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Monday, July 16, 2007

Full Bitching Session ........

alrite, it is 5 degrees out there. and i am back in my warm cosy home. alrite, not that cosy but better den out in the cold. haha.

As the title suggested, yeap. haha. Met up with TRS members, including Lyle at Sizzler Innaloo for a full on bitchin session. haha. and accordin to the team, we gonna hav more of these in future. haha.

Went to watch "Harry Potter 5" which i swear i proclaim it to be a shit movie. neither did it refresh my memory of the book, nor does it make any sense. bloody idiot. waste of money. show finish at midnite, and i sent Lyle back to his place which is in Midland, which i kinda swear off Great Eastern Highway Bypass. bloody dark till cant see anyting at all. hmmm.

was out KTV on Friday nite with Apple, Sandy and Eve. haha. with wat was happenin in that morning at work, i was kinda drained out. but manage to acc them all the way, and if it was not for a blackout, hmmm, they wun leave. they just went high w.o alcohol, impressive. haha.

woke up on sat, supposed to pick Elise up from the airport. considerin the fact that i haven been into the domestic airport, i didnt noe it cleared super fast. here i was at home, changing my car seat cover. droppin by mac to buy fries and coke. when the phone ring, and she is alreadi out. nearly choke on fries. haiz. after pickin her up, and havin half of my fries gone, we headed down to Nando's to find eve and had dinner.

after that, headed home to rest, coz supposedly to head down metro. hmmm. change of plans and was at Claire's place playin mahjong. haha. dunno whether is the fact that i haven played for so long or their luck are super good. i was the onli one losin money. shit. haha. played till 530 in the morning, with a special delivery of XL coke from Baby. haha. not very helpful when it doesnt fit into my cup holder in the car, and the weather is bloody cold. haha.

headed down to city in the afternoon to grab lunch at Jaw's so that Elise could grab some grocery. haha. well, havin dim sum and sushi on the conveyor belt at once is pretty much interesting. haha. didnt had much, yet filled the stomach just nice. haha.

gonna head to bed soon, coz gotta wake up early to do my laundry. shit. haha. yeap and working at 12. haha. yippie. ok, that is tryin to sound enthu but it didnt come out well. but now that i noe i hav a team behind me, didnt felt that lonely in the battle anymore.

Considered for a second about our love at {7/16/2007 01:32:00 AM}

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