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Monday, April 28, 2008

BB 08

i guess onli those in aussie will understand that. haha.

yeap, its the time of the year for Big Brother. woo hoo. and this yr hse mates are realli a good mixture, from the bimbos to the shorty, the tomboy, the hunk, the fireman, the geek, the brick layer, the italian princess, the sissy guy with a high pitch voice, and the best of all, a granny in there. woo hoooo.

okie, just the craze, but it is gonna be so fun to watch. hahaha.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Da Vinci Exhibition .......

slightly cloudy sunday morning, met up with Lyle as we decided to head down to the Da Vinci Exhibition along the foreshore of Esplanade. This exhibition is not much of his art paintings, but of his inventions in 3 main areas, which i cant rem off my mind.

he is indeed a genius, and hmm, i might put Florence into my list of destinations. haha. not realli to see Mona Lisa - the lady without eyebrows, but the life-sized form of his inventions. pretty interestin fact that Da Vinci died in the arms of King France. haha.

it took us abt 1 hr to finish the exhibition, den we decided to hop onto the ferry for a ride. haha. that was fun. haha. finally, i completed the public transport of perth. haha.

went to check out bicycles at the shop, and roughly i will be lookin at arnd 300 bucks. hmm. shld i invest in one????

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Light during A Black out.....

today at work, had a blackout. and i meant black-out. the whole shop just went into pitch black. haha. of coz, we have learnt that it is the best time to process stock, coz no idiotic cust buggin us. and also, it is the best time to test all the torches or similar product in the store. haha. out comes the camping lamps, the headlamp, the huge torches, the cheap torches, the LED torches. hahah. it was fun.

what make it even more fun is that, i received a phone call from BP, which accepted me in the job. hmm, was overjoyed, den hesitation kicked in. couldnt realli work later in the arvo, coz my mind is battling itself out.

as much as i love TRS, BP offers me a brand new environment, better career prospect, and better pay. i noe that if i reject the offer, i will regret.

now, i am troubled with typing the resignation letter, i nv type one before. and also, a letter of explainations to the big boss. he is so gonna be disappointed.

i hope i made the right choice, and this is the time when i let my hrt decides.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

A night out ...

just got back from Freo with Nick, was kinda a last min plan to head out to this mini concert @ the Flybynights Musicians Club where he had the tics.

Movin' Melvin Brown

Premiered at the Adelaide Festival, to sold out houses, the show has been toured to the UK (nominated “Star of the Festival” and awarded as “Best International Act” in Brighton), to Canada and France, where it received rave reviews and it was sold out for the entire Avignon International Festival.

With ME, RAY CHARLES AND SAMMY DAVIS JR. Melvin creates a dialogue on stage with the two 'Greats', and combines their great singing (Ray), their astonishing dance (Sammy Davis Jr.), their entertainment ability and comedy sketches, with his true charismatic and explosive personality, his original songs and his original dancing, tap dancing, mime and robotics.

Melvin’s sound has been compared to such great entertainers as Otis Redding, Ray Charles, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Louis Armstrong, and many of the gospel greats. His shows have inspired and entertained audiences worldwide through song, dance, tap, storytelling and humor. His dancing talents include Tap Dancing, Juke Dancing, Clogging, Jazz, Swing, Contemporary, Mime and Robotics. Audiences enjoy watching his dance moves that reflect styles from the 1940s into the new millennium!

overall i love the performance, it was realli entertaining, especially when he mimick Micheal Jackson in Riverdance. that was hilarious. it was a 2hrs long concert, and man, he has the stamina. haha.

thanks Nick, it help me unwind from work. i need that.

did i mentioned that the audience were mainly middle age ppl, and so, the two of us felt so young. haha. i just love aussie way. so relax and carefree. u wun get stared for singing along, or tapping ur hand with the beat. everyone just enjoy, hav a drink. hmm, and i realised that their dress code is pretty much semi-formal. hmmm, guys are pretty much in suit. haha. cool.

apparently there is one jazz music event coming up in June, in Bunbury, maybe i shld join him. haha.

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Training center/ refugee camp

that is how my shop seems to be like.
currently with 4 managers in the store, what the fuck.
i tink that this is gettin more and more ridiculous.
soon enuf, there gonna be like 10 managers and no staffs.
wat the hell they tinking.
how do we split the work responsibilities within 4 managers.

fuck this,
once i get the BP job, i am out.

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Syringe or no syringe ....

haha, well, this post is abt steph. haha.

as the curious me is always thirsty of knowledge, toking to someone that is gonna hav a little baby soon is sooo enriching. haha.

we came onto this topic of during labour, is it good to hav the aesthetic or not?

two separate conversations with steph and mum kinda showed the different generation gap.

Me & Steph

"are u gonna take the needle during labour?"
"absolutely, it gonna be painful"
"and normally, from the first sign of contraction till the baby actually pops out, it takes roughly abt 12hrs to 48hrs"
"wat the ..., take the needle"

"cant wash hair after baby born for a month"
"u siao ah, i tink i onli can tahan 3 days maximum"

Me & Mum

"steph gonna take the needle"
"ask her dun, its not good, will lead to backaches in future, do it naturally."
"but mum, its gonna be painful"
"well, that is pregnant"
"but its gonna be painful"
"what u expect, that is pregnant"
"fine, i dun wanna hav babies"

"mum, what shld she do when the signs start?"
"well, if there isnt a lot of water, and just blood, ask her go wash her hair"
"but mum, blood, the baby coming out"
"if just blood is still alrite, wash her hair, den pack her bag before goin hospital"
"but mum, the baby coming out"
"she cant wash her hair for one month after the baby come out, so better wash her hair"
"but mum, blood"

the above just showed that, havin babies seem a far-fetched idea for me.
and for steph, respect.
i still cant imagine a piece of ting that weigh a couple of kg coming out. hmmm, ouch.
or even carryin a piece of ting arnd for 9 months.
okie, cant wait for that little baby to come out. hehe.
soon, soon, soon.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Conventional or unconventional ....

times passes with us doing trial and errors in our life. shaping and creating our self. in some situations, the conventional way a.k.a "everyone-does-it-way" works the best, as it had been tried by several ppl arnd u, and it works.

however, if we tink closely, the unconventional way a.k.a "u-r-an-idiot/crazy/fucker-way" actually suit most of our situation.

try telling someone to use a clinically-tested way in the moment of anger, u will be lucky to survive without being killed. it is times like this where we hav to start inventing/evolving/adapting ways to suit that person.

one of my fav topics is anger mgt. hmmm, cant say i am an expert, but i had tried and failed lotsa times. better kept under control now, though still coming out at times. hmmm. encountered with cases of higher level den me. i got stuck, without knowin the head or tail, just a brief background. whats the ways to try to diffuse it?

diffuse it???? sound like i am making it sound serious, which maybe its not. tickin time bomb is true, and no matter what, there will be a receiving end is a hard fact. so, is it gonna be an impact of huge magnitude or just feather touch?

lets list down some of the conventional ways,
1) breathe - which i personally tink, is onli temporary solution.
2) beat the crap out of a non-living object - which is kinda violent
3) beat the crap out of a living object - u gonna get jailed for this
4) scream the top of ur lungs - u gonna get complained for noise pollution and ur throat gonna be so sore.
5) suppressing it - well, who wants mashed internal organs?

we need to improvise this, to cater to different needs.

how abt choose option 2 combined with option 1 on a symphonic rhythm, remember to wear protective hand gear.

or maybe choose option 4 with an added complement, the pillow. also, keep a box of lozenges in handy for the after effect.

NV ever even tink of option 3 and 5, coz it onli creates more anger, which is not helping.

of coz, end of the day, with my special little bits of HUMOR medicine, shld be able to get the anger out in a much "civilised" ways.

thats all for today, thank you for attending the "Crash Course for Anger Mgt 0.01"

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Yeah ....

okie, i tink i nailed the interview this morning. and i saw this cute guy. hmm.

this is the smallest grp interview i have been to, 4 person including me, and 3 interviewers. haha. scary. 4 part activities, which consist of role play, discussion, priorities and profit-loss statement analysis.

thanks god, i didnt screw it up. hahaha.

felt confident when i left, realli hope to get it.

dun wanna tink of the dilemma now.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

New Hairdo....

okie, more or less in prep for the interview tml, where i dun wanna appear too aloft, i went for a hair cut today. and of coz it doesnt just be a hair cut. haha.

no more spiky hair, no more blond hair. hmmm.

i guess i pretty much toned down a lot. while walkin on the street, it just felt i just blended into the surrounding. something which i hav to get used to. hmmm. weird feeling. oh ya, colour wise is kinda brown base, which ended up ash brown due to the double bleach that i had done before. hmm, a couple of streaks of copper to bring out the features, and thats all. ahhhhhhh.

the hairdo did came out as what i wanted.

i need something that doesnt fully cover my character, yet not too bold. i need something that let me have an impression of being mature, yet not too old. pretty much i need to exert that confidence that doesnt go into arrogance, and also, showed that i am one who is ready to take on the responsibility.

grp interview count on first impression, den subsequent discussion. now i hav both and i am ready for it.

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Fuck Off ....

so wat if u r family member, it doesnt mean that u can stay in my room for free.

havin a sharp tongue wun help u get wat u wan, u still have to have the basic courtesy of asking.

bloody hell.

got news that my cousin wanna stay in my room as she is findin jobs in sg, well, no duration given and she doesnt intend to pay. fuck off. since when does my hse become a free lodging????

esp my room, damn it. though i am not there, doesnt mean that anyone can stay in my room. piece of shit.

so wat if it is family? fuck u, dun try to pull the stunt of taking my dad for granted. if u have the guts, come tok to me. i make sure u fucking pay rent and expenses.

if my hse is free lodging, trust me, u wun be the one stayin in it. i hav a fuckin long list of ppl who deserve it more den u.

fuming mad.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ticket Nazi ....

haha, that is my new nickname today. haha.

no, i hav nth to do with Hitler, or Germany.

is just that i issue infringements like a kamakazi. haha. and there is no room for caution. haha. dun they just love me????

how i love this job, well, i tink is just the honeymoon period bah. haha.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dilemma ....

well, that is how i feel now.

after being pissed off at work today, went shopping with Lyle, got myself a winter quilt. warm fussy quilt. cost me over 200 bucks, but considered that i wun be usin the heater during winter, it save up much more. and also, environmentally friendly. haha.

came home, saw an email. its from a job that i applied some time ago. didnt tot that they will ask me to go for a grp interview on tues.

its Management - Campaign WA under BP. the criteria is

"We are looking for people who:

  • Are willing and passionate to coach and develop others.
  • Are performance driven and customer focused.
  • Are passionate about driving sales and leading from the front.
  • Love learning - as much as we love training.
  • Work well in a team.
  • Like working in a fast paced environment.
  • Are willing to work across store operating hours."
doesnt it sound interesting???? well, it caught my attention that BP is an equal opportunity company. therefore i applied for it. never would it cross my mind that i will be short listed.

now, the dilema is that, as its interview is on tues morning. i called to arrange to go into TRS at 12pm. had a phone call asking me why? so i said i had an appointment in the morning, didnt wanted to elaborate. was told that it is clear that i am looking for a second job, i hesitated.

and so, i replied saying that it was for the caltex servo night shift job that requires me to go training on tues morning. and the references call was for the job.

i didnt wanted to bring up BP's job. coz i noe if i didnt get the job, or the actual job scope is not wat interest me, my TRS position might be jeopardized. i am not that stupid.

now it had me wondering, what will i do if BP job is realli that interesting, and i get offer the job? will i take it? as it is a full time job, haiz. which means i have to quit TRS.

for now, i shall not tink so much on that situation first. after all, it is just the first interview.

fingers-crossed, i get the BP job.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Raining ....

jolted out of bed at 3am, weird. the weather is bad, pouring monkeys and donkeys from the sky.

slammed the window shut, cooing myself back to slp. tossing and turning in bed, finally fallen into a dream. and this dream is weird. haha. pretty much me debating with someone who unreasonably wanna keep me out of a certain class? haha. pretty much loss my voice before i won the argument.
i tink that kinda showed me how far will i go to get wat i wan. hmmm, and apparently, my oral presentation is superb. hahahaha.

gave up tryin to fall into la la land, woke up, had a shower, and now just preparing my brekkie. hmm, weather still raining. goodness, this gonna be so fun. haha.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Mean Bitch.

haha, that is wat i felt today.

working with the Subiaco Council as a parking officer is so much a mean job. well, issue more den 30 infringement within 2hrs. haha.

either u tink u can get away with it, or u r simply blind. hahaha.

working there tml arvo, and it is gonna be the Western Derby, a term coined when AFL team Freo Dockers and West Eagles meet. anticipating more infringement. hahahahahha.

mean me. hahaha. with that swollen eye too. how cool.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Swollen eye. ....

yes, my right eye is swollen, and thanks to a pimple-similar ting growing under the eye lid. haiz. wat the hell, this isnt the first time i got that.

took off from work tml, and maybe friday. dunno whats goin on with me, i cant seem to be bothered to go work. haiz. well, utilised the sick leave i supposed. not a good sign.

anyway, havin an interview tml, and i tink i gonna work at a petrol station soon. hmm, the challenging ting is that its gonna be nite shifts. oh ya, welcome back the workaholic.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Procrastinating ????

well, dun understand why ppl like to procrastinate?

okie, everyone does, but sometimes, tings hav to be sorted out. hmmm. nvm, not realli mine business.

weather turning cold, and i am lovin it. winter wear clothings are out. but i am startin to source for a new wardrobe. haha. changing clothings again. haha. but haven seen a style that i like yet. hmmm, i tink its time to go shopping.

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