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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mixed ....

well, first, i got my Baby out of hospital last nite. seein the oil stain on the front of the boot, realli make me hrt ache. haiz. well, while drivin it down to Carene's place for dinner, kinda enjoyin the moment of me and my baby. at least it is not sick now, all it need is a good bath.

anyway, had a good dinner at Carene's place last nite, man, i was sure full. haha. had fish, chicken and bean sprout, wat a feast. haha. den watched The Departed on dvd la. didnt realli finished the show, coz it was gettin late, and i gotta work today.

work today was kinda blurry, gonna be very very busy for this wk, as more and more pallets of stock arrive. hmm, one load in the mornin, one load in the afternoon. scary. haha. oh ya, and this guy tried to pick me up at work. nah. borin.

had dinner at Elise's place, arent i a fortunate person. haha. and also, she boiled me sugarcane lor. haha. well, i nearly conked out at her place, but it was gettin too stuffy for me to slp. haha. so here i am, but before that, made a stop at eve place to smack her head. haha. now i am bein called a bully, hmmmmm.... weird.

alritey, gonna slp liao. nitez.

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