they all, hmm, well, she called for help, coz there is a huge "fly" pestering her and Claire, haha. okie, to be honest, that guy realli look like a Fly. hahaha.

party the whole nite, send Carol home, and headed back to slp, just realised that the sky was kinda turnin bright when i was abt to go to slp. goodness, i dunno whether to love or hate summer.

saw a documentary that day on tv, it was a medical surgery on the brain. hmmm, got me fascinated, as they showed the process of removing the part of the brain that caused epilesy. what realli caught my interest was the part where they analyse that if they removed that part of the brain, the patient's memory will be gone, as it stored all the memory. hmmm.

maybe, one day, i will.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its that time again ....

i tink i am my own psychiatrist, my own fortune teller, my own doctor, my own kryptonite, my own downfall, my own motivator. i feel i could pretty be master of all trades in the world, in my world. it is wat i call, "that time" again, no it does not coincide with the monthly visit or the hormones unbalance crap ting.

give a little time + a little emo + a little lose control + tiredness = "that time"

i realize the symptom straight away, was smokin on the balcony, just standin there, staring at the night scene, phrases just float into my brain. just that sense of loneliness creepin in, tried to laugh it off, laughin at myself. i know give it a couple of days and i will be fine. i hate that feeling, coz it just made me reflect onto tings that i dun want to, tings that i rather not tink abt, tings that i rather keep it away for the rest of my life, or maybe until i have the courage to face it again.

stupid tots will come thru, silly tots too. tots that will made me lose rationale and sensibility. tots that will made me feel useless, helpless and wonder why the hell am i still alive.

just need a little spark, and i will be headin into a one-way destructive path. to be able to type this out now, i need to get it out of my system, gonna be tough the next few days, but i tink i will be able to pull thru.

of all the tings i have done,
of all the path i have chose,
of all the lies that have been said & told,
of all the tears that have been shed,
of all the laughter shared,
of all the anger vent,
of all the frus built,
of all the regrets,
of all the hurt,
it is my life,
i hate myself.

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. . .

just got back from Hits, weird ting is that Renee didnt go Metro today, so i got a rest. hahaha.

anyway, went to watch "CInderalla on Ice" at Burswiood with Lyle, supposedly yesterday, but due to a technical fault, whereby the ice was onli 90% formed, hmm, got postphoned till today. the modern adaptation of it is pretty good, quite impressive though. enjoyed myself so much. hahaha.

next one will be "The Phantom of rhe Opera" in feb next yr. haven bought the ticket yet, will soon. haha. that is one that i will not miss. haha. even if i had to go myself. hahaha.

realli high now, drank a bit too much. lookin into the mirror, i realised my face isnt as red as it would be before. which i tink my liver is alreadi died. hahaha. not funny.

Halloween is arnd the corner, and apparently, got a party on. shit, what shld i go as????

been caught up wih work, Carwash is finally openin next fri. goodness, and i have the stupid Ops check next week. wonder if i will pass. haiz. stress.

anyway, i tink i better go slp liao. brain shut down.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What is going on????

was watching the news today, and suddenly just felt blur.

first was Qantas, despite all the PR effort to save the reputation, another crisis ahead, this time round, there are people injured. hmm. lucky for them, this is a country that fully support its airline, it does make ppl like me who studied PR to see thru the spin, and know that there is a cap on the media. hmmm. but it better start to clean up the mess, as it will soon become a big whirlwind.

second was the meltdown on Wall Street market, even passing thru the 750 billion rescue package, the US and Euro market wipe out 2500 Trillion value of stock off the market within 24hrs of trading. now, that is what i call a huge financial crisis.

Third was the annual list of mammals nearing extinction is released, and Orang Utans are going out soon. so is my fav animal, the Tas Devil. ahhhhh. apparently the report stated that humans are the main culprit. which i do agree. hmmm.

hmmm, its just send me into the tot, hmmm. nvm.

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