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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bloated Sundried Tomato ....

hmm, or maybe i shld say polka-dots winter melon. watever it is, those stupid alcohol+heat rashes are killin me.

had bbq at Connie's place on the wkend, having gone thru the amt of beers and indulgence in seafood, xmas food, blah blah blah. and den a continous attempt at Hits, with Whisky and beer from dunno where the fuck. i shld have known the rashes will emerge.

however, what i did not expect was that the bloody hot temp brought up the heat rashes as well, the last time i had heat rash was when i returned to perth from sg earlier this yr. i was heating up inside, maybe could have cooked a bloody egg on my forehead. haha.

anyway, the lethal combi of Heat+alcohol rash did the ultimate, it makes me look so bloody bloated, and super duper itchy, i dun rem chicken pox to be that itchy compared to now. ahhhhhh. plus the stupid weather is not helping much, going into the 40 range till end of this wk, which means, either i end up scratchin myself to death, or i will be disfigured soon. wtf.

the mentioned of that camiolle lotion is not tempting yet, as i hate the smell. hmmm, have already taken the tablets that i had before, and it is not helping much either. i might just end up soakin myself into a tub of ice.

next time, i shall stick to my whisky rather den beer. i swear off beer, i tink i am allergic to sth in the beer yet not in other alcohol. hmmmm. anyway, this NY wun be slacking, as i pretty much hav to work thru. esp when it is end of financial yr, and there the perth cup crap shit ting which i seriously dunno what the f*** the hype about. but whatever.

just 1wk of slp, and everything back to usual. thankfully. like the boss said, "Business As Usual". i shld start making plans for 2009, or shld i say following up on my plans.

but first, it will be a vacation back in sg, before i fully conc on my future. hopefully, this time round, it will be a break to relax, not a break that caused even more harm to myself. hmmm.

i tink i like my ears bloated, haha. kidding.

goin try to ctach some wink, got a busy day ahead.

Considered for a second about our love at {12/29/2008 10:04:00 PM}

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