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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Haha... Reservations ....

okie, saw on Ivan's blog that he is taking reservation for his bday. which is like 1 month away. suddenly felt so funny lor. haha. or shld i say interesting. haha. apparently his actual day is alreadi booked by his dear. bloody fortunate guy. hmmmm.

which kinda make me tink of mine. haha. i tink i shld disappear, hmmmm. good tinking. the weird ting i find is that, after the age of 21, every yr's bday, i feel like disappearin. haha. maybe is the tot of gettin pissed drunk realli turn me off. haha.

now i gotta find super lotsa excuse to run away, last yr i took off on the week of my bday. haha. literally from school and work. this yr, bloody bday falls on a saturday. ahhhhhh. panicin. haha. well, come to tink of it, i tink i might hav a special guest for my bday tis yr. haha. that is not yet confirm, but i guess it will be a pleasant one. haha.

perth is so bloody big, maybe i shld hide into the bushlands. haha. and celeb with all the kangaroos. haha. that will be fun, yeah rite. i tink i rather die. haha.

anyway, that is a random post. haha. pretty much nth to update except work had been tiring, had a yummy dinner at Elise's place. healthy eating. and i tink she can cook better den me now, considerin i haven cook for bloody long time. haha. oh ya, according to the chef, the meal is cooked with "TLC", haha, and i learnt a lesson, nv try to be funny when the chef is cooking, coz i might end up eatin maggie mee. haha. until the food is in my stomach. haha. however, i tink my dishwashin skills are gettin better, without hav bloody water everywhere but in the sink. haha.

gotta go slp liao, though slightly huge crave for Gelare waffle, thanks to the chef. hmmm. gotta work early in the morning. hehe.

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