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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

troubled ....

as expected, today is a tough day.

went to work this mornin, at first tot i could hold it pretty strong. but i guess, when the "off" button in me, kinda got ppl noticed. was tryin hard to muster up the courage to ask, it was till lunch time, when andre probe, that i broke down again. fuck man.

she opened up 2 options for me. 1st was to stay in girr as 3IC, den hang in there till rockingham open. 2nd was to get lyle transfer to Murray st, and i take over the position in girr. apparently, she alreadi planned to go ahead with the 1st option even if i had not tok to her. but i was shocked by her second option.

but how do u expect a betrayed hrt to believe in that? i hesitated. now i hav 3 main options opened up for me. the 3rd one was actually transfer over to Booragoon to be 3IC. i was tinkin abt the options the whole day. even thru the team meetin. was proud of myself bein able to put that strong front, to act like normal.

but i noe, i hav that bu shuang feelin in me. my pride is at work, for someone who used to be under u, and now the situation reversed. i am kinda like swallowin my pride, takin orders from him. to see my duties bein passed on to him, and to see him doin duties that was supposed to be mine. that seriously hurt me.

at least i noe the tears are dry, but i am tired. weighin thru all 3 options is wearin me out. basically the trust is broken, and i am askin myself, am i willin to take one more chance?

Considered for a second about our love at {4/17/2007 11:13:00 PM}

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