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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour .....

today, the perth skyline look a bit different. as aus shut down the power for 1 hr. earth hour. hmmm, i was wondering what will happen to sg skyline? or even those busy cities?

i believe it does save a lot of power. the impact will be so great. a good nite dinner as candlelight lit the table. haha.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Courses ....

i tink i need to enrich myself. hmmm. or maybe add value to my CV. so i decided to take the following courses. hmmm, but i hav to make sure i dun screw up my budget. haha.

1) RSA (Responsible Service of ALcohol) $66 one day course- asth/ $75 online

well, i have a bartending cert, but without this RSA, i wun be able to get a job. which means that bar cert is kinda useless. haha. was wondering shld i do it online? flexible. hmm.

2) First Aid Cert $110 one day course

haha, i tink someone gonna whack me. haha. been tinking of getting the first aid cert for a long long time. might be able to claim under company. hmmm, hav to check it out first. haha.

3) Coffee Making Cert $120 one day course

well, in order to use that stupid coffee machine, and become a barista. hmm, they required this cert. though i am not a huge fan of coffee, but they get paid quite well. haha.

4) MYOB cert $395 online

well, been realli trying to get into a good paying admin job, but they bloody need this cert. hmm, is it worth it?

i think thats all for now, need to find a way. hmmm.

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Freo St Art & Movie

okie, nothing major happened.

went to freo st art on the easter wkend. well, this yr is pretty much of acrobatic style, kinda will get bored after seein most of it. last yr was more variety. haha. but all in all was still fun.

watched "Step Up 2" yesterday with evee. this is the kinda show that u hav to watch in cinemas. to check out the effects and dance moves. after the show, i said "i feel old". haha. bad bad bad. haha.

nothing eventful i guess.

nth much to update. will post pictures when i hav the mood.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second time ....

yesterday early in the mornin, when i walked into the shop, i nearly had a hrt attack on the spot.

the tings that followed nearly brought me to tears,

and i told daniel,

this is the second time,

once the third time happened,

the letter will be thrown.


dun say i screwed the company after wat it had help me.

i got my pt across,

he better deal with it,

before it escalate.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Portrait...

well, this is the family photo that i took when i went back to KB. finally, i can prove that i took after my dad more den my mum. and dun ask me why am i so skinny, see my dad and mum, and i tink i hav give the answer.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blood Pressure ...

pretty much i tink my blood pressure raised quite fast today.

work wasnt that smooth, was realli pissed off when i got off work, was on the phone with Tegan, and literally screaming frustration.

how am i not supposed to care abt the whole store? if u cant delivered what u promise, dun even promised in the first place. that is basic common sense.

why tell me that the work is not done properly, when u dun even give shit to the other party.

bloody hell, why do i always get the shit first, and the other party just does his work without caring?

the anger boilin in me is not exploding for now. and i do mean for now.

do i hav to resort to the old style, just to get the bloody msg across?

nth much to tok abt, even when i am typin this, my blood still boils.

maybe i shld drop it all.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Job Dilemma ...

those whu is close to me know that i just applied for 2 other jobs.

one is confirmed liao, pretty much casual work on the wkend, parking officer represently Subi town council, hmmm, i tink i am gonna issue traffic infringement. haha. considering the fact that it is just a 5hr shift, doesnt make much difference i supposed.

the other one is what i am hesitating abt, is actually with a media monitoring company. and in terms of that, the main role is to listen to the radio and draft summaries. hmm, considering that it is pretty related to my degree, and i am always kinda wanna know how the media industry work. i dun tink i can be a star, so maybe thru backstage bah. hmmm.

however, the hitch is that, it is a part time job which ranges from monday to friday, and i supposed there is the peak hrs. lets not put pay into the factors, the hrs wise, i wun be able to fulfill my TRS mgt role. which means, i might hav to drop the mgt position.

i am hesitating, on one hand, i am realli gettin tired of TRS. maybe is that i lost the interest, or maybe is that i am not copin as well as i tot i would. on the other hand, if i take up the media job, is a brand new industry, is a career path changed. i noe i am not supposed to be tinkin of "what ifs", but, what if it doesnt suit me?

got commented that why did i get a second job? or even a third? am i tryin to kill myself? well, if it could, i might hav an answer to how strong i am. what can i do on my off wkend? lazed arnd? well, the workaholic in me is actin up. when i see time as money, yeah.

i hate myself bein like that, every single second counts. money money money. sth that is not everyting, but without it, its nothing. why?

ask me abt social life? well, unfortunately, as plain as god knows wat. interestin activities? eat, slp, watch tv?

i guess i need that gust of confidence, or impulse. i am waitin for that part of me to surface, to be able to shut my rationale mind down for a while, and do sth that is out of the norm. i hav come to terms that my comfort zone is pretty much fixed. and for me to break it, well, i need that sudden impulse to jerk me out.

till then, or till the media company call me.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mini Flood

well, was workin this arvo, when i recieved a phone call from Brandon sayin that the whole street is being flooded. hmmm, didnt tot it to be that serious, till i came home in the evening.

well, accordin to photo evidence, and the remains on the streets, yes, it look real bad.

apparently one of the water pipe broke, and spill tons of water onto the street, being on the bottom of a so-called tiny hill, the whole carpark was flooded. hmmm, we were discussin abt how aussie keep wantin to save water, but it took them 3 hrs to stop the pipe from flowin water. hmmm.

well, other den that, i woke up with my muscle on the inner thigh achin like crap. no, dun tink so far. it was due to maintainin in a half squat position too long, was cleanin the undershelves of the store. hmmm, look like i haven been usin those muscle for some time.

walkin up and down the stairs several times doesnt realli help; neither do carryin stupid heavy juices help too. wtf. i wan a massage.

or maybe i shld start hittin the gym soon, but in my store, the joke is always "who need a gym when you are workin at TRS?" hmmmm, maybe i shld pick up competitive dancin again, or maybe kickboxin.

i tink i will go with buyin a wheelchair soon. hahaha. okie, i lack of slp.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Clueless ....

yes, i haven been updatin on my daily life,

is it becoz it became so mundane that i dunno what to update?

other den work, is slp,

other den that, went for Steph's bbq on the p/h wkend,

she has a swimmin pool in her backyard, oh my god.

just a small bbq, yet it was fun.

where is the busy life?

cant start to doubt my choice,

there is no turnin back now.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Clouds ...

staring at the clouds, suddenly i see a story being told by my imagination.

it was den that i realised, maybe i am born to tink so much,

slowed myself down, just to appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

indulge myself into the sun set that many will envy of.

i need a break through, not just a recharge.

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