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Monday, September 29, 2008

Royal Show 08

well, just got back from Royal show, fun? well it was alrite. Lucky? extremely. total Damage? 20 bucks. hahaha.

okie, first, i realised after some time, royal show is realli gettin boring. hmmm. esp if i hav been there for consecutive dunno how many yrs liao. hahaha. though with diff ppl, but the tings there pretty much nv change.

lucky? well, yesh. as usual, not a huge fan of all the games, so ended up i played the ticket tingy. and just 10 of it. i strike 3, including a Jackpot. hahaha. so, i chose a huge banana. hahaha. almost 1.8M, the fat banana weigh like a baby. and i could onli just wrapped my arms arnd it. hahaha. plus two average one lor. haha.

the gang went to play bumper car, i was standing there taking care of the bags. haha. the hot weather got to me half way thru the day, was already feeling the heat trapped inside. hmm. anyway, while watchin them played, i do wonder "why are they going at each other, so much vengence" hahahaha. it also made me realised that if i was in one of the cars, i will be attacked lor. hahaha.

we didnt stayed till the end for the fireworks, esp everyone alreadi quite tired after all the walking, fighting with the banana. headed down to Kim Chi House in NB for dinner, and now back home resting.

so, the long wkend has past, and back to work tml. soon, the week will be over. yeah. hahaha.

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Crazy weekend

okie, no one seems surprised. damn.

the long wkend started on Friday, hmmm. it literally started early in the morning at work. was quite impressed by my coolhead. haha.

anyway, started the night with the standard routine of Hits with the gang, den headed down to Asia Cocktail in Metro. supposedly i left my car in Hyatt Hotel, so that i could drink and get drunk and dun worry abt driving. hmm. all went well, until Metro, end up takin care of ppl again.

went back to the hotel, slept thru saturday morning with stupid phone calls from work. hmmm. woke up in time for dinner @ Villa Rustica with Rega. hmmm, their food isnt that nice anymore. damn. shall not patron them nor intro.

headed down to Penthouse, that Rega gal is hell drooling all over the place. hmmm. went on to Mbar, hmm, way too fun sia. coz i no need to take care of Rega, so i could fully enjoy myself. haha. did had drinks, but just to the stage of High not overboard. haha.

went back to the hotel, and slept till arvo of today. hmm, wanted to go see tulips at Araluen, but by the time she woke up and get ready, hmm. ended up headed down to Freo lor. had fish and chips, finally the craving for it hav been curb. den gave the summary tour of Freo.

with time to spare and nth in plan, we headed for a drive. a long one indeed. along the Sunset Coastal drive. all the way to Hillarys. headed back to NB for dinner with Denise they all. den Makan Makan, den back to the hotel. hmmm.

sometimes i do wonder, why do ppl have so much emo baggage? dun they feel tired? when it starts to affect everythin else in life. hmmm. wondering.

a close frenz will require honesty, even if it meant puttin the frenzship on the test. if it is a favour, it has to be returned. Mum used to say, "Of all tings in the world, human favours are the hardest to repay" and if there is a chance to, do it. hmmm. but dun get dragged into the emo roller coaster.

btw, was scrolling thru the channels on tv just now, and den i saw the F1 nite race in sg. it was den that hit me that, other den a couple of familiar buildings, i dun recognise the route taken at all. hmmm. but i still find it a boring race, the circuit is so tight and small, other den the few crashes, all i can see is crazy sg ppl. hmmm. well, at least sg did host sth world level. shld be given an applause for that.

was the AFL grand Final on sat, and i missed it totally. crap. Hawks won, but i still like the Cats. haha. in front of a crowd of 100 000, did hope to be there. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi. haha. okie, i sound totally like a traitor, but who cares.

anyway, goin slp liao. headin down to Royal Show tml. haha. anor yr, diff ppl.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shld I or Shld I not????

been contemplating this question, shld i head back for CNY next yr, hmmm.

considering that it will be a short trip back, 1wk max, coz of leave restrictions. hmmm, but realli tempted to. shopping of coz, food, cant wait. hmmm. i tink i will need a break after xmas. 600 bucks aussie airfare. hmmm.

total damage estimated to be abt 1.5k aussie. hmmm. shld i???? quite worried if i am gonna lose focus again, not a good experience the last time i went back. starting to feel aloof. hmm. i need to find back what i went off track the time i came back. hmmm. dunno if baby will still be in sg, or will she alreadi head to her own destinations.

considering next yr, wun be taking anymore leave i supposed. coz will be applying for my PR already. hmmm. realli contempleting. i will give myself up to end of monday to come to a conclusion.

plus i need to discuss it with my boss. hmmm. shldnt be a prob since it wun clash with anyone's else shift. hmmm.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Freezing ....

i tink that is the most appropriate term to describe the weather today. strong winds, and scattered showers. hmmm.

the fun part is that i am working at Subi. wtf. hmmm, spend most of my time hiding in corners. hahaha. too cold sia. not even the super thick jacket works. hmmm.

we had a bbq after work, where everyone just crowded arnd the gas bbq, coz it is the onli ting that emit heat, hahaha. couple of sausages and beers. haha. that was simple and fun. hahaha.

Rega still got caught in Brisbane, hmm, her flight been delayed for almost 8hrs i guess. hahaha. apparently is wild wild weather there. hmmm, hope she arrived safely though. hmmm.

gonna just slack at home, cant be bothered goin out. hmmm, resting and resting. anor wk just past. hmm.

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just got back from Hits, consider it to be early for a Saturday, wanted to head to metro, but everyone seem to lose interest liao. hmmm.

well, next week, friday heading down to Mbar, den Sat is Asia Cocktail @ Metro. gonna bring Rega to Penthouse, bet she will be drooling sia. hahaha.

had quite a number of drinks today, dunno why so high. hmmm. even manage to drive back, lucky no cops. hmm.

recieve a msg from my gal, hmm, just brighten up my day. considering i was so bored the whole arvo. hmmm.

if ever one day, u decided that u dun wan me there, please tell me. so that i will retreat into my own world to nurture the hrt. as long as u dun say it, i will always be there. even if it meant for me to fly back, i will if u wan me to. for u, i will.

but if one day i refuse, it doesnt mean that i replaced u, is just that maybe it is better for us. i will not give up wat i fought so hard for, neither will i ask u to. for the future, no one noes, i will do my best. no matter what u choose at the end, i will support u. just rem that there is always someone who love u more den u do.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People Change???

had a chat with Carene the other night, she brought up a topic regarding ppl changing.

to me, the only ppl changed is the habits, not the personality or the character. human pretty set their own personalities and characters from young. yeap, it might be just slight changes to it, for example, not that hot-tempered. but if the person gonna "change" to be the opposite, well, it wun last. yrs down the road, it will just resurfaced.

that is why i always said, i wun change myself for someone, nor will i ask someone to change for me. esp after I have found myself, why shld i suppress it? coz one day i will wake up and "shit, this isnt me at all". even for short term happiness, i wun change.

for me, u cant expect me to be wat i am not.

frenz commented i changed, well, to them, is at the pt of time when they see me, the impression stay, but when i found myself, they werent there to witness it, so to them i have changed. hmm. get the pt?

seriously, does it matter whether what ppl tink if u have changed a not? as long as u r happy, screw them. if they dun embrace who u are, they arent even frenz. let them go, it will be so much happier.

when you decided on sth, dun even care what others might tink, it is ur life, and do sth for urself, not just to show others. don't live in the life of others, live ur own.

to me, u nv changed, u are still the one i met 5yrs ago.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday (Joyeux Anniversaire)

hmm, to someone special, yeah. just rem, no bday with me is w.o flowers, even though it might wither and die, but to me, just the moment of smile on ur face, it is worth the while. hehe. happy birthday gal. not gonna go on with all the trad and non-trad greetings, u noe i noe, i tink thats enuf already.

last nite, was at Hyatt hotel with Carene and Rega, man, crazy bitches. hmmm, with me tryin to slp, one doesnt wanna slp. hmmm, sth wrong with her head sia. haha. nah. both of them keep tokin abt work, but i dunno why, all i heard is "party, booze, drunk, fly here fly there". hmmm, itchy itchy, i also wanna join. hahaha. but den again, not that soon. hmmm.

at least i still had the discipline to wake up in the mornin and go work. no more callin in sick. haha. damn. wasteful. shld hav gotten the day off, but not at this time. hmmm.

had dinner with Nic just now. hmm, just felt good havin dinner with an old friend *he is older den me* hahaha. didnt feel like headin out anywhere, just felt so tired. goin slp liao. haha.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy ...

well, thats how the wkend went. hmm, before that, Happy Mooncake Fest, haha. though this yr, i haven eaten mooncake. hmm. wonder how long ago did i eaten mooncake? ever since i came here, hmm, dun even rem celebratin trad chi fest liao. hmmm.

anyway, was caught up with work, pulling 12 to 14 hr shift the whole week, excludin the days when i had dinner plans. hmm. i need to start to pull back liao. if not it is taxin me too much.

yesterday, headed down to Baby's party @ her place. hmm, before that, was trying to get the foldin table into my new car at Evee's place. hmm, i realised my back car seat can be pull all the way down, creating a huge huge space. hahaha. so love it. hmmm.

anyway, the house was jammed packed with ppl of diff gang. haha. coz is celebrating Baby's and Sandy's bday. of coz, when there is party, must include Apple's gang too wat. haha. as for the alcohol wise, what a huge range of diff alco. hmm. just give me the jitters when i saw it. hahaha.

trad bbq style (charcoal) vs Gas bbq. hmm, i still like the trad style, esp when Robert is the one cooking it. haha. even included Bakar Sambal fish. oooo, yummy. hahaha. i didnt drink, coz i was headin down to Hits after that.

met my gang at Hits, hmm, den acc Renee down to Metro. haiz, whole nite is runnin arnd, chasing ppl, haha. drunk ppl are such a good ting to look at. hahaha. esp when i am super sober. the number of times i am in the toilet is breaking record. haha. one ting for sure, gals are vain, even when they are drunk. they can rem to take their makeup but not their phone. hahaha.

dragged all the way till the wee morning, nearly got dragged to Rise, i was just too slpy. haha. so left Renee with Mikael. hahaha. my Metro shift is over, haha. his turn to do the Rise shift. haha. that gal seriously got drunk sia. but she still rant abt goin to Rise. hmmm. weird.

woke up this arvo, tapau KFC and went over Denise place to eat lor. those two also got high yesterday. hmm. i miss the feelin of high. but just dun feel like drinking. damn.

did i mention i went shoppin on sat with Carene @ Carousel. hmm, that was fun. i still love goin shoppin with her. hahaha. she noe me well enuf. hahaha. if i can get half day off tml, i will be shoppin with her in the city tml lor, Rega will be back in perth tml nite, so havin dinner out again. haha.

send a bouquet of flower to her on fri, no reason, just wanted to send sth over. hope everythin is alrite for u. hope that there was a smile on yr face when u recieved it.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

曲:衛斯里 Leon

妳說不愛了 於是我就承擔
陽光很燦爛 我卻笑不出來
無法阻擋 時間再快轉

只能把愛 藏在 回憶深海
不想面對的事學著習慣 成自然
我會把愛 隱藏到誰都看不出來

妳說不愛了 於是我就承擔
陽光很燦爛 我卻笑不出來

就算遺憾 我也不推翻

只能把 愛藏在 回憶深海

我還愛妳 再不會說出來
只能把愛 藏在 回憶深海
我會把愛 隱藏到誰都看不出來

只能讓愛 離開 回憶深海

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Jam Packed ....

i tink that is how it is for this wk or so. hahaha.

last sat, well, plans got totally changed. hmmm, the best of all, recieved a call from Evee at 2 am, insistin that i go Metro immediately. hmm, that gal had too much to drink. hmm, i was alreadi in bed snuggling. goodness. well, rushed down, but did had time to do my hair. hahaha.

her bunch of frenz are seriously more crazy den my gang. haha. so now, who is the party animal. hahaha.

went down Freo with Carene and her parents on sunday, hmmm, and den headed down to The Blue Duck restaurant @ Cottlesloe for coffee. nice place, will most prob find one day to go back there for dinner bah, the menu looks good.

so, this wk, hmmm, dinner plans r booked, unless there are more changes. hmm, tml is dinner with Carene's parents at TiAmo. Wed is dinner @ Concas with my housie, Thurs is dinner with Mali & Carol. Friday, hmmm, i rem sth but i forget again. shit. Sat, i tink will be headin out bah, ahhhhhhh, i am so gonna be dead beat tired. hahaha.

okie, i am tired. i wanna slp liao.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008


been up for almost 20hrs, and with onli 2hrs slp last nite, i am totally shagged.

thank god the new system is in, man, someone gonna be in for a hell good time. watever.

Carene is in town, and we headed to city for shopping, bought two tops, oh yeah. hahaha. den headed to TiAmo for dinner, den to Burswood. hmmm. all this walking and drivin abt is not good, at least i had a can of redbull before goin out, if not i dun tink i will be able to substain till now.

i totally forgotten abt the party in Library today, shit. hahaha. must remind me to wish Jimmy happy bday sia. at least it seems like no booze for me for this wkend, Carene's parent headin in tml arvo. hahaha.

cant take it anymore, i need to slp.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Car ....

okie, i finally got my new car from Nick today, Honda Accord, sunroof. oooo, just nice for spring and summer. haha. black, rear wheel drive, which means i can drift. wooo hooooo. haha. kidding. haha. and it has a in-built cup holder, haha. no more dodgy cup holder. haha.

anyway, will take a photo soon, and post it lor. haha. okie, thats all the update for now.

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well, saw this on Ivan's blog again. hmmm, must share.

onli those who have been thru will be able to see beyond the lines, feel beyond the words.

《等不到的幸福》- 鹰艾文

遇见你以后 一切已注定
一辈子的无可取代 非你所属

命运的安排 无人真了解
思念不断情意不变 心只有你

无论昼夜 闭上了眼 全是你的身影
分手后的我 失去所有知觉
冰冷的夜 眼泪是唯一温暖
期待有天 你能再次拥抱我

握在手心 曾经拥有 一瞬间已成空
拥有过的你 难道全是错觉
炎热夏天 一丝寒意涌上心
期望时间 能够证明我的爱

离开的人 遗忘了过去
留下的人 不敢再说爱
等不到的幸福 是最后的盼望

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Monday, September 01, 2008


today was a bit of mixed mixed emo.

got super pissed off at work early in the morning, hang in there, if they dun get me out by next week, i tink i will be headin elsewhere. dumb bitch.

as the day dragged, suddenly received a phone call from my agent, and yesh, finally i got my TR. oh yeah. not restricted in Aus anymore, i can roam arnd. haha. nah, wat got me excited is that, now i can start to plan my next step to gettin PR.

next yr, this day, i will lodge my PR application, and if everything goes well, oh yeah, i might be headin back to sg for holi in 2011. haha. so that all the frenz who is waitin for me to go back, will finally see me. haha. as if. hahaha.

so excited. hahaha.

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