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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Additional Thoughts ....

one ting that been botherin me, is in the aspect of frenzships. i noe, as usual.

i just felt that i had neglected some of my close frenz in the pursuit for my own happiness, ideas. one of them is my jie, Stephanie. we just noe each other for almost 1yr, now that we are housemates, the time we see each other is even lesser, weird. haha. but one ting she neber fail to do, is to be there to listen to me when i need someone to talk to. no matter wat she is doing, she will find the time to listen lor. and she will give advices that may not be smooth to my ears, but still, it actually did make me tink lor. i noe that she is always there to make sure that i am alive. haha. so far, dun tink we have arguments bah, maybe just a little bit of unhappiness, but she and i always talk it out. and not keep it to destroy the bond. haha. quoted from her one la. if there is anyting she is unhappy with me, she will sure shoot me lor. haha. wun give face one wor, but den again, if is my fault, its ok la. haha. why i tink i felt that i neglect her is that, i kinda feel not returnin her the same level of frenzship as she is givin me. i tink i am taking more den i am giving. and i dun like the feeling lor.

Jie, seriously, if one day u realli wanna find someone to talk to, i will be there lor, no matter what i am doing lor. dun have to care whether i busy or sleepy or whatever la. u always tink for others, but u must know that i also tink for u too lor. maybe i haven attained the level of super listener, but i noe i am one whu can listen when required to lor. haha

another person that is currently on my worry list is actually Silver. got to know her onli for half a yr, but got quite close lor. haha. or maybe literally close bah. haha. see each other bloody almost every day lor. the onli days i dun see her, is when she went back for holi, but still. haha. now with new commitments in work, i cant spent as much time as we used to spend. i can foresee that. not sayin that i have no faith in this frenzship, but is like we got used to goin out every single day liao, a change in routine will sure affect the frenzship one lor. i dun wanna lose this frenzship becoz of my work commitments. me and silver haven been thru a lot of thicks and thins, but we have been thru a lot of hots and colds. haha.

maybe is i tink too much, but den again, is still kinda worrying la. hmmm.

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Thoughts ....

okie, i guess the on of the previous posts did set a few concerns abt me and my work. hmm, maybe i wasnt in the correct mind when i was typing that out bah.

recieved an email from carene tellin me to tink abt my purpose of comin here, and a comment left by stef abt the same ting. kinda felt touched in a way that i know i have frenz out there who will make sure that i stay somewhat on track.

anyway, stef say that i look much happier now. which i tink is true, finding joy in the tings i do, and gettin paid, haha. isnt that good. meeting Kym & Tegan, make me salute and respect them, which also give me a new level that i shld challenge myself into achieving.

i seriously tot that i had attained a certain level in retail industry, but by meeting this two managers, i realised that i forgotten the feeling of being truly in the service industry. i tot i had gotten sick of the retail industry, but apparently i seen new horizon for it. the two of them had opened up my eyes and mind, which is why when i go work everyday, i just feel so recharged and ready to work. felt like me just went into Robinson 6 yrs ago, the enthusiaism, the adrenalin. with no stress on the sales target, and laughing and joking with my own collegues. i just dunno how to describe the feeling bah. is like, doing sth for the sake of interest.

and at work, i dun feel restricted, i dun hav to worry abt my hair, my way of communicatin with the customers. as long as everyone is happy, they dun realli care how i do it. that is why, i manage to see different people different ways of handling customers. learnt a lot during work, which is good, coz i am a curious person. have to keep me interested in order for me to be there, and in order to learn sth from someone always take super long time, that is why i noe that i wun give up on this job.

study is of coz impt, as that was the reason why i am here in perth. i noe i screwed up last semester, which is seriously sth not to be proud of. i am more den determined to get that bloody piece of paper. however, i cant just be studyin and studyin and studyin, i will go crazy man, is not like u guys dunno me. i wanna grad from academic uni, and i also wanna learn in social uni. simple.

i believe that after last sem, my time mgt skills have improved. so, juggling between work and study will not be a huge task anymore. with the workload reduced this sem, i believe that i wun be on the brink of collapsin. and i still hope to get my Distinction.

i seriously must thank all of those who were concerned abt me and my work, i noe u guys cared for me, and i appreciate it. dun worry, i wun screw up this sem... i promise.

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Lucky Day ....

well, just feeling damn lucky, was it becoz recieved quite a number of good news and i am in a good mood?

first of all, after so long, finally i gotten my 300Gb hard drive; dunno whether was it that the post office found it? or the seller send anor one? but it doesnt matter. haha.

den i recieve my Puma jacket that i bought on ebay, that added to the collection of jackets that i got off ebay. hmm, i got an Oakley jacket, an Adidas jumper, two Billabong jackets. haha. me decided to change my wardrobe again. kinda sick of the jackets i have, esp now is winter. haha.

oh ya, i tink i forget to mention that Janette bought me a 1Gb mp3 player for my bday. haha. yeah, after so bloody long, i finally got a mp3 player. haha. thanks gal. now on my way to work, i dun have to stare at blank spaces liao. haha.

den at work, my boss actually commented that i will be promoted to supervisor soon. haha. so happy, at the rate that it is going, i tink i will reach at least assistant manager by the end of this yr. haha. which also means that i have higher chance of staying in perth after i grad. haha.

after work, went to Makan Makan for late dinner, and is like went LAQ with David lor. finally manage to win him officially. haha. yeah.

my bday coming soon, and is like, kinda feeling lucky. haha. have to plan out my bday schedule man. haha. have to incorporate my working schedule into it too. party is party, money more impt. haha.

i feel that i am lucky enuf to get this job, after all, they realli appreciate me. the pay is good, the people is good, the environment is good. what more can i ask for? i gave in so much hardwork, i proven myself, and they rewarded me according, without any prejudice nor discrimination. all the scars and sweat is worth it. i feel proud to be a member in the team and in the company. the sense of belonging is strong enuf to make me wake up super early just to go to work. haha.

ok, gotta go slp now, have to wake up in 3.5hrs time. haha. nitez. haha.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Fun Off Day ....

well, yesterday was seriously fun. haha. it was my off day. so i decided to go play pool lor. haha. as usual.

met janette to go city first, went to Harvey Norman in CityWest hoping to find that bloody 2.5mm earphone jack for my mp3 player. and seriously, i will never stepped into that place anymore. damn fuck up lor. bad service and it seriously sucks. damn.

den went to had dinner at Inshan's Cafe, yummy. haha. den headed straight down to Pot Black lor. played till abt 10plus den decided to have Half price Waffle at Gelare. that was when Tegan came and find me lor. so after waffle, went down to Novak's Inn lor. haha. man, she is a crazy boss i have. haha. and seriously i cant believe that she is just one yr older den me. haha. either i am too mature or she is too playful. haha. either way, we had fun. haha.

okie, gotta go work now, update again la.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick Update

okie, i noe been a long time i haven been updating. basically lotsa tings happen within this 2 weeks, for example i failed my driving test for the second time, i failed my strategic mgt exam and didnt go for the supplementary exam coz i seriously didnt have the confident at all. haiz.

well, working was fun but tiring. and Kym is leaving tml, hope to see her again though, fun person from Adelaide. haha. Tegan will still be here till end of august, and she said she wanna packed me in a suitcase and take me back to Adelaide too. haha. maybe i shall plan a trip down to find them bah. learnt a lot of tings from them, haha.

sch gonna start next week, but seriously i dun give a fuck abt it. my mind is more on work now rather den study. coz i realise that workin actually keep my mind away from a lot of stuffs. see how it goes, update again when i have the proper mood den.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006


well, was actually tinkin of some stuffs. almost goin 22 in 1 month's time. time realli flies, what have i realli achieve durin this time. have i fufill my wish for last yr?

well, kinda of. enjoyed myself with the company of good frenz, esp Silver and Maddox lor. felt happy and contented that i met them. the fun and laughter that we had, of coz we had seen each other angry face before, but still, compromisin and toleratin allow us to maintain on a balance.

life is full of coincidence, thus create opportunities. isnt it just so great? i dunno the future for the three of us, as in the frenzship bond that we had, but what i noe for sure is that, i will cherish them as my frenz. i had learn a lot of tings from them, and i believe that there are more tings that i can learn from them.

didnt realli understand why me and Silver got that close, maybe becoz we are similar in some ways, yet kinda opposite in anor. such a complicated theory, which actually is based on the simple theory of Magnets - opposite attract. i realise that actually we both are in neutral field. that is why we can be so close. of coz there are times when both of us are on repel field, yet we both noe when to cool down, which in turn neutralize the situation. is just a give and take ting.

life is complicated, yet if u break it all down, it is made up of many simple theories. there isnt just right or wrong , but also the grey area that is in between. and it is for ourselves to actually define our own grey areas.

i tink i have become more and more stable, in the sense that i realli start to think more specifically on my future. i realli wanna stay in perth even after i graduate. went to find out more on the options of stayin, all seem so hard. yet i noe that, if i realli wan, i can get it.

kinda facin a dilema now, i do miss home, esp my family. yet i just dun wanna go back. ppl say i am forgettin my roots, but i am not. i noe one day, i will go back spore. but now is not the time, i haven enjoyed myself enuf. one day when i am tired, i will willingly go back. but i dunno when will be the day.

i cant be caged, or snapped off my wings. i knew it, my parents also noe it. that was why they let me go. yet, i miss the feelin of family. is not sayin that frenz are no good, no matter how close they are, they cant replace the family feel. i wanna go out and strive, experience tings. mum said before, i am like a kite that met the wind, she can onli let loose the string if not the string will break. which is true. she also say that, when the wind dies down, den i will find my way back. no point retractin the string, coz i am one who dun comply to force, i am one who is rebellious.

am i not as independent as i tot i am? am i just puttin a strong front without a solid foundation? sometimes i realli wonder. startin to lose it. gonna get into a stage of depression again, damn it. just felt kinda losin confidence in myself again.

actually wanted to post much more, but lose the mood to do so, gonna sleep now.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tired ...

okie, as u realise my post is at 5 plus in the morning. haha. so what i doin up so late, especially if i say i just got home. haha.

went to work at Burswood Casino this afternoon, as parking attendant. apparently they had a concert by Coldplay, which i heard but nv realli know. haha. freaking lot of ppl i must say. haha. anyway, i took the train there, and didnt realise it was that far away man.

kinda got lost in the undercroft carpark, as i was supposed to find the parking office which is situated in a corner. haha. went to grab the uniform from burswood staff area. was kinda amazed at the internal part. not much diff as what i saw in Fullerton hotel back home, but the coolest thing is that, they have a training room in the staff area, where the dealers of the casino train. haha.

anyway, was kinda sitting in the office for 2 hrs, doin nth, just waitin for instruction. when we got into work, was with this guy called Wayne, and a gal called Stephanie. kinda interestin though, chattin with them. haha.

met a few abusive drivers, but other than that, it was kinda fun. haha. and oh ya, i must comment on the staff food provided by Burswood. it was realli good. lotsa varieties and nice food. we had our fill man, and we didnt have to pay for it. haha. i seriously dun mind workin in Burswood just for the staff meal. haha. yummy.

after work, waited for David to pick me up coz it was alreadi past midnight. den went to join them on the last leg of the car cruise. haha. tok abt Leo's need for attention. haha. we were cruising past Northbridge and Machie just did an Anti-Lag in front of Paramount, which in turn set off a car's alarm and scared a group of gals nearby. haha. was so funny that we laugh and laugh man. haha. the kinda feelin was realli good. haha.

den went down to Fast Ed's and chill out, haha. it was realli fun man. today is a good day, i dun deny. haha. though i realli felt kinda tired, but still, haha. its a good day.

anyway, gonna sleep in late, and rest for the weekend. next week is the set up for the Reject Shop, and i seriously need the energy man. haha. ciao ppl. nitez. haha.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Battle ahead ....

okie, why did i say that? basically that is for next week lor. haha. today i went for training for my new job and the work schedule is out for next week. haha. coz is a new shop, so basically have to do set up and stuffs la. i will be working 5 days next week, and my shift is like mornin 7am till 6pm. haha. wun be easy, coz i have done set up before, a lot of moving fixtures, merchandising and stuffs lor. haha. den again, i will be earning 6 weeks of rental lor. haha. why not?will be tryin to push full 7 days lor. not to say i siao la, coz is like, last week i whole week never work lor. so is like, have to earn back the money lor. haha.

anyway, wasnt in a stable mood, whereby, every time i wanna sleep late into the afternoon, i sure get woken up one lor. haiz. what the hell, haiz.... now i must go find sleepin pill again, to have a good sleep lor.

nth much to update lor, coz tml i gotta wake up early for training again. which i nearly forgot. haha. cant forget man, coz i get paid lor. haha. quite a good company at the moment i see it to be. haha. now i startin to tink a bit long term for this job liao. haha. maybe it will help me get PR lor. haha. we see how it goes bah. haha.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The 300th Post ....

just realise that it is my 300th post, man, this is getting cooler den i tot. haha.

okok, first for some update, yesterday was realli an eventful day sia. i was taking the transperth bus with maddox to city, and so much so that, some stupid abo kids threw sth at the window and cracked the entire piece of window rite beside me. luckily it is the new bus, as they have a layer of laminating within the glass, that prevented the whole glass from shattering straight on me. haiz. that was realli dangerous man.

anyway, that was one episode that i seriously will not forget. haha. last nite had dinner at Taka Jap restaurant, den headed to Pot Black Northbridge for few rounds of pool. haha. kinda had to take note of the time, as we both dun wanna miss the last bus home. haha. den Nick jio for yum cha at Makan Makan. came back, still awake, haiz. slept at onli 6am in the morning. damn.

recieve a phone call just now, the boss from the sandwich job called, apparently she just ask me if i still wanna work, and i told her that i got better job offer. what else can i say, i realli got a better job offer. and i tink that is the best way lor. haiz. i realli dun wanna go back to the job liao.

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