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Monday, October 20, 2008

. . .

well, been anor hell of a wkend, with the bloody weather headin into the high.

ever had the feeling of bein an oven that is bein turned on? well, that is how i feel currently. tink i am fallin sick soon, the throat is gettin dry and the heat is kinda trapped inside. hmm. drink more water.

went to Pasar Malam 08@ Curtin on Fri. hmm, well, actually had dinner at Hawkers before headin down. experiences from the past suggested that always make sure the stomach is full before u head down this event, coz by the time u queue up and buy the food, you will be starved to death on an empty stomach. hahaha.

sat, hmm, had dim sum with Apple, Evee, Robert and etc etc. den we went walked walked in the city, quite a different sat bah. me wanted to buy a watch as my Adidas one is spoilt. hmm. saw a Tissot one, contemplating. hmmm. maybe i will wait till next yr when i go back den i look for one bah, wat stopped me from buying, hmm, well, i like the face of the watch, but the strap was a fancy, i prefer a simpler one. hmmm.

went home and change before meetin Apple they all at Makan Makan, haha. was chilling out till dinner time, met Stephen that gang at Hawker. den shoot a couple of balls at Pot Black, den headed down to Hits.

the two most party person was kinda down, hmm. which kinda put an odd atmosphere into the room, one held on a while and broke down, while the other took almost the whole nite later. hmm.

headed down to Metro after Hits, met up with Evee they all, hmm, well, she called for help, coz there is a huge "fly" pestering her and Claire, haha. okie, to be honest, that guy realli look like a Fly. hahaha.

party the whole nite, send Carol home, and headed back to slp, just realised that the sky was kinda turnin bright when i was abt to go to slp. goodness, i dunno whether to love or hate summer.

saw a documentary that day on tv, it was a medical surgery on the brain. hmmm, got me fascinated, as they showed the process of removing the part of the brain that caused epilesy. what realli caught my interest was the part where they analyse that if they removed that part of the brain, the patient's memory will be gone, as it stored all the memory. hmmm.

maybe, one day, i will.

Considered for a second about our love at {10/20/2008 12:00:00 AM}

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