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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party ....

heading to Chris's party in a while, just had dinner at Dennis's place, Jap curry and sesame kidney. yummy. haha.

watched "Batman, The Dark Knight" yesterday with evee, i seriously tink it is not as good as it is bein claimed. the acting wise is good, but the front part is too slow, and the back part is too rushed. so ended up, is like mixing emotions together in one frame, it makes ppl just felt lost.

less den 2 weeks more, baby gal gonna be here. excited. did i mentioned my tax return came thru liao. i am "so" rich. haha. at least i dun have to worry not enuf money to enjoy myself. haha.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


it is 3 degrees outside now, and i am freakin almost hugging the bloody heater, haha. nah. but quite close. haha

just got back home, hmm, no drinkin this wkend, yesh, i did it. haha. had dinner at Denise's place, den headed out to Oriel's for coffee. hmm, i tink workin at Wild bean Cafe makes me starting to appreciate a good cup of coffee. haha.

chatted with both of them after that, hmm, interestingly, they look so cute together. hahaha. nvm.

oh ya, decided on the theme of my bday, yesh i noe i been sayin that for 3 times liao. but yeah, just gonna be Black&Red party. haha. the fun part is, i hav alreadi have an idea in mind what i am wearing, but i will be the standout of the day. haha.

i fell in love with that outfit when i saw it. i noe i gonna bring it out well, hmmm. tinking, tinking, tinking. haha. i tink i will get kill that day. haha. maybe thats the reason why i didnt make the theme that specific. haha.

cant wait for it to arrive, oh ya. haha. time for bed, working tml. haha.

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Friday, July 18, 2008


wonderin what the hell is wrong with me,

for the past two nights, been working OT, not that it is necessary, but is kinda like an induced habit. hmmm, although i am tired, but is like, just didnt noe what to do, so ended up goin to work. ten thousand tings need to be done, but is like, the normal 8hrs shift in the mornin just wun do it. hmmm.

runnin high on adrenalin, and i am bloody awake even with less slp den normal. hmmm. hopefully it will die down soon, if not i realli dun tink my body can take it much longer. hmmm.

i tink i better go slp now, have the Barista comp at 9am tml. haiz. also hav to go in at 7am, coz that bloody daybooks just wun bloody balance. hmmm. less den 5hrs slp, man, i am super duper crazy.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weird ....

wasnt in a good mood last nite, maybe is becoz one of the old wound opened up in the hrt.rainy weather didnt help either.

went to had dinner with Evee, Amelia, Ruby and Denise @ Moon Cafe in NB. interesting place, the steak was good, and so is the Ceasar Salad. hmmm. like the atmosphere, not the quiet romantic one, but one with attitude. that is one of the place baby is goin when she arrive. highly recommended by evee. haha.

was chattin with carene last nite before dinner. it felt bad when i told her that she is on her own, in order to break that vicious cycle. as much as i tried to lock it away, i have felt that i've given up hope. i dun seek, and i dun tink it will seek me. been yrs of seekin and non-seeking, it kinda just prove to me every single time, it is just not my fate.

have i chose to accept it? i hav to say, i am afraid so. have i given up hope? maybe not, maybe yes. i hav learnt not to put too much hope, coz i noe i wun be able to take anor blow. in the end i will be hurt, no matter what i choose. so why not just let me enjoy, and deal with the consequences later?

i am not tryin to be pessimistic, nor am i throwin cold water on her, i noe she wun hav to go thru wat i had been thru, i noe she wun hav to suffer. she just hav to pass the phase, and she will move on in grace. it is a risk that she is takin, with thorough thinking, it is not sth that she just decided not to. no matter wat, i will always give that listening ear. even if u feel that the whole world is turnin their back on u, i am there, coz i noe u long enuf to noe that u arent what ppl might tink of u.

as for my case, dun worry for me, if it meant that i will be swimmin in daze all my life, even if it meant i will be lonely thru out my life, i will learn to cope with it. if it meant to be my fate, i guess i will accept it. my vicious cycle been goin on too long, i have let it gone out of my control.

i dun have the courage to step out, nor i hav the guts to take the risk, when all i noe at the end of the day, if i am not happy, i rather not break it. it took me sometime to find myself, and i dont wanna lose it now. this is who i am, and this will be wat i am in future.

in our life, we made decisions that might be the turning pt, watever it is, dun look back and regret. bite it down and move forward. this is ur life, and this is wat u wan, dun let surroundin ppl talk u down, or even care wat others might wanna say, if it is meant to be, it will be.

if ever one day, i give it all up, just take it as a lesson. dun dwell on it. the field is bright and green, enjoy urself, and be glad u r given the chance, and the opportunity.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

OMG ....

recieved an email from my lovely brother, guess what, he and mum is comin over in DEC. wtf. i tot mum was onli jokin abt it wor when she told me yesterday. hmmm.

now is like, hmmm hav to arrange work and blah blah blah. but i dun tink i will bring them arnd too much, coz mum been here before, and she can bring bro go shopping. this time, i will not be stupid to acc them liao. if not my wallet sure got super big hole. fuck. hahaha.

slpt the whole day after havin lunch outside. hmmm. throat is still burnin from the acid lor. haiz. wonder how ppl can drink and puke every single time. hmmm. so bad for the throat lor.

baby say she is goin on her healthy diet and got herself a blender and processor. hmm, she is even wonderin whether she shld bring it over. hmmm. now i am havin second tots of her coming over. haha. i onli hav 3wks more to eat junk. den i will become super guai for 12days, den back to where ever i left off junk food. haha. feelin damn excited abt baby comin over. but first ting first, need to sort tings out at work first, if not a holi wun be a holi if my freakin phone keep ringing. haha.

okie, i tink i shld go back to slp liao. anor wk of hard work, and i tink i am fallin sick liao. havin slight cough. hmmm. no good. i need the rest. ciao

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wtf, woke up early this mornin, kinda lyin in my own puke. fuck.

knn, i shld hav known what a gd bro i have. cb, whole nite i tryin to siam the drink, he cb must bring it up. haiz. 1 straight cup of Wild turkey pure, nv again. now my throat is damn sore la. haiz.

gotta try to get some food into the stomach. cravin for sth milky, hmmm. that shld sooth the throat bah. shldnt have to get so drunk, if not for that good bro of mine. damn. i wan payback sia.

anyway, before headin down to Hits, went to watch "Mama Mia" with evee. that gal suddenly say wanna watch movie one lor. hahaha. i kinda find the movie not very good, well, the singing and acting doesnt even go well lor.

comparing to "Chicago", the later have a much more interestin plot. but i guess for a show that u dun wanna tink too much, nice show to catch lor. hahaha.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Classical music.....

used to be able to let me relax, but i dunno why.

put on one of the cd that i bought sometime ago, after listening to it for less den 5 tracks, i feel even more tense. hmmm. maybe i got the wrong musicians, tried from Mozart to Bach, Chopin to Tschaikowsky. hmmm.

I used to say, whoever can sing "The Phantom of Opera" with that gusto, i will be slave for that person. haha. so far, i haven found anyone yet. phew. haha.

music, i tink i need to re-explore my love for lyrics. hmmm. been some time.

maybe i will finally be able to come up with lyrics that i am truely proud of. lyrics that describe the feelings, where ppl can relate to, and understand. hmmm.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Havoc ....

i was tinkin, i tink i becomin a party animal, and thank god i am in perth. where party is onli on fri and sat. hmmm.

it comes to a pt where, hmm, always findin places to go and drink on a sat nite. hmmm, and pretty much as much as i keep tellin myself i need to slow down, when the phone rings, i keep goin down. hmmmm.

mum was worried abt my liver, and so am i. hmmm. not good. alreadi jokin abt liver burst. hmmm. i tink i am runnin away again. is like lockin all the burden somewhere, and dun tink abt it. hmmm. not good. i need to stable down liao. hmmm.

quite happening for me, considerin every wkend i will be out partyin and drinking. hmmm. is it becoz the stress from the work is not that huge, thus i finally have a social life? hmmm. frenz arnd me hav been askin me not to keep tinkin of work, and find sth to do. hmmm, is partyin a good ting den?

i must save money liao, hmmm, baby gal comin over in aug, i dun wanna be broke before that. haha. plus my bday comin too. hmmm, what shld i do???? hmmm.

i need ideas. i need a good one, where it will be the least hassle, and everyone will hav fun. considerin the number of ppl i am invitin. hmmm. i am tryin not to count, if not i tink i will faint. haha.

but on my actual bday, it will be just for someone special. the norm of every yr bday. haha. cant keep drinking throughout the whole wk. i tink i will realli burst liver. hahaha. tink tink tinking. hmmm. this yr is a special yr for me.

not tinkin liao, i wanna slp liao. hahaha.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

blur .......

okie that is how i feel now. hmmm, anor crazy wkend passed.

It's Aaron's bday party @Crowns. hmmm, Tattoo night. goodness, thank god Denise went to get the temp tattoo. if not i tink i will get that punishment of havin a "paid" sign chopped on my face. hahahaha.

comparing to Stephen's cup, he onli get a Shrek cup for his bday. hahahaha. lucky for him, haha. everyone got kinda high, i dun deny, i had to make myself puke sia. haha. too full liao. hahaha. keep losing the games, wtf. i need more prac. hahaha.

after that went for supper, and den headed over to Denise's hse, why? coz the bloody new rule of drivin with zero alcohol tolerance. damn, woke up this mornin, lucky no hangover. hahaha.

it kinda came back to me that, Sharon Lim told me that on the 26th of Jul is Chris' bday, and is costume party. hmmm, anor dressin up event. haha. now i got 2 wks to come up with a theme. hmmm. and they demand it to be full set. hmmm. tinking. haha.

so far, she confirmed there is police, air stewardess, fireman, and god noes what. hmmm, i gotta tink fast. hahaha.

it just make me tink, hmm, my bday is also comin up, now wat theme shld i have. haha. kinda feel that tis yr bday parties are all themed-party. hahaha. seriously broke. hahaha.

last nite all in all was fun, and of coz there are dramas too. haiz. always. haha.

anyway, gotta catch some slp liao. hmmm, must recharge for the wk ahead at work. lotsa ting to do, and i wanna do it before my bday. hmmm.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Woo Hoo ....

well, this yr bday is gonna be so diff. haha. Elise comin back. hmmm. thats gonna be so fun.

anyway, before that, had dinner at Evee's place last nite, man, she sure love cooking, pretty much covered her 3 meals till the end of the wk. hahaha. salute her sia. just a small cosy party. that all. hmmm.

it did brighten up my day, as my car got broken into in the morning, which kinda which i took the excuse of not goin to work. hmmm. this is kinda done by pro. well, they didnt steal the Tigger that is hanging on the rearview mirror or that little ting sitting on my dash, so i wasnt that pissed off. those two tings are impt to me rather den those coins in the coin drawers. hmmm.

anyway, back to topic, Elise gal comin back for my bday. woo hoo. but i hav to plan her trip. hmm, brain cells is the utmost impt wish i shld make this yr. hahaha. burnin out too much. haha.

"it felt like an old frenz coming home, isnt it? or is it someone more impt den that?"
"all i know is that, i dun care watever it takes, i wan her back"

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