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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Perth Motor Show ....

ok, seriously, it sucks. though i never been to the show back home, but this is absolutely not wat i had in mind. no beautiful chicks modellin arnd cool cars. damn. onli cars and the worse ting is, not much new concept cars, nth fancinatin. no Lambo, no Porsche. even the EVO also is up till IX. duh. even no Holden Astra Sport. wtf. see until my head pain sia. coz is like, so little space, den so many car, so crowded.

yeah. ok, quick update. rented out movies from Blockbuster, chilled out at home watchin it. supposedly to go clubbin last nite, but serious miscommunication ended up goin down NB for dinner. didnt had mood to club though. so back to the usual, Pot Black. haha. nth much. taught Eve how to play lor. she sure had lucky shots. haha. heard there was a Bubble Party at Heats, but i guess is like w/o proper intention to go, hmmm.

was at the Motor show at Perth Convention center, den headed down to Carene's place for dinner. sweet potato porridge, oooooo. back to basic. haha. felt tired. realli tired. now back at home, tryin to chill, couldnt decide wat time to go in work tml. shld i go in at 8 when i am rostered 10??? cant believe i forgot to ask. hmmm.

and den, i'm gonna start a search warrant for my PA sia. hmmm, disappeared for quite some time. wonder wat she's up to sia.... kinda worryin when nv hear from her for quite some time. hmmmm..... how come PA goes on leave w.o informin Boss one? weird.

alrite, anor wk is comin up. dunno what to expect, dunno what will happen. basically the next two days, we r on our own. Tegan went back till thurs. Eva onli here to do ticketin. hmmm. gonna hav a chat with Dan tml. yeap. see how tings goes.

Considered for a second about our love at {4/22/2007 11:46:00 PM}

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