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Friday, October 24, 2008

Irish ....

goodness, i swear i nv seen so many drunk irish ppl before. and i swear i dun like a single moment of it.

quick update.

went to work this mornin, non-stop action, nth new for fri though. hmmm, got my ass out by 4pm, rushed down to Subi. hmm, today is the International game between Ireland and Aus, rules the same as AFL but using a round ball. goodness.

the fingers are workin hard on the stupid machine, 90 buck fine for almost 50 cars by my machine. plus drunk irish ppl sure make a hell lot of noise. did i mention it was brisk walkin all the way for the entire 4hrs, why? simple, coz i am doing the area arnd the Oval, which is directly in the middle of the action.

the number of empty beer bottles is lining up the streets, one ting i do learn is that, always keep a straight poker face when u see them, esp when they come dressed in the weirdest clothings. patriotic? extremely. fashion-sense? i tink the clown at the circus is so much better.

was starving to hell by the time i finish, met up with Denise and Ruby for dinner at Taka. hmm, tapau sushi for Evee, coz that gal is pretty much holed up at home, gettin buried by the tons of assignments. hahaha.

just a quick observation. the weather today is comparatively similar to PMS, sudden sun, sudden rain. even with lightning and thunder. haha. was at Taka eating when a stroke of lightning and thunder roared thru, the funny part is all the Asians were still eating, while the Ang Mohs are jumpy. haha. even heard a few squeaks and squeals. haha. it was then that i realised, how many times have there been roar of thunder in Perth for the 4 yrs i am here, hmmm, that explain the reaction they had. the fun part is that u see those guys acting cool and strong just fickled. hahaha. that was funny.

now with a full stomach and aching legs, i am headin to bed. hmmm. super tired.

Considered for a second about our love at {10/24/2008 10:17:00 PM}

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