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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hmm ....

when was the last time i updated, hmmm, NY day.

till now, no fixed resolution. i guess it will pretty much be take one day as it comes.

esp in 3 more days, i headin back sg for holi. yesh. finally.

okie, was alreadi in Holi mood 1 week ago. considerin lettin the ASM handle the shop by himself.

had a scare on the visa, nearly couldnt fly back, but everythin fine now.

had a huge argument with mum over stupid money again, nearly wanted to cancel the whole trip, but yeah, dun wanna tink too much abt it.

had a new gang of ppl, wat a interestin way to start 09.

had been appearin in Hits for more than once a week,

had been appearin in Metro every wk, to the extent the bouncer do not need to check my ID, wtf.

had schedule packed for the holi, till someone enlightened me with the organiser in the phone. haha.

having a sore throat now, which hope it will be alrite be4 i go back.

having plans to head to KL in feb, but dunno what the story like yet.

having the success of cuttin down on Booze, which is healthy, lets not tok abt ciggies at the moment.

haven started doing spring cleaning, what the fuss abt CNY in Oz. haha.

haven sorted a couple of tings before i go back at work, shld be done by the next 2 days.

haven coloured my hair yet, still couldnt decide the colour.

haven had enuf slp, which i doubt so for the next 3 weeks.

thats enuf for now.

Considered for a second about our love at {1/18/2009 03:51:00 PM}

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