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Thursday, October 30, 2008

skipped work ...

hmm, that is what i did today, i dunno what got over me. hmmm.

send in my car for the regular service this morning, even got Eugene to wake up bloody early, so he can drop me off at work. hmm. but ended up, just dun feel like going in. so we decided to have lunch first. hmmm. lets see, that was abt 10 plus in the morning, and damn, lotsa place isnt even open for lunch/brekkie yet.

so we ended up driving from one surburb to anor, passing numerous BP site, and we decided to stop at BullCreek finally. had dim sum, coz we didnt wanted any fast food. after brekkie/lunch, dragged him to Pot Black in Cannington for few rounds of snooker. haha. man, i need more prac, though it was a close game, but still.

head arnd to look for laptop, and i realised the prices of laptop is gettin so cheap that maybe i shld changed mine soon. hahaha.

after pickin up the car, i just came home and slp. hmmm, i dunno why i am that tired, maybe becoz of the stupid daylight savings tingy. hmmm.

was tinking, hav i got wat it takes to be successful in the next 5 yrs? not that i am doubting my capabilities, but more of my mentality. starting to feel the urge to study again, but for how long can i hold it off? browse thru a couple of MBA available, i need to get my PR soon. but the varieties of courses available is so huge yet specific, it is makin me ponder on what i wanna do in future. i know it will be commerce based, yet which aspect will i thrive? MBA specialised into different aspect - Accounting, Int Biz, Economics, Health. etc. and within each category, there are sub-cat. i cant be an all-rounder if i wanna start my climb in the middle mgt level, i need to specialised into one area, if not i tink i will go crazy. tinking of taking a Grad Dip in Human Resources, but it is only available part time to PR. damn.

this also lead to me tinking, what are my strong pts, that will make me stand out in the cut-throat biz world. Fast-tinking, quick-witted, ruthless, confidence. but i need the experience, if not those pt will become a double-edged sword. and it will stabbed me bad.

i feel myself startin to drift again. i need to focus. or shld i say i have to focus.

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